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A Maple Day

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An ice mage wanders around, completely bored out of her mind.

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Lazing around in the small, peaceful, country town of Henysys, was Ice. A young, pretty ice/lightning wizard just sitting on her portable relaxing chair, watching other people walking by.

As she sat and slowly healed her wounds from previous battles, she picked out people in the crowds, stating their jobs and energy levels just by their clothing.

Every single person existing in the world of Maplestory was born on a tiny island called Maple Island, where they relentlessly trained. Once they were strong enough, they would move to Victoria Island to get jobs. Victoria Isle has 6 towns. One is the Lith harbor, where you first arrive once you take the ship to Victoria Isle. 4 of the towns are to get jobs. Depending on your skills, you'd be able to become a magician, a bowman, a theif or a warrior, then promoted a couple times from there. The last town, Sleepywood is full of danger - most don't dare to go there for awhile.

Most of the time, people without jobs are picked on. They would normally by called noobs.

Ice felt a tingle in her heart and her head. She had sensed the presence of a friend.

When most people make ties of friendship, they are notified through telepathy once their friends wake up.

Using that same telepathy, Ice reached out to Kunai, who was a very high-leveld bandit.

"What's up, Kunai?"

"Not much, just trying to sell some stuff on channel 1."


Ice felt his presence drift to Channel 1.

An interesting part of the world of Maplestory is the alternate universes. There are 19 alternates known as Channels. Every channel is exactly the same, except there are different people and different monsters on each channel. The most crowded channel would be channel 1, where most people went to find publicity, sales, etc. But if you're in channel 1 in a crowded area such as free market, or a party quest waiting area, then frequencies are jammed, and it gets difficult to hear telepathtic messages from friends, guild members and whispers from random people.

Ice, as bored as she was, had recently gotten summoning bags, which summon random monsters whereever she wants. She suddenly gt an idea. She checked her inventory to find a few teleporting scrolls that are able to take her to any town, but disappears afterwards. She pulled out one that leads to Lith Harbor.

Now in Lith, she used her magician skills and teleported short distances to get to the ship faster.

What's strange though is that the ship never moves. In fact, it's more of a one-way portal. If one were to simply wait in the ship, he or she would notice that noobs magically appeared in the middle of the ship and then just walk away.

Changing channels to channel 1, Ice smirked as she pulled out a tiny black bag and pulled the string. In a poof of smoke, about 4 robots appeared and were walking about on the ship.

Ice watched as the noobs came and died instantly at the touch of the robots.

What's interesting though is that when a person dies, they are revived in the nearest town - in this case Lith Harbor - and would sometimes revive right back on the ship, only to die again. Ice pulled out the relaxer and watched the show.
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