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Kagome gasped and took an involuntary step backwards. At her gasp the man spun around to face her, his dark hair flying. She took another step backwards, her eyes darting around her, looking for an escape. The man, seeing her fear, flashed her a charming smile and put his hands up. “Sorry about that, you just looked like you needed some help.” He stepped back and tried to look reassuring, still grinning charmingly at her. But Kagome wasn’t having any of it. She darted to the side and snatched a knife up from the counter. Then she backed up again to keep position herself in a better position to run.
“ Looked like I needed help huh? You had to break into my house to “help” me? Pray tell, why you were looking through my window?” Kagome’s voice shook as she backed up again, edging towards her front door, and the small table beside it. The man looked panicked and he stepped closer to her. “Wait! I know this looks bad, but my boss wanted me to deliver a message to you. That’s it I promise! And I was looking through the window to see if you were home and I saw you fall and-“ His hurried explanation was cut off by Kagome backing up further and bumping to the little table beside the door.
Kagome looked down desperately and ripped open the drawer, fumbling around hurriedly for something. Suddenly she brought her shaking hands up, with several slips of paper in them. She looked back up at the man, who had carefully edged closer to her, his hands still up, and screamed in fear. Kagome pushed herself back again, but she was trapped. The table fell on its side and she only succeeded in cramming her self in the opposite corner by the door.
The mans eyes widened and he looked down at the paper in her hands. “Oh! Oh no! I’m not here for your money. Just please, put the knife down and we can talk about this.” He sounded desperate now, and a little afraid. He slowly backed into the kitchen like he was facing a cornered animal. A smile he probably hoped was friendly on his face. Kagome just stared at him and eased herself over the fallen table, not moving foreword, or dropping the knife.
Kagome raised her chin defiantly and dropped the knife onto the table, it fell with a loud clatter. Ringing out in the tense silence oddly. Then she took one of the papers in her hands and slapped it against the wall beside the door frame. At Kagome’s movement the man had jumped nervously, but as he stared at the paper on the wall he started to relax. A true smile lighting up his face. “Now that isn’t going to solve anything. So why don’t we just talk about this… calmly?” As he spoke he started to chuckle quietly and he moved to her kitchen table and drew out two chairs. He stood there smiling at her indulgently, and he motioned for come over to him.
Kagome shook her head again and stayed where she was. “If you want to talk, you stay over there, and I will stay here.” Kagome punctuated her statement with slamming another piece of paper onto the window. She then walked over to the over side of the door and slapped another piece of paper against the wall, all her movements being watched carefully by the man. The man shrugged and settled himself down into a chair with a smile. “As I said before, I’m only here to deliver a message. That’s it.” He shrugged fluidly before continuing. “ He told me that he greatly wanted to meet with you …privately.”
“And he couldn’t have just called? He had to send some one?”
“What the boss wants, the boss gets”
Kagome shifted uneasily at the mans words. This was not good. At all. She glared defiantly, she hoped, at the intruder. “I’m not going to meet with your boss who ever he is.” To her satisfaction her voice didn’t waver, much. With a sigh the man eased him self out of the chair and looked sadly over at her. “And that, is the reason he sent me. He greatly wants to see you.” With that said the man started to walk over to her.
Kagome gasped and spun, quickly tracing her fingers over the symbols on the paper closest to her. The man stopped dead, his eyes showing more white around the edges than what was normal. He stared at Kagome, a horrified expression on his face as she traced the symbols on a second paper. After she finished with that paper the man took three jerky steps in the direction of the door.
“Please stop! I need you to come with me! I won’t hurt you I promise!” Kagome turned to look at the man and gasped. He had changed. Instead of the normal dark Japanese eyes, he had glowing blue ones. Instead of normal human ears, he had pointed ones. Instead of normal human fingernails, he had deadly pointed claws. And he had an appendage that was entirely not human, a tail. Twenty guesses as to what he was.
“ Please, think about this. All my boss wants to do is talk. All we would do is get in my car and drive to meet him.” The man was breathing heavily and had taken a shaky step towards the door again .Looking as if he were fighting against a huge hand that was trying to push him into the door.
Kagome shook her head. “No, I do not want to talk to your boss. And I will not talk to him.” She opened the door and walked over to the other paper. “Leave” she traced the symbols on the third paper. Immediately the man staggered out the door, leaving Kagome alone. At last
Kagome slammed the door behind him as hard as she possibly could, and smiled at the satisfying bang. Her smile was fading as she bent down and picked up the table on the floor. There were no hints on her face that the smile was ever there as she righted it and pushed it back to its proper position. She glanced around her, her eyes drifting tiredly over her home. Other than the two out of place chairs, everything looked normal. Almost no sign what so ever that could indicate what had taken place only moments before.
The thought should have been a happy one, but it was chilling. For some reason she needed to be reassured that something had gone on. That she had fought, that she wasn’t weak. She needed to see blood on the wall, broken glass or furniture. ‘Sometimes’ Kagome thought sadly ‘Sometimes a person just needs sign of violence to make sure their alive. To make sure the world is still right’
She walked back into the kitchen and pushed the chairs back under the table. Kagome sighed again and looked back over her home. Tiredly she started walking back towards the hall way. As she reached the beginning of the hallway and the edge of her kitchen something shiny caught her eyes. Kagome swung her head around to stare at the door. There on the floor was the knife she had grabbed. It sort of reminded her of a sleeping snake she once found in her garden.
Kagome simply stared at it for several moments, debating the merits of walking the few yards to the door. She then just groaned and turned back to the hall way. ‘The knife can just sit there. Nothing is going to happen to it’ she thought tiredly as she entered her cramped bathroom. Kagome went through the motions of preparing for bed in a haze of fatigue. Her mind had already made half of the trip into sleep. What few thoughts she had barely resembled being coherent.
By the time she laid her head gratefully down on the pillow she was too tired to have any last thoughts before sleep reared up and claimed her.
Kagome woke up for a little while at about the time her alarm clock usually went off, out of habit. But after listening for a moments and she didn’t hear the annoying loud ringing sound, she decided that it must be Saturday.
She woke again, much later this time, and lifted her head up off her pillow and gave a large self satisfied yawn. Kagome checked the clock beside her bed and the glowing green light said: 1:15 p.m. She chuckled to herself as she threw off the covers and did a little cat stretch. ‘ I guess I was tired’ she thought wryly as she stood up and shoved her feet in their waiting slippers. She had to wear slippers because her house was almost always cold, and the only place it was carpeted was in the barely used living room. So her feet got cold unless she wore some kind of slipper/sock.
She walked to the door and opened it. As she walked Kagome started pondering why she was so happy this morning/afternoon. ‘ I guess I was so tired last night everything seemed worse. Maybe all I needed was sleep I’ve been through worse’. As she got to the end of the hall way and entered the kitchen, she knew that thought was wrong.
There, sitting in one her chairs, was a yet another stranger.
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