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Mcr jousting!

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Frank and Mikey are bored, so what do they do?...Jousting of course!

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Gerard yawned and rolled onto his other side, he was drifting back into sleep when he heard a loud crash from further down the bus. His eyes shot open and he lay in his bunk, listening for another noise, it came in the form of another loud crash. He sighed and rolled out of his bunk, stretching and yawning as he walked down the bus. "Who's died?" He asked sleepily running a hand through his hair. Frank and Mikey were stood in the living area, Frank was holding a lime green tennis ball.
"No ones died. We're playing catch" Said Frank hapilly, tossing the ball to Mikey, it swerved to the left and Mikey dived after it, crashing into the TV and almost smashing it. He stood up and threw it at Frank who missed, the ball hit the window with a loud bang. Frank picked up the ball and went to throw it at Mikey when Gerard snatched it out of his hand. "You cant play catch in the bus! Your destroy the place! Wait till you can go outside!" He ordered, putting the ball on the tiny coffee table.
"But we're bored!" Whined Mikey. Gerard sighed and rubbed sleep out his eyes.
"Then play a video game or something" He said.
"Nooooo! We've got the top score on all the video games and there boring noooow!" Complained Frank. Mikey nodding in agreement.
"Well...I dunno, watch TV or...draw or something. Or go practice guitar, I dont really care what you do just make sure it doesnt involve wrecking everything." Said Gerard, turning to go back to his bunk, only to have Frank jump onto his back. "But we want to do something fuuuun!" He moaned.
"Get off!" Cried Gerard spinning round in attempt to throw Frank off but he didnt even budge.
"How about you do something with us!?" Asked Frank brightly.
"No. I want to sleep, now get off!" Cried Gerard.
"You cant go to sleep! Its 9:00 am!" Cried Mikey. Gerard stopped so he could raise an eyebrow at his little brother.
"Its not even afternoon Mikey. I'm determined to sleep until at least midday." He said. Frank and Mikey both looked horrified. "Frank get off my back!" Said Gerard angrily.
"No!" Cried Frank burying his face into the back of Gerards neck. "Not until you promise to do something with us!"
"Like what?" Asked Gerard, just as the bus stopped. They had reached a small gas station in the middle of nowhere. The driver poked his head through the bus door.
"Just gonna re - fuel and we'll be off. You guys can go out and stretch your legs if you like" He said. Gerard nodded and tried to pry Frank off his back.
"See? You can go play catch for a bit now" He said as Bob and Ray walked into the living area.
"No way! Since we're all up we can do something FUN!" Cried Mikey. Gerard groaned and rolled his eyes. Frank and Mikey looked at eachother, they seemed to be thinking the same thing and they grinned at eachother before nodding their heads. As if they had just had a conversation without actually speaking. Frank jumped off Gerards back and began to shove him back down the bus. "Come on Geeeeee, go get dressed and then meet us outside!!" He said in a sing - song voice. Gerard sighed in annoyment but once Frank had walked off he got dressed anyway. Deciding he could do with the fresh air.
Once he walked out into the dusty parking lot, where there wasnt actually any vehicles since this place really was in the middle of nowhere, he saw Mikey, Frank, Ray and Bob all talking together. Frank and Mikey had strapped a cushion to one of their arms, and were holding a broom handle each. "Oh god what have they thought up now?" Gerard asked himself as he approached them. Mikey saw him first.
"GEE!" He cried running up to him. Gerard was about to say 'Hi' when Mikey ran behind him and jumped onto his back.
"What are you doing?" Asked Gerard as Mikey gripped Gerards waist with his legs and slung his arms round his shoulders, Frank doing the same to Bob, who was looking as confused as Gerard. "Jousting" Said Mikey simply. Gerard groaned.
"Please dont tell me I'm meant to be a horse" He mumbled.
"You should feel very privaledged about it. I think I'll call you Minty" Said Mikey happily. Gerard frowned.
"Why minty?" He asked. Mikey shrugged.
"I dunno, I've always wanted to call a horse Minty" He smiled. Ray was holding a piece of paper with 'Black Parade jousting' scribbled on it, he walked over to Frank at the other end of the parking lot, Frank said something to him and Ray nodded as Bob frowned angrily. Ray then jogged over to Mikey who whispered something to Ray, he nodded again and walked to the middle of the parking lot, between Gerard and Bob. Brian, the bus driver and some of the crew had gathered at the edge of the parking lot. Ray turned towards them and shouted loudly. "Welcome Lords and Ladies to the Black Parade Joust. Today will be a fierce contest between Sir. Guitarhero and his horse Tiny Dancer -" Frank grinned and Bob scowled as everyone who was watching chuckled. "Versus Sir. Misfitsrock and his horse Minty" Gerard groaned inwardly and Mikey grinned at Frank was chuckling. "I want to see a good clean joust. 3...2...1...GO!" Ray waved the piece of paper like a flag and ran out of the way of the 'horses' who were meant to be running. "Come on Gerard!! Run!!" Said Mikey.
"Mikey this is stupid" Said Gerard angrily.
"COME ON MINTY YAAAAH!" Cried Mikey, digging his heels into Gerards sides causing him to gasp and stumble forward a few steps. "MINTY GO!" Shouted Mikey angrily jabbing Gerard in the back of the head. Bob seemed to be having the same argument with Frank, but Frank won and Bob began running across the parking lot. "Ugh we're gonna loooose!" Complained Mikey.
"Things I do for you" Mumbled Gerard as he too began to race across the parking lot. Mikey laughed and raised his broom handle, Frank doing the same. Gerard felt extremely stupid as he neared Bob and Frank. He closed his eyes and picked up some speed and within seconds he heard the crash of the broom handles colliding and breaking. Mikey almost fell off Gerards back but he flung his arms round his brothers neck and clung tight. Choking Gerard in the process, but managing to stay on. Frank was holding Bobs hood and laughing like a maniac. But then he realised Bob could breathe and quickly let go. Falling to the ground in the process. Ray stepped forward. "I now pronounce Sir. Misfitsrock as the winner!!" He shouted. Everyone except, Bob, Frank and Gerard cheered.
"Yeah you can get off me now!" Said Gerard and Mikey obediantly dropped to the ground.
"No way! How did he win!?" Asked Frank moodily.
"You fell of your horse. Therefore Mikey wins" Said Ray.
"I only fell off because I was killing Bob" Said Frank. Ray shrugged.
"Sorry Frank, but Mikey wins." He said. Frank pouted and turned his back on them all. Annoyed that he had lost. He stuck his nose in the air and waited for them to say something like they usually did...he turned round once he was sure they werent going to say anything, he yelled in horror as he saw they had all gone and the tour bus was slowly pulling out of the parking lot. "AAAGH! STOP! STOP! WAIT FOR ME! YOU'VE FORGOTTEN ME HEY WAIT HEY STOP STOP STOOOOP!" He shouted as he raced towards the tour bus. "GUYS!!! STOP!!" He yelled. Mikey, Gerard, Ray and Bob appeard in the back window they all grinned and waved at Frank as they began to drive down the road. Frank fell to his knees. "Nooooo! I'm all alo - o - one! Aaaagh, I'm gonna die and starve and die and be dead and all alone in the world and I'm never gonna see my dogs ever ever agaaaaain!" He whined. He curled up into a ball on the side of the road and whimpered to himself, un - aware that the tour bus had reversed and come to a halt beside him. The door opened and Gerard stood there. "What are you meant to be Frank? Roadkill?" He asked. Frank gasped and dived onto Gerard knocking him onto the floor and kissing his face over and over again. "Oh my god your alive!" He cried.
"Of course I'm alive!" Cried Gerard shoving Frank off of him, who ran over to the others and began kissing thier faces too and crying "Your alive! Your all alive!" He stood back and beamed at them all who were looking confused. "I thought you'd left me forever!" He cried.
"Oh dont be such an ass." Said Gerard. Frank laughed and began jumping on the spot. "Err...Frank...have you had too much coffee again?" Asked Gerard. Frank looked at him blankly. "How much is too much?" He asked.
"Well how much have you had?" Asked Ray.
"Only about 12 cups since 7:30" Answered Frank.
"Thats too much..." Said Gerard as Mikey and Frank began playing catch with the tennis ball again.

A/N: Yeaah...I know this wasnt up to my usual writing standard, but I thought I'd stick it on here for the hell of it. ^^ The whole 'your alive' thing is taken from my very dramatic mate, everytime I'm missing for over five minutes she hugs me and cries "your alive!". Yeaaaah...I dunno either. XD
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