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There's Always A Reason

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The real "untold" version/story of why Brent left the band... SLASH!

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Autor's Note: This is my first P!ATD story. I really don't think this is really the reason behind why Brent left... so just enjoy the story.
~~ StripesCO

"This album's going to change our lives now, isn't it Brendon?" Brent Wilson muttered against the singer's neck, from where he sought comfort.
"Probably. I don't know for sure Brent." Brendon answered, wrapping his arm around the bassist and pulling him more into his side.
"It will change our lives. I just know it, though everyone is going to hate me." Brent said, casting his eyes away from the singer's shock face.

"What do you mean "everyone is going to hate you"?" Brendon questioned, tilting the bassist's face up from his lap.
Brendon was in shock silence as he saw tears shimmering behind those beautiful eyes.
A little tear escaped, trailing downwards...

"Oh Brent. Don't cry, Baby. What's wrong?" Brendon gently reached out to sweep the tears away.
"It's just... I'm... bawling..." Brent moved away from the singer and began crying heavily into his arms.
Brendon quickly moved from the bed towards the distraughted man.
"Brent, shh, it's okay," He whispered as he pulled Brent back into his embrace.
"Thank... you... Brendon..." Brent wheezed out, choking heavily on the air as he pressed his face more into the singer's warm chest.

"Shh..." Brendon muttered, kissing the top of the bassist's head, rubbing his nose against the soft hair, smelling the vanilla flavored shampoo that he used...

"I'm so fucked up right now Brendon." Brent whispered after a few minutes of silent trembling and crying.
"Yes I think we figured that part out a while back Brent." Brendon said, gaining a smile and chuckle out of the bassist.
"Oh shut-up." Brent said, smiling and shoving the singer a little.
Brendon laughed loudly, dodging the fist that was thrown at him, "But really Brent, why were you crying?"

Brent's face changed from a smile to a frown immediately. "Oh, well..." He stammered, trying how to place his words carefully.
Brendon noticed this and guided the man back to the bed, "You can tell me anything Brent. Come on tell me."
Brent looked up into the singer's face and as he saw the love in those eyes he broke. Choking back on the edge of tears, he spilled what was on his mind, "I'm not fast enough Brendon."

It was Brendon's turn to frown now, confusion written all over his face, "What the hell does that have to do with any of this Brent?"

"Everything Brendon. See, even you don't understand."

Brent made the move to leave but Brendon wouldn't have any of that. He grabbed the bassist and pinned him down onto the bed.
"Brendon! Get off me!" Brent shouted, trying desperately to buck the other man off of him.

"No. Now why don't you think fast enough?"

"It just seems like Ryan and Spencer go so fast, and so do you on the keyboard. And I'm stuck plucking one or two at a time notes on a fucking instrument called a bass! I'm fucking slow Brendon!" Brent shouted, as Brendon stared down at him.

"You're not slow Brent. You are perfect. And don't you forget it." Brendon said, leaning down a capturing the bassist's lips to his in a greedy fashion.

"Mmm." Brent whispered, moaning out as he felt the singer's tongue running against his bottom lip.
He open his mouth and felt Brendon's tongue dart in; tasting him.
Brendon eased himself onto Brent; rubbing his arms up and down the other's chest, creating a hard-on for the poor bassist...
Time seemed to melt away from Brent as the tip of Brendon's tongue met his own, and hands began roaming over each others bodies.


"Goodnight everyone!" Brendon's strong voice shouted out in the microphone. The fans cheered widely as half of them began making for the exit, hoping to catch one of the P!ATD member outside.

"Good show everyone." Spencer congrated everyone.

Brent walked swiftly after Ryan and the drummer, but was pulled into a empty hallway.
"Mmmghmm?!" Brent tried to talk but a hand smacked across his mouth.
After a few crew people walked past, the hand was released and Brent angrily turned to see Brendon starring smugly at him.

"What the hell Brendon?" Brent began shouting, waving his arms around until Brendon crushed him into the wall and claimed over his mouth.

As Brendon pulled away Brent began whimpering a little bit.

"Don't worry I'll meet you later at the hotel."

Brent nodded his head as he watched the singer move towards the changing rooms.

Brent smiled hugely as he thought of a romantic night, tonight!


The dressing rooms were small, so Spencer and Brent shared one, while Brendon and Ryan were in the other one.
Brent thought the entire area was thought up riducously. Small dressing rooms far away from each other? A huge stage that was sometimes slippering? What the fuck?!

"What took you so long?" Spencer asked, buckling his belt as Brent walked in.
Brent starred at the drummer before replying, "Fan girls. You know they always seem to go for me first."
Spencer chuckled slightly before running a comb through his hair.
Brent smiled softly as he began undressing and putting a pair of jeans and a shirt that said, "Panic! At The Disco" on it.

"Well I'm going to go out and sign some autographs. When you're done, mind getting Brendon and Ryan. God they are so slow. Turtles are what they are." Spencer said, walking out the door.

Brent smiled as he finished tying his shoes and began brushing his hair...


Brent headed towards the singer and guitarist's dressing room.
He wanted to walk in and scare Ryan. It was always fun scaring the hell out of that guy.

As he neared the dressing room he heard moans floating out from the door.

"What the...?" Brent whispered out as he froze looking at the door.

Brent stared at the door, before his curiosity got the better of him and he open the door a crack...

He starred in horror as Brendon was held against the wall by Ryan, who was busy latching his lips upon the other.
Brent eyes doubled hugely as he saw Brendon wrap an arm around the guitarist's waist; pulling him more into him.
Both moaned into each other's mouths. Brendon mumbled incorrect words of pleasure as Ryan's hand trailed down the singer's pants, gripping firmly on his hard-on and pumping slowing before getting faster, making both Brendon and Brent lose their breaths...

"That good enough for you Brendie?" Ryan said, as Brendon began to pre-cum.
"God, yes!" Brendon breathed out, pulling Ryan up for another kiss.
Brent's heart began throbbing and he didn't realize the tears that were pooling in his eyes and running down his cheeks.

"Why would you do this to me Brendon?" He whisperedly out, before leaving the sight.

Brendon shot up. He could have sworn he heard Brent crying...
"Hey. You okay Brendon? You want me to stop?" Ryan asked, staring at the singer with concern.
"Nah. You can continue sucking me Ryan." Brendon said, as he felt Ryan pull his pants and wet boxers down and pleasure filled him; making him forget about Brent...


Spencer was shocked to find Brent at his hotel door as soon as they got there.
"What's matter Brent?" He asked, looking at the bassist.

"Can I bunk with you tonight Spencer? I feeling a little woozy."

"Sure. Did you drink a lot with Ryan again?"

"Yep. Guess I shouldn't huh?"

Brent moved past Spencer and got into one of the beds.

"Hey man, aren't you going to remove your pants?"

Brent didn't answer him just turned around under the sheets till he was comfortable.

The next morning Brent began packing all his belongings into his suitcase.
He had called Matt, and his mother to tell them that he was leaving the band.
Matt kind of half begged Brent to stay, asking again why he was leaving the band.
Brent would only brush him off, saying stuff like "It was fun, but it's not for me."

As Brent finished packing his suitcase, Brendon walked in.

"Why are you packing Brent? Where are you going?"

Brent decided to pretend that Brendon wasn't here and continued packing.
Brendon walked up to him and wrapped his arms around the bassist's form.

"Brent what's going on?" He whispered kissing Brent's earlobe.

"Stop Brendon. I don't want you anymore. Besides you have Ryan now." Brent said, worming his way out of the embrace.
"What? I don't have Ryan. I have you Brent." Brendon began to stammered as Brent just shook his head at him, "No, I saw you with him last night Brendon. And it hurts too much. You cannot repair the damage so I'm leaving."

"You can't! I won't let you!" Brendon shouted grabbing Brent harshily.
"Brendon let me go! If you really love me you'll let me go." Brent shouted, struggling against the singer.

Strangely, Brendon let go of Brent.
The singer watched sadly as Brent picked his bag up and began double checking through it.
Brent could feel the singer's eyes on his back and he finally looked up.

Oh the sadness that he could see in those eyes. Brent wanted to forget everything and run into Brendon's embrace. But everytime he thought something good about him his mind would wave a image of Ryan kissing those lips.

Brent walked up to Brendon and said softly, "I'm leaving now Brendon. Find a new bass player, and goodbye."
Before Brent had finished saying goodbye Brendon leaned down and kissed him softly on the lips.
As they pulled apart Brendon whispered softly against the bassist's lips, foreheads pressed against each others, "Will I ever see you again Brent?"

"Maybe. You never really know."

"Brent!" Brendon called as the bassist turned to look at him again, "I'm sorry. Really I am."

"I bet you are Brendon."

Brent kept walking out the door and out of Panic's life.


Only Brendon and Ryan knew the real reason why Brent left.
Spencer and their new bass player Jon didn't.

After Brent had left Brendon had seeked comfort from Ryan, spilling everything about him and Brent.
Ryan was in shock to learn that Brendon had been with Brent and actually accused him of playing both of them.
Ryan finally admitted that it was his fault as well for seducing Brendon.

Even while Brendon kissed anyone, on stage, for "fan pleasure" he was always thinking about Brent...

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