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Chapter One

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Crossover with Stargate. A chance encounter with the Goa'uld leads to a war that will shake the twelve colonies to their core and change the Colonials destiny forever.

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Vengeance of the Gods

Authors note: This story is a crossover between Stargate - both SG-1 and Atlantis -and the newer version of Battlestar Galactica. Stargate events take place around season nine of SG-1 and season two of Atlantis. As has become the norm there are no Ori in this fic - I've never liked them so I'm not including them. I hope people don't mind.

Battlestar Galactica elements begin approximately a year before the Cylon attack on the Twelve Colonies.

Chapter One

The light was pure around her, warm and comfortable, banishing the pain that she had begun to feel, washing it away in a tide of soothing white. Themis relaxed in the light, luxuriating in the soothing feeling. This always brought peace and strength, it was perhaps the greatest technology of the Goa'uld, and as far as she was concerned, it was.

All too soon, the light faded to dull white walls and Themis eyes flew open as a few inches in front of the face of her host the lid of the sarcophagus slowly opened. Angered at her rest being disturbed prematurely, Themis sat up as soon as the lid was open enough. To find the senior Jaffa in charge, a few of her priests and her lotar slave down on one knee on each side of the sarcophagus.

"What is the meaning of this interruption," she demanded her voice thick with menace, promising severe retribution if the reason for her rest being disturbed was not a good one.

"Forgive me milady," the Jaffaanswered his voice cold and flat, a symptom of the implant that Themis master had introduced to all the Jaffain his service after the Jaffa Rebellion began to gain serious pace. It made the Jaffa totally compliant to their wishes, though it also blocked their emotions and most independent thought making them little more than living robots.

Which suited Themis just fine, it meant she didn't have to worry about getting a staff weapon in the back. Thanks to those cursed Tau'ri life had gotten a lot harder for Goa'uld everywhere. They now had to skulk around systems when not so long ago the galaxy would have trembled at their approach. Someday soon she knew they would make the Tau'ri pay for their insolence in some fashion, without attracting the attention of the Asgard.

"I will consider it, once you give me an answer," she said.

"We have reached our destination milady," the Jaffa answer head bowed while somewhere deep inside him something screamed and seethed. Longing to strike the Goa'uld down here and now, and being frustrated by its own helplessness. "Our sensors have picked up a ship on the edge of scanner range."

Themis smiled. "Interesting, return to the pel'tac, I will join you there shortly," she ordered.

"Yes milady," the Jaffaanswered and got back to his feet, head still bowed to the goddess he backed out of the room and disappeared into the corridors of the Ha'tak. Themis stood up and carefully climbed out of the sarcophagus before turning to look at her lotar.

"Come," she ordered then walked out of the room, the lotar dutifully following a few paces behind his mistress, knowing he would soon be called upon to serve her needs before she went up to the pel'tac to deal with the ship that had disturbed her rest.


A Short Time Later

Dressed in her full finery Themis walked imperiously into the command centre of her personal flagship and noted pleased the Jaffa working efficiently at the main and weapons consoles. A tactical display filled the trapezoidal view port, showing the alien vessel slowly closing in on her.

"Report, Jaffa," she ordered as she sat down in the command throne at the back of the pel'tac.

"Milady the alien vessel is continuing to approach," the Jaffa commander replied emotionlessly. "The vessel is approximately seven hundred metres long and is armed with a number of projectile weapon turrets and missile batteries. The hull is thickly armoured with an unknown alloy but the ship does not appear to have any shields."

"Life forms,"Themis asked.

"Life form readings indicate a crew of six hundred and thirty four, all Human, milady. They are hailing milady, digital radio signal only."

"Let me hear it."

"Yes, milady."

The speakers crackled then a human voice spoke in a strange accent, though the words were translated by the communications system. "Attention unknown vessel," the female human said. "This is the Colonial Cruiser Olympia; you have encroached on the space of the Twelve Colonies of Kobol. Identify yourselves immediately."

"Ignore them, bring weapons systems on line and prepare to fire," Themis said as she studied the tactical display. The Colonial cruiser was woefully outmanned and outgunned by her ship; she could swat them as if they were mere insects if she choose to do so.

"Unknown vessel, repeating you are in violation of the sovereign territory of the Twelve Colonies. Please respond."

"Raise shields," Themis ordered and immediately heard a momentary hum as the shields activated around her ship. "Launch a squadron of gliders. Advise them to surround the Human vessel."

"Yes, milady."

Themis leaned back in her throne and watched as the Colonial vessel came closer; boldly believing it could challenge the might of a Goa'uld Mothership. As she watched a new series of icons appeared as a squadron of gliders left the hanger bay and swarmed towards the pathetic excuse for a warship. The response was immediate; six small contacts launched from the Human ship and formed up into an arrowhead formation before moving forward to intercept the gliders.

The communications channel crackled again. "Unknown vessel you are engaging in hostile actions,"the Human woman said. "We have no desire to fire upon you, be advised however that we will defend ourselves."

"Instruct the gliders to open fire on the Human fighters when in range," Themis ordered. "Annihilate them."

"Yes milady," came the replies from the two Jaffa on the bridge.


Viper One

Captain Toby 'Shadow' Stern frowned as his small but well disciplined force of Vipers moved towards the unknown fighters that were moving aggressively towards the Olympia. There sure were a lot of them, they outnumbered his pilots nearly three to one, but he wasn't concerned about that, he had trained his pilots well, they would give any battlestar squadron a run for their money. What concerned him was the unknown fighters were ferociously fast, faster than anything he'd seen, and the crescent like design with the forward sweeping wings was down right menacing.

With an ominous silence the unknown fighters closed in, moving forward in a well disciplined formation. Toby began to realise that whoever was piloting these things had only hostile intentions, which beggared the question of where they had come from. Could the fighters and the capital ship be Cylon in origin, they were along way from the armistice line and no one had heard a peep out of the A.I's in forty years, but it was apossibility. If there Cylons why now, he thought, and why ignore all our attempts to communicate? Surely they don't mean to continue the war where it left of?

He didn't have long to think about it. For at that moment the leading fighters came into weapons range. The leading fighter fired the first shots, astonishingly the weapons it fired weren't the tracer rounds he would have expected, and had trained for, instead two bolts of coherent golden light shot forth from the fighter's guns. The blasts of energy shot through space at high speed, only just missing his wingman.

"All Vipers weapons free," he said into his radio as more of the unknowns started firing, multiple golden bolts burning their way across space towards them. One of his Vipers took a hit full one, instantly turning the fighter into a plume of vaporised metal. Mercifully the pilot had never had chance to scream. "NO!" Toby screamed in rage before pulling the trigger on the stick in his hands.

Instantly streams of bullets ripped out from his Vipers guns, glowing orange from friction with the trace gases and molecules that filled space. The other four remaining Vipers immediately followed suit, sending a lethal hail towards their attackers. Two of the alien fighters were hit, crumbling in upon themselves before going up in momentary fireballs as the explosive heads of the bullets did their work.

Then the Vipers were forced to begin frantic evasive action as furious salvos of energy flew right towards them from the unknowns. Another Viper wasn't quick enough to dodge and took a bolt to the side, rupturing fuel and oxygen tanks, instantly turning the Viper into a fireball.

"Viper leader to Olympia," Toby said as he only just dodged a bolt meant to kill him. "Request supporting fire, repeat request supporting f...." He never had a chance to finish as a bolt of energy caught his fighter, he was momentarily aware of a fire and searing pain then everything faded into darkness as his Viper exploded.


Combat Information CentreCruiser Olympia

Commander Julia Seaford slammed a hand down on the map table below the Dradis console as she saw her fighters being completely routed on the screens. Three had already been destroyed, including Shadow's, and the remaining three were fighting for their lives.

"Navigation come around to a bearing of two one seven, declination point zero five," she ordered. "All flak batteries that can bear open fire on those alien fighters, lets give our boys some cover. Main guns and missile batteries target their capital ship, fire at will."

"Aye, ma'am," came the responses from various officers around the compact CIC of the Olympia. Julia kept her eyes focused on the dradis display as the ship began to manoeuvre into an idea firing position. As she watched another Viper winked out of existence, followed by another enemy fighter. The surviving Vipers were giving their all but she knew it was only a matter of time before they to were destroyed. Hang on guys we're coming, she thought, and you, you frakking alien bastards are going to pay for what you have already done.


The Olympia manoeuvred slightly, bringing her flak guns around with at the same time aiming her heavy forward cannons and missile tubes at the aggressive alien ship. For a moment nothing more happened. Then the Colonial heavy cruiser erupted, every flak cannon turret and CWIS battery that could be brought to bear on the swarming death gliders opening up, sending awall of explosive tipped projectiles into the cloud of fighters.

Instantly several death gliders died, wiped from existence as the cruisers firepower literally shredded them, tearing the heart out of their formation, much to the relief of the two surviving Viper pilots who started to retreat towards the safety of the cruiser. Meanwhile the two forward facing heavy cannon turrets swivelled round and locked onto the Goa'uld vessel, milliseconds before firing, slamming out rounds that would tear all but the best-armoured ship apart. Heavy anti-ship missiles, each with a fifty-megaton nuclear warhead, screamed out of their tubes, spreading out before looping back around to impact the Goa'uld vessel.

The missiles and cannon fire never touched it, a millisecond before impact the storm of projectiles, all detonated. The explosions lighting up a barrier of energy around the Goa'uld ship, the barrier rippled and glowed orange revealing a pseudo-crystalline structure as it dispersed the energy directing against it harmlessly back out into space.


Themis Ha'tak

Themis was astonished when she felt the slightest of vibrations go through the deck beneath her as the fire from the Olympia impacted on her ships shields. Then she began to get angry, though the fire from the Colonial ship had no chance of damaging let alone destroying her ship, they were defying her will. And for that insolence they would pay.

"Fire on them," she ordered. "Reduce weapons power to fifty percent, prepare boarding parties. I want them alive."

"Yes milady," the Jaffaat the weapons console replied as he reduced the power to the weapons arrays in accordance with the goddess's orders. Then he locked onto the Olympia, even as another volley of nuclear and kinetic ordinance spent itself harmlessly against their shields, and pressed the command to fire.


Weapons fire blasted out from the Goa'uld ships, both rapid-fire streams of golden plasma bolts from the ships secondary batteries, along with two fiercer whitish gold bolts from two of the ships main cannons. The blasts of plasmatic death flew across space almost faster than the eye could track to slam into the Olympia with enormous force. Unfortunately for the Colonials their armour was not up to the task, metal alloys designed to withstand up to six fifty-megaton nuclear missile strikes, proved almost helpless against the weapons of a race that had been walking the stars for thousands of years.

The faster moving blasts from the secondary batteries impacted first and immediately the armour glowed molten as the star core hot material tore into it. Molten sprays of metal erupted and the Colonial cruiser shook violently with the force of the blasts. Then the two slower moving heavy plasma pulses came in and this time the weakened armour did not melt, it simply vaporised, allowing the superheated material to punch right into the interior of the ship. It played over the cruisers internal components and structural members like a blowtorch over ice crystals, melting and destroying everything it touched. Simultaneously the awesome temperature of the plasma superheated the internal atmosphere to the point of flash ignition. Bulkheads shattered like glass, spilling alethal hail of fragments into the surrounding compartments. Following the fragments came a fireball of superheated air, one that enveloped and incinerated horrified crewmembers before they even had a chance to react, let alone save themselves.

Main power failed throughout the cruiser as power conduits and circuits breakers overloaded and blew out, unable to cope with the massive electromagnetic shock spawned by the plasma blasts. The Olympia'sheavy guns and missiles ceased firing as the power to the main weapons systems died. The wounded Colonial warship immediately began to list badly as blazing gas and debris spewed out of the burning rents ripped in her flanks.


Combat Information CentreColonial Cruiser Olympia

Commander Seaford spat out a broken tooth, and slowly picked herself up off the floor of the command centre. Using the edge of the map table, she levered herself upright, ignoring the pain throbbing in her right leg. The once modern and tidy command centre of the Olympia was in shambles, most of the screens were dark or awash with static. A number of the consoles had been blown out, their operators lying on the ground badly injured or dead; a few consoles were even burning, flames licking through shattered circuitry. All this from just two direct hits, she thought, what in the name of the Lords of Kobol did they hit us with?

"Damage report," she ordered as more of the crew began to pick themselves up off the floor. "Damage report," she repeated as her first officer Colonel Frank Stewart picked himself up off the floor and heading over to a sparking, barely functioning damage control panel. Julia knew he would have a report for her shortly, even if he had to search and check the whole ship himself. Assuming the unknowns didn't destroy them.

Looking up at the flickering Dradis screens, she observed the alien vessel, sitting just off their bow its few remaining fighters keeping close to it. She couldn't see the last of her Vipers, and could only assume that they to had been destroyed. As she watched, a new series of contacts emerged from the ship and moved towards them, moving much slower than the fighters had been and there were fewer of them. Boarding craft, she thought.

"Alert all marine units," she said turning to the marine officer in the command centre. "Tell them to be prepared to repel boarders."

"Aye, ma'am," the marine replied and spoke into his radio, alerting the surviving marines and crewmembers to be stand by for potential boarding actions. Julia looked back at the dradis screen and the four contacts each escorted by three fighters coming towards them.

"Mr Thompson," she said turning to her tactical officer. "Are any of our weapons systems still online?"

Thompson checked his console and the information feeds from the gunners. "Aye, ma'am," he replied. "Our flak guns are out but half our CIWS batteries are still online, but only a few still have ammo... the motors for the automatic feeds are out."

"Then tell the gunners to fire on those ships approaching us as soon as they enter CWIS engagement zone," Julia ordered.

"Aye, ma'am."

Julia looked back at the flickering, barely functioning dradis display and the boarding craft coming closer and closer, coming into range of the Olympia's defensive weapons. She watched them get closer, and then the gunners opened fire. Immediately the leading boarding craft and its escorting fighters broke up and exploded as the armour piercing bullets ripped into them before detonating inside triggering explosive decompressions. Take that you frakking alien bastards,she thought as another fighter shattered. But then two more came in strafing the ship from above where they had no defensive fire coverage now that the flak batteries were off line, the deck shuddered violently under her feet as the whole of the wounded hull of the Olympia resounded to a powerful series of explosions. The dradis screens flashed one last time then went blank as the strafing fire of the fighters eliminated the dradis arrays.

Finally, the deck steadied and Julia looked over at Lieutenant Thompson. "All contact with weapons batteries has been lost ma'am, there's nothing left in those compartments," he reported solemnly knowing that all the gunnery crews would be dead.

Julia swore softly under her breath before starting to open her mouth to issue an order, but before any sound could emerge a warning klaxon sounded through CIC. "Alien vessels attaching to the hull compartments A10, A12 and A14 on deck one ma'am,"Thompson reported looking at the few functioning screens he had left. "Hulltemperature in those areas is rising."

"There cutting through," Julia said knowingly before turning to the marine officer. "Get as many marines as you can up there and alert all crew members to prepare for close quarter combat. If these frakking aliens or whatever they are want my ship their going to have to fight for it."

"Aye, ma'am," the marine answered.

"Communications prepare an omega drone," Julia ordered knowing it was her duty, if the Olympia were taken the drone would alert Colonial Fleet as to what had happened. "If the enemy breaks through our defences then launch it. Mr Thompson if that happens I want you to begin an immediate wipe of all hard drives. If they take this ship they will learn nothing of the Colonies from it."

"Aye, ma'am," Thompson and the petty officer at communications replied.

"Everyone else," Julia said looking around her shattered command centre. "Arm yourselves."


Section A10Deck One, A Few Moments Later

The first thing that marine lieutenant John Taymore heard as he entered section A10 with his squad was a crackling humming sound. It was coming from down the corridor ahead of them and the whole squad cautiously advanced towards the sound. Rounding a bend in the corridor they came upon the sight of some sort of energy beam cutting through the ceiling, tearing through the tough metal as if was paper. An almost complete circle had been cut in the ceiling.

As they watched, the reddish white energy beam completed the circle and shut down. The circular section of ceiling immediately crashed to the deck with a resounding clang. Immediately a bright shaft of light came in through the hole and a set of four rings descended, stacking on top of each other with a very short distance between them. A brilliant light flashed inside the rings, and then they retracted back into the ceiling revealing six figures with long staff like weapons standing there.

The figures were man shaped, with two arms and to legs but the similarities ended. Each was completely covered in some sort of segmented metallic armour and their heads were helmets in the shape of some kind of animal. The eyes of the helmets glowed with a blue light and almost in unison the figures brought their staff's around so the bulbous one end was pointed at the marines. The bulbous structure opened with a crackle of energy.

"Drop your weapons," John demanded as he and the other marines levelled their assault rifles at the intruders. "Get down on the floor; get down on the floor now."

In answer the leading figure fired, a crackling bolt of golden energy burst from the tip of the staff, and caught the marine next to John full in the chest. The force of the impact ripped the marine off his feet and threw him back against the bulkhead, where he crumbled to the floor dead, a hole the size of a fist blasted in his chest.

Immediately John and his fellow marines retaliated, letting rip with their weapons, hosing the figures down with automatic weapons fire. Sparks flew from the armour the figures wore but they staggered forward through the hail of conventional, soft tip bullets, firing as they came. Another marine went down as a blast slammed into him, punching through his body armour as if it didn't exist.

"Fall back," John ordered his men as they continued firing at the intruders. One of the heavily armoured figures stumbled back under the constant hail of weapons fire, then collapsed, armour finally buckling under the assault to let bullets rip through the delicate flesh underneath. Even as the alien collapsed, the rings descended from the ceiling again allowing another six of the armoured, juggernaut like figures to materialise.

Overwhelmed John and the marines started falling back, firing to cover themselves and dodging the golden blasts of energy being fired at them. Another marine went down to ahit that took off her head, followed a moment later by another of the intruders. John's rifle clicked as it ran out of bullets. We can't stop them, he thought as the volume of fire being direct at his team grew worse, there too many and our weapons have minimal effect. What I wouldn't give for some frakking armour piercing bullets.

Pain abruptly exploded in his right arm and side as a bolt of energy caught him in the right shoulder, the force of the impact bowling him over, even as he cried out in pain. One of his remaining marines started to move to help him but John waved him off, fishing a grenade out of his belt pouch.

"Go," he said to the survivors of his squad even as another marine died. The marines pulled back and disappeared around the bend in the corridor. John pulled the pin on his grenade even as one of the intruders stopped over him and turned his weapon towards his head. "Too late you frakking bastard," John said closing his eyes a moment before the grenade detonated, and the world vanished in a single, burning blast of pain.


Combat Information CentreTen Minutes Later

"Status," Julia demanded of the marine officer in the command centre.

"Enemy forces have taken all the upper decks ma'am," the marine answered. "There is heavy fighting on the hanger deck and central decks, but it's only a matter of time before all defence posts are overrun. Our weapons have limited effect on the intruders, unless we use explosive heads or the few armour piercing rounds we have."

"Then we have no choice," Julia said, as she heard the clatter of weapons fire and the thumping, hissing whoosh of the alien weapons in the corridors near the command centre. "Communications launch the omega drone."

"Aye, ma'am," communications answered.

"Colonel Stewart," Julia called moving over to the map table and taking her access key from around her neck. Colonel Frank Stewart moved over, taking out his own key from around his neck, knowing what was required of them now. To ensure that the Olympia was not taken by the enemy their was only one thing to do now, destroy her and themselves with the ships scuttling charges.

Julia slid her key into a slot on the map table and turned it a quarter turn clockwise. Making apanel on the top surface open revealing a keypad, carefully Julia entered her access code. When a green confirmation of recognition light came on, she entered her self-destruct code, inwardly shaking as she was doing it. This was an action that she like every other commander in the fleet had hoped she would never have to take. Nevertheless, she saw no other way to protect the Colonies from these invaders. If their sacrifice kept these alien butchers away from the Colonies then it would be worth it.

Looking up she saw Colonel Stewart starting to enter his own access codes into another keypad. Once that was done Julia knew that the Olympia would only have five minutes more to live, then all her fuel stores, all her nukes would detonate, tearing the ship apart from the inside out.

At that moment, the door to CIC was blown inwards by the impact of a series of energy bolts and a massive armoured figure appeared in the doorway. Bending down the figure rolled some sort of ball around the same size as a pyramid ball into the room, before ducking back out and away. Julia frowned a moment before the ball emitted a fierce, overwhelming blast of light accompanied by a horrendous whining sound. The light and sound convulsed her muscles and Julia crumpled to deck in agony. All around her, she heard the rest of her crew falling with her, some emitting cries of pain.

Then the pain became too great and consciousness deserted her.


Themis's Ha'takSometime Later

Themis looked up as she heard the familiar clanking sound of a Jaffa's boots on the deck, glancing at the entrance to the pel'tac she saw the senior Jaffa warrior she'd assigned to lead the assault on the Colonel vessel return.

"Report, Jaffa," she ordered.

"Milady the Human vessel has been taken," the Jaffa responded emotionlessly going down on one knee in front of the goddess. "All resistance has been crushed."

"Excellent," Themis replied pleased. "Have the Human survivors brought aboard and placed in the cells. I believe that the Human vessel was able to launch some sort of drone craft before their pel'tac was taken."

"Yes, milady, our gliders destroyed it shortly after it was launched. However we were not in time to stop it beginning transmitting."

"No matter,"Themis replied. "Once all the Human survivors are aboard withdraw the Jaffa from the Human vessel and cast it adrift. Then prepare to leave the area."

"Yes, milady," the Jaffareplied standing once again and leaving the pel'tac to see to the commands of the goddess. Themis leaned back on her throne, a smile on her face, pleased with this expedition so far. As soon as she informed Lord Zeus of this he would certainly reward her greatly. She would need more information before she returned to the rest of the fleet, and she already had a plan on just how to get it.
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