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The Lost Wallet

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A story about a girl and her babysitter. Wrote Sept 28,04.

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A little girl I used to baby sit, named Julie, and I were walking through the park one day. It was a beautiful day and the sun was shining. It had just finished raining so there was just a light breeze. Every puddle Julie saw she just had to run and jump in it. Every time she jumped, she made a big splash and I would plead for her to stop.

“Julie if you don’t stop right now I’ll tell your mother and she’ll ground you!” I would command splash after splash.

“I don’t care.” Julie would reply. She jumped again and made another big splash.

“Come on Julie you’re getting soaked! When your mother sees you like this she won’t want to pay me. Please stop.” I pleaded and pleaded but Julie just wouldn’t stop.

Finally we spotted the playground. Julie ran to go play in the sand almost instantly. I sighed with relief; I could finally rest awhile.

Julie dug in the sand for about five minutes before I heard her calling my name.

“What now?” I thought.

“Dana! Dana! Look what I found!” Julie called with excitement. Held tight in Julie’s hand was a wallet plum full of money.

“Oh, Dana could I please keep it?” Julie asked with a big smile.

I replied by saying, “I’m sorry Julie it’s not yours. We’re going to have to give it to the police.”

When we got to the police station the man who lost his wallet was there looking for it. Julie gave the man his wallet back and in return he rewarded her with twenty dollars.

When Julie and I got home Julie showed her mom the twenty dollar bill and told her all about what happened.

The End
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