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A Spirit and A Fighter

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Law defeats Kuzya Mishima near a gorge after the pair fight for a long period of time. So much so, Kazuya unleashes his true fighting soul but Law is not daunted by Mishima and thus demolishes him ...

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There are stories that haunt and petrify the human mind. There are stories that excite and bring joy to our hearts, the good guy winning, the bad guy finally being defeated in the final battle with his foe. But, there are other tales. Yes, those tales left untold, lost in the massive vortex of time. Unwritten, untyped, unspoken and unheard. What could these tales be? How could they be told and what might they be saying? As interesing a question as that may be, we ourselves will only have to find out. Sure, all storied have in some way a good ending, but what if that were unavoidable, in fact, what if the character did not succeed in his or her goal and what if that person just so happened to fall amidst a bitter struggle with their enemy? Humph, I find that intriguing, as someone else probably would.

Law, ahh, yes. Such an excellent fighter as this, what could possibly happen to him? He was fine, nothing wrong at all, only complete and unadulterated success. One would think. Be that as it may, Law had won many tournaments throughout the course of his life, about five to be exact. So, what does that leave? Funny you might ask. With all of his victories, he was awarded handsome amounts of money and more importantly notariety amongst the people of his villiage. He had it made. Women, riches, fancy clothing, the people were eating out of the palms of his hands. Yes, he was living the american dream (or in his case, it would be some other dream related to his triumphs). But, his good habits were spoken evil of. In fact, I could say that some villiagers didn't respect him. What could he have done with so much money? Humm, well, the poor were very needy people and even though they showed Law much affection; he never gave them a dime. Harsh, very harsh. As his fame grew, so did his ego. So much so, his own friends could not stand to be around him, yes, he was walking around the village, sticking his chest out letting all know they were beneath him. With his winnings, he squandered his money on material possessions, not once did he hand an amount of yen to any civillian, much less a peasant. What next? What could possibly output mistreatment of the people? Self gratification? Lust. Yes indeed, the more he was noticed, the more he desired. So, he entered the Tekken Tournament 5. There, he preformed well but was defeated by Kazuya Mishima in the third round following a tooth and claw skirmish. Of course, our hero was crushed. His confidence was decimated and his egotistical tendencies were obliterated. He was back to his old self, humble, meek and lowly. Not quite, (or not at all I should say). One would not believe how much Law desired to be Shiabatsu. The champion, Paul Pheonix, was laying in luxury in the mansion his own blood, sweat and tears had earned him. But Law could not have this and decided to be decietful instead of accepting his defeat and training for the next torunament. No, he went to the Emperor, the only one who possessed complete rule over the Shiabatsu and persisted that Paul was not worthy to be given the title. In fact, the name of Paul Phenoix was severely slandered, and the foolish Emperor was like a sponge soaking up every false word that spat ut of his mouth. And as clever as Law was, he began to sweet talk the Kesier and kissed his underside as any decietful person would; this appeared to be Law's second nature. Thus, Paul was stripped of his shiabatsu title and the name was passed to the previous one-Law. Just as he planned, the key elements fell into place and proved to turn in his favour in his foul and sadistic plot. So, Law was back in action, living the life and so on and so fourth. Although the people were sour towards him, there were some who still loved him. The women. What was left now? Well, society had one fighter that had been watching Law very closely- Kazuya Mishima. You see, he was like a lion, waiting for the appropraite time to attack. Now there came a day in wich Kazuya publicially challeneged Law to a duel. The wager Mishima set was that whoever won would be named the new Shiabatsu and all property would be turned over to them; while the loser would be banished. While banishment may seem a bit light, it was not at all. In fact, when someone was banished, their id's and everything else important was swore off and the money they made was declared worthless. It was virtually impossible for one to stay alive if they didn't relocate to another region. Sad, very sad. Nontheless, Law and Kazuya were scheduled to fight near a gorge, no media was there with them, it was only the pair. Whoever walked into the villiage at the end of the fight was declared the winner. So the battle picked up quickly. Soon, it became tough for Law as Kazuya was more well trained then he. As a cheap shot, Law flung dirt in his eye and soundly defeated Mishima without much resistance. Even so, the villiagers were sorely disheartened at Kazuya's loss, here they thought they would have a chance to escape the fame happy Law but instead the were only rewarded with another noble warrior destroyed. As if that weren't enough, to make a statement, Law made sure Mishima was thrown into the gorge were he later died. Things returned to normal after the fight. Law was basking in his glory and wealth while the citizens were cursing him and hoping for his compelete downfall. After all of that transpired, Kazuya was never put to rest and his soul started to haunt Law in his sleep. It came to a point were he never slept at all, only when necessary. The coward, mighty enough to face Kazuya but too petrified to face his soul. Then, Kazuya sentenced him to 1000 years of total condemnation, where he could not escape but would only be plunged into pain and suffering. One night, Law simply got up and fled. He was never seen again.

The tales of today and the tales of yesterday are inter related. Some say the same thing while others are completely opposite. Be that as it may, one thing always remains the same. One creates their own destiny.
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