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Fiery Petals

by Tamurai 0 reviews

Its fiery petals consume the sky, but soon it will be no more.

Category: Poetry - Rating: G - Genres: Drama - Published: 2007-09-06 - Updated: 2007-09-06 - 103 words - Complete

It stands alone,
morphed into one ambiguous figure.
Its fiery petals erupt
into the sky, using its green stem as its fuel.
Even the great Helios would bow
down to its power. It could have easily been passed by,
but its golden center captured
by the green goblet beneath catches the eye.

The little furs peel off the green skin and
its dying brown tips give
the flower its final farewell before
death will consume it. Eventually it will rot,
turn brown and fade
into the Earth, but
in this one moment, it is captured–here,
in its full glory,
it stands alone.
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