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The Wish

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A young girl's wishes come true, turning her life upside down.

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She sat gazing out the window watching the trees roll by. She looked ahead and saw the long convoy of vehicles on their way to the hall to celebrate her grandma’s eightieth birthday.

“So why do I have to come anyways?” the young girl asked.

“It’s a big year for her, you should be happy. Besides you never know how long she’ll be around.”

“Yeah, but why do I have to go? I hardly know her and she’s so boring,” Complained the girl.

“Oh, Annie, don’t talk about your grandma that way. She’s a nice lady and, besides, she likes you.”

“Whatever,” grumbled Annie.

“It’ll be great. Just try to have a good time,” encouraged her mom.

“Fine, I’ll try, but no guarantees,” Annie replied.

“There that sounds a bit better.”

Soon there after Annie and her mom arrived at a little country hall along with what seemed like a million other cars. They hopped out of the car and walked into the hall. There were tables set up with six chairs to a table. Annie chose a table near the food, next to some of her cousins. She wasn’t the only one that didn’t want to be there.

“Attention people!” Grandma was ready to say her speech.

“Hello everybody,” she began in her crackly voice. “I am glad that everyone is here to celebrate eighty great years.” She continued to talk this way for five boring minutes. That’s when Annie cut in.

“I wish she would just shut up and let us eat!” she whispered to her cousins.

Just then grandma’s voice cracked and everything was quiet. She had lost her voice. Annie’s mom jumped up and gave her a glass of water but it didn’t help.

“I guess that’s the end of the speech. Shall we eat?” Annie’s uncle announced.

“That was weird,” one of the cousins commented. Annie nodded a reply.

Everybody got up to get their food and eat. The food was great and soon everyone was full and cleaning up.

It was time to open presents. Grandma sat in the middle of a big pile of presents, opening each slowly and carefully. When it was all over she had a cream shaker, cookie baker and I’m sure somewhere there was a candle stick maker. Oh yeah, there was also an elegant bottle of champagne. Annie helped pack the gifts into Grandma’s car and they left to go home.

“Well that was boring. I wish she would just curl up and die so we wouldn’t have to deal with the crabby old widow.”


“Well, it’s true!”
“It may be but you don’t have to speak your mind all the time,” her mom replied. Annie just shrugged.

When they got home that night there was a message on the phone.

“What’s this?” Annie’s mom wondered.

Annie went to her room to listen to music. A few minutes later her mom walked into her room.

“Geeze, can’t you knock?”

“Annie, your grandma died,” her mom informed her with tears in her eyes.

“What? You’re joking! I didn’t mean what I said in the car.”

“I know. She had a stroke on the car ride home. They couldn’t revive her.”

Just then Annie realized something. When she wished grandma would shut up, she did. When she wished she would die she had a stroke. Annie could grant her own wishes! She wondered how this could have come about. Annie thought back to this morning when her toast got stuck in the toaster and she got electrocuted trying to get it out. Maybe that was it. She thought she should test her theory and see if she really could grant her wishes, but for now her mother was calling her for supper.

When she got to the table her mom was still crying and there was a dinner of grilled cheese sandwiches on the table.

“Sorry about the hasty supper,” she sobbed.

“Oh, it’s ok, don’t worry, everything will be ok,” Annie consoled.

“I know, it’s just hard to lose a mom.”

“Yeah, I know.”

Annie thought of what she could do to cheer her mom up. Then she remembered her earlier realization that she could grant wishes. She thought real hard for awhile then thought of something.

“Mom, what’s your favourite ice cream?” she asked

“Rocky Road. Why?” her mom replied.

“Oh, just wondering. What’s your favourite movie?”

“The Princess Bride. Why are you asking me these questions?”

“I just wish we had The Princess Bride and Rocky Road ice cream in the freezer to cheer you up.”

“Awww, that’s sweet but I don’t think we do.”

After supper was cleaned up Annie checked in the freezer and there it was. Right beside the frozen peas there was a tub of Rocky Road ice cream with The Princess Bride sitting on top of it.

“Oops, maybe I should’ve been more specific where the movie should be,” she said to herself.

Annie walked into the living room where she found her mom watching TV. “Look what I found!” she said holding up the movie and ice cream.
“Where did you find those?” her mom asked in confusion.

“In the freezer.”

“The movie too?”

“Yeah, weird huh?”

Annie and her mom ate ice cream and watched the movie, having a great time and forgetting all about Grandma. Annie’s plan had worked. After the movie it was time for bed. Both Annie and her mom had troubles sleeping that night because of all that had happened that day.

The next day a date was set for the funeral. It was to be Saturday, July 10th. Three days away.

Annie thought about how she could make it so her grandma wouldn’t be dead and she wouldn’t have to sit through a funeral and see all her family crying. She thought of wishing that she was alive but though it would be weird if a dead grandma was suddenly alive again. Finally she thought of something.

“I wish that it was yesterday morning,” she said aloud.

All of the sudden Annie was lying down in her bed. She got up and went into the kitchen. She reached for the toaster then remembered what had happened and had cereal for breakfast.
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