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Jason has to go live with his father and turns his life around for the better.

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As he sat waiting for the bus to come he pondered how he got into the situation he was in.

He remembered the fierce fight he had with his stepfather and how his mother would not back him up. The fight was over such a stupid thing. Jason had come home late and his stepfather got mad. It wasn’t just because of that one night though. Jason hadn’t come home on time for the last week. His stepfather got fed up and kicked him out of the house. He told Jason that if he can’t follow the rules of the house then he can’t be in the house. So now he was waiting at the bus stop on his way to his dad’s in California.

SKREECH! The bus had arrived. He slowly climbed on board and gave the driver enough money to get him to California.

The bus ride was a long, butt numbing, boring ride. He finally arrived at two O’clock in the morning. He took a taxi from the bus station to his dad’s house and knocked on the door. A big burly man answered the door with a beer in his hand.

“Who you?” he asked in a harsh, rough voice.

“I-I’m you’re s-son, Jason,” Jason stammered.

“My son?” he said in a confused voice.

“My mom and I left you when I was only two years old.”

“Who was your mom?” he asked in a quiet, curious voice.

“Her name is Jane,” Jason answered calmly.

“Ahh, Jane. I remember Jane, she was my second wife.”

“Oh, well it’s good that you remember.”

“Well, what are you standing outside for? Come in!” he said all of a sudden. “Wow, I have a son!” he quietly whispered to himself.

Jason stepped inside and looked around. The place was pretty clean considering it was owned by a big, lazy single guy.

“Well, sit down. Tell me how is Jane?” his dad said motioning towards a chair.

Jason sat down and again looked around at his new home. “Well she’s remarried,” he began. “He’s real mean and kicked me out of the house. That’s why I’m here. My mom also had another kid with my stepfather so I now have a half sister. So, tell me about your life.”

“There’s really not much to tell. I got a girlfriend at one point but she dumped me ’cause I drank too much. That’s the reason your mom left me. I’ve slowed up on the drinking a lot though and lost a few pounds. I’m hoping that if I shape up I can get a wife for keeps.”

“Well, that makes sense. It’s a good plan. Do you smoke?”

“Nope, can’t. I’ve got asthma, I might die if I try.”

“Dang that means I probably can’t get smokes off of you. I guess you’ll have to stop drinking and I’ll have to stop smoking. For now I’ll only smoke outside.

They both sat there for five minutes just keeping each other company until finally they decided to go to bed.

The next morning Jason woke up to the smell of bacon and eggs.

“Wow, don’t you wake up early on Saturdays,” Jason commented.

“Well, not usually, I just have stuff to do today,” his dad replied.

“Like what?” asked Jason.

“For one I have to enrol you in school here. I also have to go shopping. Do you want to come and get school supplies?”

“I hate school,” Jason replied crossing his arms.

“That doesn’t mean you won’t go. You need school to get a good job. Look at me, I dropped out and now I’m a bag boy at Minimart.”

“Yeah, I know. If I didn’t know that I would have been out of school a long time ago,” Jason replied.

“That’s good. I don’t care what grades you get as long as you stay in school and try your hardest.”


“Why don’t you g o do what you want for a few minutes while breakfast is cooking,” his dad suggested.

“K, I’ll be outside smoking then.”

“This early?” his dad asked shocked.

“Yup, I have three a day. One at breakfast, one at lunch and one at dinner. Besides that I don’t smoke, for the most part,” Jason replied.

“At least you aren’t a heavy smoker.”

“Yeah, but even that can kill me, I know that. That’s why I’m trying to stop. For both you and me.”

After breakfast Jason’s father took him to tour his new school. He was embarrassed the whole time he was there but his dad couldn’t figure out why. He thought it might be because he had bad grades.

After they toured the school Jason and his dad went and bought school supplies. Jason knew exactly what he needed so it didn’t take long. They had a bit of grocery shopping to do before they went home. Jason’s dad bought him some Nicorette gum to help him stop smoking and Jason baught his dad some Coke, to replace his beer.

The next day Jason tried the gum at breakfast. It tasted horrible but it worked until about lunch time when he broke down and had a smoke.

Jason’s dad reached for a beer but Jason reminded him and handed him a Coke. This also worked for a couple of hours until Jason wasn’t there and he drank a beer.

They both did this every day for a week cutting down on both of there habits. The two of them kept reducing their amount of beer and smokes they had a day every week until Jason only had a smoke very second day and his dad only had one beer a day.

The first day of school finally came. Jason left for school and his dad left for his new job that he could now keep since he was no longer drunk all the time.

Jason soon found friends and even hooked up with a beautiful cheerleader. He soon became a handsome, popular jock. Every day he would come home and do fifteen minutes of homework

Jason’s dad brought home his first pay check a week later, so to celebrate they went out for ice cream, not beer, not smokes.

Eventually both of them quit their addictions all together and led a happy life.

The day came when Jason brought home his first report card. He was hesitant at first to show it to his dad but eventually gave in.

“Wow, this is amazing!” his dad shouted in surprised amazement. Jason had gotten 100% across the board.

“That’s why I was embarrassed to go to school. I used to go to a private school… for geniuses.”

“Why didn’t you tell me? I could’ve gotten you into a better, more challenging school.”

“I didn’t want to. It’s so private that I hardly had any friends and everybody’s so stuck up there.”

“I have an idea!” exclaimed his dad.

The next day Jason’s dad went to the school and asked all his teachers to assign him more challenging assignments. One teacher suggested Jason be bumped up a grade but his dad thought that if he did that then he would no longer be with his friends. So they agreed to find some more challenging work for Jason.

The next day Jason went to school it was a bit more challenging. He even got extra projects when he finished his work. He went home and thanked his dad; he knew what he had done.

When Jason graduated he was at the top of his class. He decided to go onto university and become a doctor. The best university for that was in the city his mom lived in, so he went and lived with her.

He arrived at her house around noon, wearing his old letterman’s jacket. She was amazed at how he grew up. Jason’s mom didn’t believe him when he told her that he had stopped smoking and his dad had stopped drinking and got in shape until he showed her some pictures of a healthy man.

“I guess you guys were good for each other,” she commented.

Eight years later Jason became a doctor and owned his own house near his dad. A year later he got married to his high school sweat heart and went on to have two kids. Both of his kids were great in school and needed to be challenged just like their dad. Jason led a great life along with his wife and kids until he died.
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