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4: Thoughts, & You and Me (theme 12 and alternate theme 12)

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Final two drabble ficlets for Ban/Akabane. UST, yaoi, angst and a bit of fluff.

Category: Get Backers - Rating: PG-13 - Genres: Angst,Drama,Romance - Characters: Akabane,Ban - Warnings: [!] - Published: 2007-09-08 - Updated: 2007-09-08 - 492 words

Dark Kiss
by Tsutsuji
Chapter 4: Thoughts, & You and Me (theme 12 & alternate theme 12)

Fandom: GetBackers
Pairing: Ban/Akabane
Warnings: yaoi implied, a bit of angst. Also a spoiler for anime ep. 34.
Rating: Safe for teens.

Disclaimer: /GetBackers belongs to Rando Ayamine and Yuya Aoki and their associates, not to me. I make no money from this fic and intend no copyright infringement. /Much thanks to ImplicitPassion, the Ban/Akabane lj community, and to Amethyst_Hunter for turning me on to this pairing.

Summary: Ban/Akabane. Love, hate, UST, and sharp, pointy objects. Fifteen themes, fifteen Drabbles of exactly 100 words or multiples thereof - except for the last one which is 108 words, hee-hee!. This makes 15 fics to fullfill the challenge at AVillainsLove, so I'm done now. (So I can start working on my new claim of Ban, Akabane and Ginji at 12_stories.)


12 (alternate list) Thoughts (Thinking):
200 words (OpenOffice Writer says this is 201 words, but it counts "Ban-kun" as two words so I'm calling it 200 even.)
(Spoilers for episode 34 "GetBackers Break Up? The Enemy is Ban Midou!")

Naturally, Akabane heard the rumors. Every Retriever, Transporter and Protector was saying that the GetBackers had broken up. No one was surprised; everyone knew Ban Midou was a hot-tempered, loud-mouthed jerk who thought he was too good for anyone, even the former leader of VOLTS.

Akabane thought about Ban striking out on his own, without Ginji's humanizing influence. Would he return to thieving, or hire himself out as a Protector? (Rumors leaned toward the latter.) How would their paths cross? Perhaps - pleasant thought! - Ban Midou would become a Transporter.

"We could work together, Ban-kun!" Akabane mused. "The Jackal and the Serpent, the first and only Retriever-Plus-Transporter team, unstoppable and unbeatable! With our combined talents, no one could keep us from completing the job. In fact, with our combined reputations alone, no one would even bother to attack us at all! How - boring." He frowned as the lovely vision faltered.

"Still, there would be those long journeys alone together, with little to do except," he smiled again, "entertain each other...."

Before the (completely predictable) news got around that the breakup was only an act, Akabane got plenty more than just one minute's mileage out of that thought.


12 You and Me:
(This last one is 108 words, in honor of Dr. Jackal.)

Ban knows it's never simply "you and me" in the jigsaw puzzle of relationships. "You and me" was Himiko, and also Yamato. It was Natsuhiko, and also the brothers. It's Ginji, and also Jackal.

Ginji is probably the love of his life, but love is more frightening to acknowledge than this mingled lust, caring and antagonism he feels for Akabane. There's nothing as equilateral as a triangle here, though, nor as simple as a threesome.

He and Jackal are enemies and lovers. He and Ginji are The GetBackers. The you-and-me he is with Akabane is the Mirror of the you-and-me he is with Ginji.
~~ The End ~~
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