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I Do

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This is a poem I wrote for my cousin's wedding.

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Marriage is a beautiful thing that happens only when two people are madly in love.

They gaze into each other’s eyes in front of an adoring crowd of family and friends and say two simple words… ‘I do’.

‘I do’ isn’t something that you throw out and means nothing. It’s not ‘I will’ or ‘I might’. It’s ‘I DO!’

It has depth and means I’ll hold you till I die and love you forever. Never leave your side and never leave you alone in the dark.

I means I’ll cherish each kiss and love each hug and tremble every time you touch me.

I’ll adore each ‘I love you’ and wait longingly for the next one.

I’ll miss you when you’ve gone away but I know you’ll always come back because, I Do!
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