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"R" is for rabbits

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Alphabet Soup

By kira

Author’s note: The following is a series of Jakotsu-centric challenge fics written from a list my dear friend and writing partner, Vega-chan, came up with for me. It’s is based on Killa Kay’s awesome collection of Gravitation short stories called “A to Z.” (You can find them in my favorite stories section.) Due to the nature of the word given, they can either be what I call “canon timeline” which is set before their first deaths or AU which is set in modern times and will be set in the “world” I created in my story, “Homecoming.”

FYI: Since this theme was already covered from Jakotsu’s POV in a story I wrote with my dear friend, Vega-chan, I decided to switch to another member of the Shichinintai’s POV.

“R” is for Rabbits

Renkotsu was sitting in the library, enjoying one of the scrolls the former daimyo had left behind when the Shichinintai came through and slaughtered him, his family and retainers. He was so engrossed in the story, he was reading, that it was several minutes before he realized he was not the only person in there. Mentally cursing himself for not noticing sooner, he discovered to his horror there was no way to escape his predicament without alerting the others. So he rubbed his temples and did his best to ignore the intimate activity going on on the far side of the room’s dividing screen.

“Damn rabbits...” he muttered, trying to lose himself in the story again.

On the other side of the screen one of the rabbits giggled when the other kissed a particularly ticklish spot on his stomach. “Aniki-chan...teehehe...”

The other rabbit chuckled. “Yeah...?” He continued kissing his way down the giggly rabbit’s torso.

“Stop that... teehehe...”

“This?” the second asked, kissing the first rabbit’s stomach as he nodded. “Too bad... I’m nearly there.” He picked up where he had left off.

The first rabbit giggled some more, although the giggles started taking on a more husky tone, before finally becoming a moan.

Renkotsu groaned. He had just read the same sentence ten times over and it still made no more sense than it had the first time. Slamming his hands on the table, he pushed away from the table and stood. “If you two rabbits don’t mind, I’m leaving.”

“Ren?” the second rabbit said in surprise and the fire-breather could hear him blush.

“Ren?! Want to join us?” the first rabbit asked.

Renkotsu chuckled softly as the other rabbit hissed for his paramour to shut up. Walking around the screen, he said, “Carry on...” and without a backwards glance he left the room.


For several days after the incident in the library, Renkotsu had the time of his life, staring blankly at his leader, and watching him blush. What made it all the more worthwhile, was Bankotsu kept the “rabbiting” confined to the room he shared with Jakotsu. Even better in Renkotsu’s humble opinion was the fact that it was all done at night while everyone was mercifully asleep.

However, the gods must have decided that the fire-breather was enjoying himself too much, for the weather had warmed up and with it, the “rabbiting” moved outdoors into the daylight. Since the hydrangeas had not leafed out enough to act as cover for the rabbits, they found another spot to play in. Unfortunately, the spot they picked happened to be one of the Renkotsu’s favorite sketching spots.

Jakotsu had left a trail of clothing behind him; his scarf here, his obi there. His kimono was thrown carelessly, landing in a multicolored heap of silk. Bankotsu’s clothes soon followed.

Oddly enough, Renkotsu never noticed the clothing as he walked over to the cherry tree. He had been waiting for the right moment to sketch the tree, checking it everyday for the past few days to see if its blossoms had opened. Today when it was covered in pale pink blooms, he knew it was time. The rabbits, who were screened by its thick twisted trunk, were unusually quiet this morning and would have gone unnoticed except Renkotsu had slipped on his leader’s discarded obi. Twisting his ankle, he landed with a loud “oomph” as he fell onto to his butt.

Bankotsu and his paramour came running a few minutes later.

“Hey, Ren, are you okay?”

“What happened, Ren?”

The two rabbits knelt before him and peered intently at him, heedless of the fact that not only were they naked, but they had once again been interrupted while having fun. This time Renkotsu felt his cheeks heating up.

“I’m fine. I just twisted my ankle and it’s nothing. I’ll have Sui take a look at it as soon as I get back.”

“Need any help getting up?” Bankotsu asked.

“No, I’m fine... Go back to doing what you were doing and don’t mind me...” Renkotsu said wearily.

The two rabbits exchanged glances.

“Okay!” Jakotsu said, and grabbing his lover by the hand; they disappeared back behind the tree.

Renkotsu groaned and rose painfully to his feet. “Damn rabbits!” he muttered to himself. Picking up his sketchbook, he limped back to the main house.


Renkotsu, sketches tucked neatly under his arm, made his way through the outer corridors of their home. He was on his way to his workshop and he was very eager to get started on the new weapon he had designed. Unfortunately, he decided to take a short cut through one of the rooms instead of taking the long way around.

The room’s inhabitants heard him coming and paused in their rabbiting, hoping he would go away. Much to their annoyance, Renkotsu stopped and slid back the shoji. Both rabbits looked up at him and grinned. The fire-breather stood there, blinking several times as he confronted his worst nightmare. His mouth opened and closed like a koi out of water but nothing came out.

Grinning mischievously, Bankotsu tightened his grip on his paramour’s hips and continued their rabbiting.

“Oh, Aniki-chan!” Jakotsu giggled.

Finally, after what felt like an eternity in hell, Renkotsu recovered his senses. Slamming the shoji shut with a loud bang, he turned and continued on his way.

“Damn rabbits!!” he swore.


““Ren?!” Jakotsu called out. “Where are you? Come; it’s dinner time and Kyo’s very hungry!!” The cross-dresser giggled. “Ren?” he said softly as he peered into the fire-breather’ workshop. “There you are!”

Renkotsu sighed wearily. “Yeah.”

“Come, it’s time to eat.”

“I’ve lost my appetite.”

“Are you sick?” Jakotsu walked over to him. “I’ll go get Sui if you want.”

“No, that won’t be necessary, Jak.”

“Oh... then what’s wrong?” The cross-dresser frowned.

Renkotsu resisted the urge to rub his temples and sighed again. “Nothing.” He stared at the cross-dresser. “Uh, Jak?”


“Can I ask you something? It’s rather personal.”

“Okay... What is it, Ren?”

The fire-breather frowned and looked away and back.

Jakotsu smiled.

Renkotsu took a deep breath and let it out slowly. “Why do you two act like rabbits all the time?”

It was the cross-dresser’s turn to frown and look away and back as he thought it over.

“Ummm...” He sighed. “I ummm... do it to keep Aniki-chan, ummm...”

“It’s okay; you don’t have to tell me if you don’t want to, Jak.”

“No, it’s not that... It’s just well, ummm... I do it to keep him happy and away from the village girls. You know, if he’s got me, then he won’t need them, right?”

Renkotsu nodded. He smiled wryly at the cross-dresser’s childish logic for it had a grain of truth in it. “Yeah...You know, I never would have thought to do that if I was in your place, Jak, but it appears to be working. And I did overheard two village girls commenting on it the other day when I was in town, but I dismissed it as nothing. Heh!” His smile broadened into a grin. “Good job, Jak!”

The cross-dresser blinked, his look of confusion gradually melting into a smile. “Yeah?”

“Yup. Just one thing, Jak...”


Renkotsu sighed. “Don’t let it be the only thing you and Oo-Aniki have between you.”

“Okay.” Jakotsu smiled.

The fire-breather nodded. “Remember, don’t be a damn rabbit!”


Jakotsu had apparently taken Renkotsu’s advice to heart, for things had settled down nicely and there was a definite lack of rabbiting going on. But like most good things, Renkotsu found the peacefulness could only last so long before something exploded and that something was Bankotsu’s temper.

“Ssh... I’m sure Oo-Aniki didn’t mean it,” Suikotsu soothed.

“Yes he did!” Jakotsu wailed. “He... he...” The rest was drowned out as he buried his face in the claw-bearer’s chest and cried.

Renkotsu looked up from his sketchbook. “Now what happened?” he said tiredly.

“I told Aniki-chan...that...uh...”

“Take a deep breath, Jak, and calm down before you make yourself sick,” Suikotsu said softly.

The cross-dresser did as he was told. “I umm, told Aniki-chan that we should do other stuff together besides nookying and he ummm...he well... um... he said nothing, but he looked ready to kill something and he left.”

Damn rabbits!! Now you’re bothering Sui with your nonsense! “I’ll go get him,” he said wearily.

“Thanks, Ren.”

“Yeah, thanks,” Jakotsu said, hiccupping softly.


Renkotsu searched the usual places where their leader could be found and unable to find him, he walked out the front gate. There he spotted Bankotsu sitting on a large rocky outcropping.


Bankotsu ignored him.

Renkotsu walked over to his young leader and stood there, arms neatly folded across his chest while he waited for Bankotsu to acknowledge his presence.

Bankotsu, however, continued to sulk, trying the fire-breather’s patience.

“Oo-Aniki, Jak’s upset.”

The young leader of the Shichinintai shrugged.

“He thinks you don’t love him any more and he’s crying his eyes out.” Renkotsu smiled inwardly when Bankotsu briefly shot him a worried look. “Oo-Aniki, Ban...?”

This time his leader leveled a blank stare at him in reply.

“Jak thinks you’re in town; whoring it up with the village girls. As much fun as that sounds,” the fire-breather paused and noted with amusement the brief smile that flickered across Bankotsu’s face. “Isn’t what you have at home much more satisfying?” He quirked an eyebrow at the younger man and waited for an answer.

Bankotsu’s blank stare hardened. The fire-breather’s attitude reminded him of his older brothers and he bristled with anger.

Renkotsu sighed. “Oo-Aniki, I mean no disrespect.” He frowned. “Ban...?”


“Can I ask you something I asked Jak the other day? It’s somewhat personal, and if you don’t wish to answer, it’s okay. Just don’t ask me to tell you what he said as I won’t betray a confidence.”

Intrigued, Bankotsu nodded his consent.

“Why do you two behave like rabbits?”

The younger man frowned. “I don’t know...”

“Fair enough...”

“No, uh...” Bankotsu struggled to put into words something he just realized he took for granted.

Renkotsu held up a hand. “Say no more, Oo-Aniki, just don’t let it be all there is between you.”

“Yeah...” Bankotsu slid off the rock and stood up. Smiling cockily at his second-in-command, he waited for the inevitable reply to his unasked question.

“He’s in my room with Sui.”


“You’re welcome.” Renkotsu watched him saunter off.

Damn rabbits! I swear if I had any hair, it’d be greyer than Sui’s...


Renkotsu sat in the library, happily reading the scroll he had started last week before the rabbits had come in and disturbed him. Even though he was engrossed in the story, he heard the shoji open and two people enter.


“Are you in here?”

“Ren?” the first voice called out again. “Maybe he’s not here, Aniki-chan.”


“I’m here.” Renkotsu rolled the scroll up from the other end, and leaving it on the low table, he stood up. “I’ve finished reading so if you wish to enjoy the library, you can. I was just leaving.”

“It’s okay, Ren, you can stay.”

“We’ll go.”

“Stay, Oo-Aniki, Jak,” Renkotsu said. He stepped out from behind the room’s dividing screen. “I thought I’d go see if Sui needed any help in his garden.”


“Bye, Ren!”

“Bye...” Renkotsu nodded briefly in their direction and left. As he closed the shoji behind him, he heard the cross-dresser giggling. Shaking his head, the fire-breather walked away, chuckling softly to himself. Damn rabbits!


Author’s end note: Next up is “S” is for Serious.
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