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Gerard Modesty Way

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Well maybe I'm the faggot, America
I'm not a part of a redneck agenda...

"This song never gets old," Gerard said, kind of nodding his head to the beat of the song. I wasn't really listening to the radio, mainly because there was already a (somewhat repetitive) song playing in my head, that went something like this:

"I'm Gerard's fucking GIRLFRIEND! I'm Gerard's fucking GIRLFRIEND!! I'm Gerard's fucking GIRLFRIEND!!! I'm Gerard's fucking--"

Well, yeah. I said it was repetitive, didn't I?

I was sitting all curled up in the passenger seat of Gerard's new car. I'd taken off my shoes to avoid getting the seat dirty, so I was barefoot--since that's usually the state you're left in after removing your shoes. Gerard was driving, and I was smiling like a dork, mainly because I couldn't stop. On account of the song in my head.

And Ray, Bob, Mikey and Frankie were all squished up in the back seat, playing corners (which is really just an excuse to make physical contact with members of the same sex, but whatever).

And then I made what was probably the bigger mistake of the day: I saw a punch buggy and decided to call it.

"PUNCH BUGGY NO RETURN!!" I yelled, hitting Frankie's leg just a little harder than I'd meant to. The next few minutes were a blur of yelling and punching, during which time Frankie got hit about three thousand times for punching people who'd already punched him. By the time they were done Gerard and I were laughing so hard that he was having trouble driving and I was having trouble breathing.

"So you wanna come back to my house for a bit?" Gerard asked, once all the laughing had died down and my breathing had returned to normal (well, as normal as it could be with Gerard around).

"Sure," I smiled. I was glad I didn't have to see my mom for another few hours--she'd been acting so weird lately. Like the other day, she told me I looked nice. WHAT THE HELL!! My mom doesn't tell me I look nice, for god's sake!

But I didn't say that. I just smiled at Gerard and thought about how amazing his eyes looked in the light.


"Hey Gerard, what's your password?" Frankie said. He was sititng on the computer chair and trying to hack into Gerard's IM.

"Guess," Gerard said lazily. He was lying on his bed, I was lying on the floor,
Bob was sitting on a beanbag reading one of Ray's comics, and Ray and Mikey were playing some kind of video game upstairs.

"Hmm, I don't know. Oh, how about, 'I love Verity'?" he smirked.

"Fuck off," Gerard muttered, turning slightly pink, which made me laugh. Gerard mock-glared at me.

"Laugh while you can," he said, standing up dramatically. "Your time will come."

"My time to what?" I asked rolling onto my back and looking up at him.

"Your time to, uh..." he glanced around. "Your time to come under the bed with me." And he dropped to the ground and disappeared under his bed. Frankie laughed out loud and turned back to the keyboard.

I smiled and stayed where I was. Before long Gerard's head poked out from under the cover, which was dragging on the ground.

"Well are you coming or not?" he grinned. It took all my self-control not to laugh at his hair, which was sticking up in the stupidest-looking way possible.

"Fine." I said, starting to crawl under the bed. Bob got really excited at that.

"OHMYGOD!" he said, his voice unnaturally high. "Are you having sexy time?"

"Bob, SHUT UP!" I laughed, finally getting all the way under the bed.

It was pitch black under there, and even though the bed was pretty high, I still managed to bang my head twice before I found Gerard. He wrapped an arm around me and kissed my eye, making me laugh again.

"Sorry. I was aiming for your leg," he laughed.

"Oh. Well I think you need to go a bit higher," I said, playing along.

"Oh, okay." He kissed my forhead, and then my hair. "Holy shit, Verity, you have one hairy leg!"

"Shutup!" I smiled. And suddenly everything was red.

"Whoa! What the--" I began, before realizing he had a maglite. "Oh good, now I can see you."

"I know," he smirked. This time he aimed better. He clicked off the maglite after that, but I didn't mind so much. Fuck, he was good at this. To be honest, I'd always thought kissing was overrated. Not any more.

Just when I'd forgotten we weren't the only ones in the room, I felt someone hug me from behind. Someone who wasn't Gerard.

"OH YES, BABY! OH YES!" Frankie yelled in my ear. Only he said it in a ridiculous French accent, so that it sounded more like "OOH YISS, BEE-BEE! OOH YISS!"

"AAAH!" I yelled, for lack of a better word. Gerard quickly tried to sit up.

"FUCK!" he yelled. I guess he whacked his head too. "Frank, what the hell! You are such a--GOD!!" He slumped back down, frustrated.

"What?" Frankie said, pretending to be hurt. "I just thought now was a good time for our little threesome!"

"Yeah well you thought wrong! Now fuck off!" Even though the words were mean, you could tell Gerard was just embarrased, and not really mad.

"Oh yeah?" Frankie chuckled. "Well you should know that I, ah...I'm kind of spooning your girlfriend right now."

I couldn't help laughing at that, especially when Gerard turned on the maglite and looked over at us, all worried. So then he hit Frankie when he saw that we actually WERE spooning, and then Frankie kissed my cheek, and then Gerard PUNCHED Frankie, and the whole time we were all laughing hysterically.

"Are you gonna shut up or do I have to come under there?" Bob yelled all of a sudden. "Because you are SERIOUSLY disturbing my comic reading!"

"No, come join us, Bob," Frankie said, nuzzling my neck. "Gerard's lonely."

"You motherFUCKER!" Gerard yelled. "Okay, now I'm mad!"

"Aw, shit," Frankie laughed. "Bye, lovie," he said to me as he squirmed out from under the bed.

"I'm gonna kill him!" Gerard said, hugging me.

"Naw, don't kill him," I smiled into his chest. "He amuses me."

Gerard scoffed.

"But he's not nearly as good at hugging as you are," I said.

"Well, yeah," Gerard agreed.

"Modest much?" I smirked.

"Modesty is my middle name," he chuckled.

"Wait, what IS your middle name?" I asked, sitting up a bit.

"I just told you," he said. "Modesty. Gerard Modesty Way."

"No it isn't!" I laughed. "What's your REAL middle name?"

"It's Modesty! And I don't know why you don't believe me," he said, also laughing.

"Hey Frankie!" I yelled.

"What?" he answered.

"What's Gerard's middle name?"

He was silent for a minute.

"Obscene!" he yelled suddenly. "No wait...lewd! No, uh, crude! No no!"

"Uh...kthanks!" I yelled back. Or, tried to yell, since I was laughing too hard to yell properly.

"No no, wait!" Frankie was laughing too. "Randy! Lustful! Amorous! Wanton! Passionate! Sensual! Voluptuous! Licentious! Lass...laskivvy...I don't know how to say this one..." he trailed off. "Bob, how do you say this?"

"Lascivious," Bob sighed.

"LASKIVVYUS!" Frankie yelled. I covered my ears.

"Frankie, put my thesaurus DOWN!" Gerard yelled.

"I don't have it," Frankie said cheekily. "Bob does."

And then, from the sound of things, Bob tackled Frankie, and then it was just a bunch of yelling and thumping. Gerard and I took advantage of this by kissing some more--that is, until my phone rang.

"Gaaah," I said, pulling away. "Sorry, it's probably my mom. I forgot to call her."

"It's okay," Gerard said, rolling onto his back and shining the maglite onto the slats. "Nice ringtone, though."

"Hello?" I said, smiling.

"Verity, where are you?" Yep, it was my mom. But I wasn't really listening to her, because I'd just noticed what Gerard was looking at: the slats were all covered completely with drawings, similar to the ones on his wall.

"Did you draw these too?" I asked him quietly. He nodded.

"What? Verity, you didn't answer my question," my mom squawked.

"Uh, sorry. What was it?" I said half-heartedly.

"Where are you?" she repeated.

"Umm...I'm at Gerard's place. I forgot to call you earlier, " I said, hoping she wouldn't freak out.

"Well that's fine, then. But, the thing is..."

I zoned out again. There was this one drawing right above me that was really complicated; it must've taken him hours to draw. It was some words, I knew that much, but they were covered with some kind of thorns or vines or something, so you couldn't really tell what they said. I was trying to decipher it when I thought I heard my mom say the word 'Cara'.

"Wait, what?" I said, suddenly alert. "What did you say?"

"I said I need your help to clean the house this afternoon," she sighed. She was obviously getting tired of repeating herself, but I was gonna have to ask her again.

"No, I mean what did you say about Cara?"

"She's coming to live with us again. The judge said it's fine now that I have a better job."

Holy shit.

"When?" I asked. I was too shocked to show any real emotion through my voice.

"Tonight," she said. "So I need you to be here tonight, to help me clean up and to welcome her."

"Okay," I said slowly. "I'll be home soon, then."

"All right. Oh, and Verity?"


"What do you want for dinner?"

"Um...chicken," I said. It was the first thing that popped into my mind.

"All right. Bye, then."

I hung up the phone and looked at Gerard wordlessly. Frankie and Bob were still fighting and, from what I could hear, Mikey had joined in as well.

"What is it?" Gerard asked. I must have been looking at him weirdly.

"Cara's coming to live with me tonight," I said, forgetting he didn't know who Cara was.

"Who's Cara?" he asked.

"My sister."
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