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The Missing Diamond Ring

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A mystery I had to write for school on Nov.20,04

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“Sam! Sam! I need you here immediately! My $100,000 diamond ring has been stolen!” Serina had phoned Sam Jinder a private eye. He was said to be the best.

Sam went down to 26 14th street to ask Serina some questions.

“So when was the ring stolen?” was Sam’s first question.

“I just found it missing right before I phoned you.” Serina replied.

“Can you describe the ring?” asked Sam.

“It’s solid gold except the diamond. The diamond is really big and shiny and if you look at it closely you can see a bear engraved in it and…”

“Stop bragging! Nobody wants to hear it!” interrupted Greg her husband.

“Thanks for your time, that’s all for now. Except do you have any suspicions on who the thief is?” wondered Sam.

“Yes!” Greg cut in. “Jill our neighbour is always looking at it and admiring it.

So Sam left to talk to Jill.

“Your neighbour says her diamond ring was stolen and I’d like to ask you a few questions.” Sam told Jill.

“O.K.” agreed Jill

“Have you ever seen the ring before?” he questioned first.

“Oh yes, it’s very beautiful although it looks heavy and uncomfortable to wear.” was Jill’s reply.

“How much money do you think the ring is worth?” was Sam’s second question.

“Actually I’m not sure, Serina has never mentioned anything about the price.”

“O.K. Thanks, that’s all I need for now.” Sam said as he packed up.

Sam knows who stole the ring and why they did it. Do you know who it was, why they did it, and how Sam knew?

The thief was Greg. He stole the ring because he didn’t like his wife bragging so much. He thought that if he stole it then Serina wouldn’t have anything to brag about. Sam knew it was him because Greg cut in to try to frame Jill who obviously had no incentive to steal it.
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