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His Second Death

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One shot! After the events of GoldenEye, 007 contemplates about having to deal with the second death of a former friend... (MOVIE SPOILERS)

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DISCLAIMER: I don't own /James Bond/, etc.

SUMMARY: After the events of /GoldenEye/, James Bond thinks about Alec, also known as 006 and Janus... and how that man died again.

NOTE: I have a confession to make... GoldenEye is my favorite James Bond movie. Part of this might be because it's the first 007 movie I ever saw (I must have been nine or ten years old at the time). So, in honor of its 10-year anniversary, I am writing this fic.

/"His Second Death,"/

By Quillian

Even as James and Natalya flew away from what had once been Janus' secret base, and the two of them embraced each other, James thought back to a friend whom he had lost.

Edit that: A friend whom he had lost /again/.

Ever since finding out that Alec was alive (and getting some peace and quiet without any fighting or killing), James just kept thinking to himself... Who betrayed who?

Alec's words from that Soviet junkyard still stung... about 007's loyalty always being to the mission, "and never to his friends."

Well... if James recalled correctly, 006's loyalty was neither to his friend nor his mission when he allowed himself to be "captured" and "executed" by Ouromov nine years before.

So why did those words still sting so much?

It was hard to say which hurt to James more: Alec's first death, or his second death.

No... from a certain point of view, Alec, a.k.a. 006, had already died once before, and it was Janus who had died this time.

Or was he simply Janus the entire time?

James supposed it all depended on one's point of view.

Even still, James tried to remember Alec Trevelyan, Agent 006 as his friend, and not Janus, the traitor and enemy.


He came out of his thoughts and turned to Natalya. "Yes?"

"Still thinking about him, aren't you?" she asked rhetorically.

James didn't have to answer, for she already knew the answer to that. "I'd be lying if I said that it hurt, having that old wound opened up again... but I'm not going to let it bog me down."

"I know, James." Looking at him seriously, she then added, "If you had let your emotions conflict you, you would not have won." She knew this to be true, as she saw James drop his nemesis with her own eyes.

Little had to be spoken between the two of them, for both of them had little else to say about it.

James sat back in his seat, next to his incredible woman who had helped him through his latest mission, doing his best to calm down and move on.

Farewell again, Alec, he thought solemnly. May you find the peace you never found in life.

A/N: So, how was this fic?

Originally, I planned to write a Harry Potter parody of GoldenEye just in time for the movie's 10-year anniversary, but I've just been so burdened with work, fanfiction and otherwise, that I haven't been able to do it... /yet/.

Thanks for reading this, and please don't forget to check out all my other work as well! -Quillian
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