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The Man in Black

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A poem summing up the man in black.

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Do you hear the pain,
The pain and suffering?
Do you hear the death,
The death and muttering?

Do you hear the torture?
They’d say, they’d say,
Put him in the machine,
Suck his life away.

Do you hear the scream,
The Spaniard would yell.
It is of the man in black,
Surely I can tell.

But he is dead,
The Turk did say.
Take him to the miracle man
And let us pray.
Hope that he can help us today.

Miracle Max was his name.
Mostly dead is not the same.
So you can save him, cried the man, a pause.
Only for a noble cause.

The man in black’s alive now
and soon he got his bride.
After quite awhile though
He gained back his rightful stride.
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