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Dear Diary

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This is a one liner about something that is close to heart. I wrote this quite awhile ago so it's not the best.

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Claurice walked in the door after school.

“Mom, can you help me with this project?” she yelled.

Her mom took one look at the requirements and said, “You can do it yourself, don’t be so lazy!”

Later on that night she asked her mom to get a lunch bag out for her. “Oh, don’t be lazy!”

“Danny, stop touching my stuff! That’s the third time tonight! Mom!”

“Oh, deal with it yourself.”

That night Claurice sat down to write in her diary, tears streaming down her face. Dear diary. My mom is being so mean lately, it’s like she doesn’t even care! On top of that I’ve got an annoying brother and a huge project due Tuesday! I hope it gets better. Well gtj buh bye!

The next day Jen pushed her into a locker and said, “Get out of my way squeeb!”

Right after that her partner for the big project quit on her and her mom was still being a jerk!

Dear diary. This is totally getting on my nerves! I can’t take it anymore! I feel like no one cares and everyone’s against me! Well, bye. P.S. You seem like my only friend.

Claurice’s mom called to her the next morning to get up but there was not answer. She went upstairs and saw her laying in a pool of blood with a note that said, “The only one who knows why I had to die today is my only friend, my diary.
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