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I'll Be Your Superman

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A song, about my favorite subject... superman.

Category: Poetry - Rating: G - Genres: Sci-fi - Published: 2007-09-06 - Updated: 2007-09-07 - 173 words - Complete

I’ll Keep you by my side,
With my superhuman mind.
I’ll watch you day and night.
With my powers by my side.
I’ll love you all the time.
Just stay with me!


I’ll be your Superman,
If you’ll be my Lois Lane.
I’ll be your Superman,
Every night and every day.
I’ll be your superman
If you’ll be my Lois Lane.

I’ll hold on to your hand,
I’ll take you for a flight,
Up into the night.
I’ll watch your beauty flow on by.
Keep me in your sight.
I’ll be your man tonight.


With my superhuman strength,
I’ll save your life from the depth,
Of the evil haste.
I’ll listen closely for the beat of your heart.
I’ll be thinking of you from the very start.


O’ I’ll be your Superman,
But only if you’ll be my Lois Lane.
Cause’ I love you babe.
Yeah I’ll be your Superman, Lois Lane!
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