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One nature-filled walk in the forest, an annoying Frank Iero...and disturbing dreams of a pink tour bus. And why the hell are Mikey and Gerard acting so secretive?

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Note : this oneshot was written by MJLS and as always, was beta-read by Jinxeh. Just like all of the other one-shots I’ve written, this has traces of our roleplay in it, as played out by mjls and jinxeh13 on livejournal.

We don't know My Chemical Romance or anyone related to them, or knows them personally. This is purely for our entertainment...and your entertainment too, who knows?


Frank groaned and sighed, rubbing his arms to prevent himself from getting even more cold than he already was. His feet hurt and his eyelids were about to drop from the tiredness that caught up with him. Walking in another puddle caused small drops of water to splatter on his jeans, and he scowled.

Frank groaned and rolled his eyes, glaring at Gerard who had his back turned to him. He wasn't made for things like this, so why did he had to come? Frank slapped himself, killing a small bug – probably a mosquito - that was crawling up his arm.

“ feet hurt!” Frank complained, Gerard didn't respond immediately, but instead just kept walking, pushing some of the nature surrounding them out of the way so they could pass better. Ray looked over his shoulder and shot Frank a small, annoyed look before he walked up next to Gerard.

Bob and Mikey walked just behind them and Frank, as always, was the last one to follow. Frank pouted and crossed his arms in front of his chest as he sighed tiredly, anxiously looking behind him to see how much they had walked already.

“Gerard...I'm tired!” Again, Gerard didn't respond to the complains of Frank as he sighed and groaned every few minutes. He was calmly chatting with his brother about his recent wedding while Bob and Ray kept the large rucksacks full of food and necessary things for the trip with them, making sure Frank couldn't reach them. Bob and Ray shot each other a look before they turned their eyes back to the slightly worn dirt path that wound its way through the woods.

There was no real reason that they were waling through the woods like they were – they just happened to have a free day, and not much to do. Since they had found themselves in the outskirts of a small city near a wooded area, as opposed to the city streets they were accustomed to, Frank had gotten the bright idea for them all to leave the tourbus and go on a ‘nature walk’. Let’s stretch our legs and get out of the bus for a while, guys! he’d said, a cheerful statement that was met with mostly blank stares. Still, they’d gone and done so anyway...though by now, Frank was regretting even saying anything. He should have just stayed behind and joined in the poker game that Tim Mcllrath had started...

“Gerard,” Frank groaned, “Why are we here? Shouldn't we be back at the bus, protecting it against the fangirls who want to paint it pink?”

The elder Way rolled his eyes and shook his head, continueing on his way down the muddy path of the forest in front of them. Mikey followed closely behind, just walking a few feet behind his elder brother. Frank pouted and followed them, not really wanted to be left behind in the middle of a dark forest.

“Honestly Frank, you should stop dreaming those things,” Ray said, looking briefly over his shoulder. Frank pouted.

“I'm not dreaming those things,” Frank protested, walking a little faster to catch up with Ray and Bob. Gerard chuckled a little, though Mikey just shook his head, muttering something inaudible under his breath.

“Come on, Frank, think about it. What fangirl would actually be obsessed enough to paint our bus pink?” Gerard laughed. “If they're going to paint it, they're going to use black or dark red,” he reasoned.

“I still think we should go back,” Frank muttered grumpily.


Frank was grouchy, tired of complaining, and his feet hurt like hell. He wasn't happy. Looking up to Gerard, who still had his back turned to him as he kept his hazel eyes on the road, Frank sighed silently before looking down to the dirty ground of the thick and dark forest that surrounded him.

“Are we there yet?” Frank groaned. He just knew that Gerard rolled his eyes, while he couldn't see it; but Frank knew Gerard enough to be sure of it.

“I still say we should go back and protect our bus against pink paint...”

“Frank, we'll be back in a couple of hours, I'm sure it'll still be as normal as it was before,” Mikey said, smirking a little.

“Normal as in completely pink, you mean,” Frank retorted grumpily.

“Come on Frank, stop complaining. All this fresh air is good for you,” Bob said, looking over his shoulder at the smallest guitarist.

Frank blew some of his black hair out of his eyes and grumbled a little while he put his hands in his pockets, and kicked a rock out of his path. His shoes were dirty and hanging full with mud, and there was even mud on his pants.

“Stop complaining and just keep walking,” Ray suggested tiredly, while Gerard and Mikey were laughing about something that the three other band members didn't hear. Bob and Ray gave Frank an encouraging smile before they kept walking through the mud, ignoring the mutter that Frank gave them in response.

“I wish Jamia was here.../she’d/ make you all go back to the bus...”


“I miss my Gerard plushie...” Frank mumbled under his breath, his eyes on his muddy feet. Gerard looked over his shoulder and raised an eyebrow at Frank, like he had heard what he had muttered from so far away.

“I keep telling you Frank, that's just creepy,” Gerard sighed, shaking his head before he continued to walk past several trees that blocked his way. Frank looked dumbfounded at the lead singer of the band, and muttered something dark under his breath.

Mikey laughed at the reaction of Frank, causing Gerard to smirk and almost walk right into the front of a tree. Frank cursed to himself, surprising himself with the thought of the eldest Way actually walking against the tree. Chuckling again to himself, the rythm guitarist kept walking and hoped that it would all end quickly.


“Gerrraaarrrddd...I'm hungry...” Frank yawned, not bothering to hide it with his hand as he walked up to Gerard and hung his arms around his shoulders. Gerard groaned and threw Franks arms off his shoulders, causing Frank to almost fall down.

“Gerrraaarrrddd....I'm tired!” Frank complained again, tapping on the lead singers shoulder in an attempt to make him turn around and say something. Frank smirked to himself, knowing he was annoying Gerard, who was trying to focus on the road instead of the youngest member's complains.

“ feet hurt...” Frank walked just behind the lead singer, trying to step on his heels, still attempting to get something out of his friend.

“We're not stopping Frank,” Mikey said, telling him almost exactly what Gerard was going to say. The two brothers smiled to each other. The rythm guitarist was getting more annoyed and annoying to them every minute and sometimes, Mikey saw his elder brother bite his lip to stop himself from laughing.

“Gerrraaarrrddd...why are we here?”

“You were the one who suggested we would take a walk, Frank, remember?” Ray smirked, looking at the youngest guitarist, who stuck out his tongue at him over his shoulder. Bob chuckled and nodded.

“I did not !” Frank retorted, pouting as he denied the fact.

“Actually, you did.” Mikey nodded as Gerard agreed with the rest of the group who started to laugh when Frank kept denying it.

“It was you who suggested to us that we 'take a walk', so now we are.” Gerard finally spoke up. Frank grumbled under his breath and cursed a little as he stepped in a mudpool.

“Gerrraaarrrddd...I'm stuck in the mud!” Frank yelled, trying and faling to get his foot out of the mud. Gerard finally stopped walking for a moment and turned around to face Frank, who was trying to get free from the mud with all his force. Before he knew it, Frank had his other foot stuck in another mud pool, and he gave up, standing there with a sulky expression on his face.


“I can't believe you actually got stuck in two mudpools at once,” Ray laughed as Frank trailed behind, grumbling with his arms crossed in front of him. Gerard chuckled and looked around through the trees. Frank was happy, as they stopped walking for just a few moments as Gerard kept looking around with a small frown on his face.

“What's the matter Gee?” Bob asked, wondering why they were standing still. Mikey looked at his brother with raised eyebrows, wondering the same thing.

“I just thought I heard something.” Gerard shrugged before he kept walking on the thin path through the thick trees. Frank groaned, actually wondering when the trip was going to end or if they were ever going to stop for more than just a few seconds. Damn Gerard, and his obsession with getting lost in ‘nature’ as he called it. Yeah, a regular Thoreau he was...

“Gerrraaarrrddd...are we there yet?” Frank groaned, looking at Gerard, who stopped dead in his tracks.

“We're almost at the river, Frank, or at least that’s what the map we says. We'll stop there for a few moments,” Ray said, looking on the map that he was suddenly holding in his hands. Frank frowned a little, wondering where he had gotten the map from but discarded it as he heard the words 'stop' and 'few moments'. Silently, Frank just chalked it up to his theory that Ray could hide random objects in his fro, and pull them out when needed.

Gerard nodded at Ray and smiled brightly; his eyes were hidden behind the dark lenses of his sunglasses. The youngest guitarist was surprised by the silence coming from him; normally, the lead singer always had to say something.

“ Gerrraaarrrddd...aren't you sweating with all that black you're wearing?”

“Actually...I'm not...” Gerard spoke up, frowing. It had started out rather chilly, as their trek had begun in the early morning, but now the sun was shining down on them as noon aproached. Sweatdrops fell down Franks forehead, but Mikey and Gerard didn't even show a sign of tiredness or warmness, and nor were they slightly sunburned, as Frank was beginning to fear he was.

“Stupid half-italian genes,” Frank muttered under his breath.


“WATER!” Frank yelled out loudly, causing some birds to fly away from their roosts, high up in the surrounding trees. The youngest guitarist ran towards the water in the river and splashed in it with both feet, causing Gerard and Mikey to shield their faces to prevent the water from getting in their eyes. Even though Gerard was wearing his black sunglasses, he still felt some drops of ice cold water hit his hazel eyes.

“/Aaah!/” Frank immediately ran out of the water the moment it began to soak his socks. The four other band members frowned and wondered what was wrong as Frank started to run around in circles.

“What?” Mikey asked, grabbing his shoulders and holding Frank in one place in an attempt to get him to stop freaking out.

“The water’s cold,” Frank told him sheepishly. Mikey groaned and let go of him as Frank sat down on one of the large rocks, close to the water.

Gerard watched the youngest guitarist with interest as he started to take of his shoes and let the water seep out of them while Bob and Ray started to lay out different kinds of food Gerard had packed for the trip.

Mikey sat down on the ground, close to the water’s edge, but not bothering to clean his dirty black boots as he and his brother shared a friendly smile. Frank crossed his legs in front of him and sat cross legged on a larger rock in front of the Way brothers, trying to find out what was wrong with them.

“Okay you two...spill it!” Frank suddenly blurted out, causing Gerard and Mikey to look up with raised eyebrows. “There's something going on between you two and I want to know what.” Frank said with a defiant look in his eyes as the two brothers looked at each other frowning before they both shrugged.

“There's nothing going on between us Frank, what made you have that idea?” Gerard answered, wondering what he was talking about.

“You've been acting strange-er today.” Gerard raised an eyebrow at Frank and Mikey looked sidewards, not really knowing what Frank was talking about.

“Frank, Gerard is strange all of the time; there's nothing going on,” Bob spoke up, Gerard grinned widely, agreeing with the fact but Frank looked like he didn't believe it.

“I think the heat has gone to your head,” Mikey said, causing Frank to have a mock hurt expression on his face before he looked away. “Though...” He exchanged an expression with Gerard. “Well, Gee and I have been talking about some stuff...since I just got married at all, we were talking about maybe me taking a break...well, we’ll talk about it later, all right?” he ended somewhat sheepishly. Gerard shrugged.

“Come on guys, we should be getting back to the bus...”

“We just got here!” Frank whined. Gerard didn't say anything back, but just stood up. The lead singer shot a smirk at Frank, who threw his arms in the air in defeat.

“Maybe the heat has gone to his head,” Frank muttered under his breath as he started to pull on his shoes. His socks were still soaked, causing him to flinch a little as he put them on. Ray and Bob smiled and drank the last bits of coffee they’d brought along in the big thermos, before they placed everything back in the rucksacks. Gerard laughed out loud as Frank yelled out when he put on his shoes, which were still half filled with the ice cold water from the river.


“Are you absolutely sure our bus isn't going to be pink when we get back?” Frank asked, uncertainly.

“Frank, stop complaining, it's not helping anything. Just keep walking, we're almost there.”

“ feet hurt,” Frank whined again; the reason of his whining was to annoy Gerard so they could get to their bus as soon as possible. He had been trying all day but it still didn't have any effect.

“ Gerrraaarrrddd...I'm hungry!” Frank rolled his eyes and felt his feet growing numb; the water didn't want to seep out.

“You've just eaten Frank,” Gerard told him, really wanting Frank to stop whining and keep on walking. Frank knew that the best thing he could do was to keep walking. It was the fastest way to get back to the bus. He looked down to the ground, careful not to step in any mud or pools of water. Of course, perhaps he was paying a little too much attention to the ground, and not enough to what was right in front of him...


Ray laughed and looked at Frank, who was clutching his head in his hand, a headache already forming. “I can't believe you actually walked against that tree...”

“How did you manage to do that anyway?” Bob asked, a questionable look on his face. Frank ignored the question and walked over to Gerard

“Gerrraaarrrddd...are we there yet?” Frank complained again. Mikey had to hold in his laughter as his elder brother rolled his eyes and sighed, a little annoyed.

“Another five minutes Frank,” Gerard mumbled.

Ten minutes later...

“Gerrraaarrrddd!” Frank yelled, causing Gerard to flinch as the guitarist suddenly stood in front of him, an angry expression on his face, which soon faltered into a whining look. “Are we there yet?”

Gerard smirked and grabbed Frank by his two arms and turned him around, showing him their tourbus - still intact and black, just like they left it. Brian stood at the door, waving to the band. Frank's smile grew wider as he quickly bounded up the steps, practically throwing himself into the bus. Gerard walked on the bus, just behind Brian, safely closing the door behind him. Frank had already dissapeared into the back bunk room, and Gerard sighed. Maybe he could finally get some peace and quiet...

“Gerrraaarrrddd!!!” Frank yelled loudly, causing the lead singer to close his eyes for a few moments, silently asking himself ‘Why me?’ “/Why/ is the inside of the bus /pink?/”


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