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I am consumed, but I am not afraid.

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The cool rain caresses my skin
as it falls from the sky while I lay in the open
field. Water puddles on my bear stomach
soon overflowing and sliding off my body.
The cicadas have stopped screaming
and the scorching sun is now hidden
behind the grey clouds. I outstretch my arms,
letting the thin blades of grass cover me.

The grass begins to consume me,
slowly covering my body. My arms
are gone first, then my legs, my stomach,
my chest and neck
(only my head remains free from the hungry grass)
Slowly, the hard dirt beneath me
softens and my body begins to sink into
the dark abyss of the ground.

I do not fight my consumption, but
rather welcome it. My body is trapped, but
I am free.
Nothing can stop my gradual
disappearance, letting my mind find ease
in death.

The rain continues to fall. My hair
is now damp and my face carries
the collected drops of water. How
refreshing. The grass and dirt wrap around
my body, comforting me, and the rain cooling me.
I am at peace.
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