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Night Time Visiter

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See what a "dream" can teach you. ONESHOT

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I woke in the dead of the night to a thump on the other side of the room. I looked around the darkness for a source, hoping that it was just the sound of the house settling. Not seeing or hearing anything I lay back down.

There it was again, only closer. I pulled the blanket around myself tighter as a shiver ran up my spine. There was someone or something there, in the dark, lurking, and it scared me shitless. Then I felt it. A hand, cold and soft, touched my neck. Its brother muffled my scream as the figure in black held me down with his body. Hot breath caressed my cheek and I squeezed my eyes shut tight with fear. His lips and teeth grazed my throat as they sank into the pulse point of my neck. I screamed louder then before and bit one of his fingers. He didn't flinch or pull away, just removed his teeth from my wound and licked and sucked up the blood, his tongue stinging as it glided across my mangled flesh. By then I had given up on struggling or screaming. I was no match for him as my strength dwindled and heart began to hammer to try and make up for the loss of blood.

Slivers of moon light illuminated his face as he sat up in my bed. "Why?" I whispered as I took in his oddly familiar beauty, milky skin, thick silky black hair, and intense hazel eyes.

He leaned in close and touched my cheek with a soft finger. "You broke the rules." His sly smirk was the last thing I saw before passing out in his arms.

The sun seeped through the mini blinds, warming my face and waking me from a fitful sleep. Events of the night before were still fresh on my memory, but I shrugged it off as a dream. Like any of that would ever happen in real life, it had to have been a dream. I felt the spot where he had bitten me. There was nothing, no blood, no wound, only a slight soreness that could have easily been caused by the way that I slept. I slipped out of bed and smiled at the stack of CDs that I almost tripped over. But the smile faded when I noticed something about the CD on top of the stack. Around the edge of the black disc it read, "Unauthorized duplication is a violation of applicable laws and will result in Gerard coming to your house and sucking your blood." Careful to avoid the CDs I walked over to the mirror on my dresser and examined my neck. A pink scar that resembled teeth marks stood out sharply against my pale skin.

"The mix tape!"

This story is based on a dream that I had after I made a mix tape with a couple of the songs on MCRs' first album. I ALWAYS WELCOME COMMENTS. (hint hint)
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