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The Oragami Garden

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A fable about how oragami started... it was a class assignment.

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A long time ago (about the 700’s), in Ancient Japan there lived a great emperor named Tadashi. Tadashi was a person that had to have everything perfect and in line. He made his servants wear uniforms, he made his wife wear a uniform, and he even made his two kids wear uniforms. Every morning everybody in the mansion would line up in orderly fashion and Tadashi would inspect them. If they did not meet his exact standards then they would have to run 10 laps around the mansion, which usually took all morning.

One day the emperor looked outside at his famous garden and noticed that the flowers closest to the mansion were trampled from so many people running over them. Tadashi figured that Daigo, a famous gardener, could fix this.

While this all happened the emperor’s two kids were close by watching him. After Tadashi gave Daigo the orders to repair the garden the kids ran and talked to Daigo, cancelling the appointment. They then searched up many other gardeners and found one that sounded interesting. The gardeners name was Origami; he was from China. When the gardener got there they went and talked to him before their dad could. They discussed what happened and told Origami to make up a way for the emperor to let him work on the garden. Origami went out and knocked on the door again.

This time the butler answered the door. The emperor soon realized that it must be Daigo so he went to the door. When it wasn’t Daigo, but another gardener, he was confused and furious. He asked what was going on.

Origami explained that Daigo was ill so therefore could not come. Daigo asked him to do the job, instead, for he was just as good a gardener. The emperor thought about it a moment and decided to let Origami do the gardening just this once. Origami then told Tadashi that he should not disturb or watch him for it might wreck the final appearance.

Origami took days and days working on the garden. The emperor thought that he must be doing a great job if it was taking so long.

Finally Origami was finished. When the emperor saw the finished product he yelled out in rage. Everything was fake and made out of folded paper. There wasn’t a real flower in sight.

He immediately told Origami to run 20 laps around the mansion for ruining his garden. When Origami ran on the flowers they did not trample.

When the emperor saw this he could not believe his eyes. He looked around and noticed that there was a big crowd around the garden. Everyone was in awe. Tadashi then realized that he had been so caught up being picky that he didn’t realize the full beauty of the garden.

Tadashi then called Origami over and told him he could stop running. He told him to teach everyone in Japan the new art of Origami. And that is how origami, the art of paper folding, began.
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