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A Christmas to Remember

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Chapter 1

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A Christmas to Remember

"There," Harry announced, as he stood back to examine his handiwork.

It was late Christmas Eve, everyone already securely in bed, and Harry had decided that a bit of a Yuletide prank was in order. He had just spent the past hour securing enchanted mistletoe in strategic spots all over the school. Anyone who ended up under the mistletoe would be unable to move or use magic to free themselves until someone kissed them, and Harry had just finished securing the last piece over the front doors of Hogwarts. Tomorrow was going to be quite interesting because not only had the whole school remained behind due to the threat of Voldemort, but no one would be able to remove the mistletoe but Harry himself. It was a prank worthy of any Marauder and Harry had a list of the people in the castle that he couldn't wait to see get caught by the enchanted plant. Snape currently held the first position on that list, after all there weren't many people who would be willing to kiss the nasty potions master in order to free him. Harry smirked; why, he himself might actually have to do the deed so that their Professor didn't remain entrapped for not even Dumbledore would be able to override the ancient power that wizard-grown mistletoe possessed. Humming a small holiday jingle under his breath, Harry headed off to bed with a smile on his face, eagerly anticipating the fiasco morning would bring.

~~ ~~ ~*~

Voldemort sat on his throne and pouted, it wasn't fair. Every Christmas brought the same thing. His followers had nice family gatherings and presents while he sat and brooded. Over the years he had forbidden his followers to have Christmas, their moping had annoyed him and he had killed at least two low level Death Eaters, or he had joined them in their festivities only to find they became too frightened to enjoy themselves. This year he decided to hole up in his fortress like Scrooge and mope. Oh sure, he got presents from his followers, and they were nice presents, everything a Dark Lord could ask for, but they were uninspired gifts. Even Santa was out to give him a miserable holiday, for if the jolly present giver ever did remember to stop by his fortress, it was to leave him heaps of coal and dragon dung; perhaps he shouldn't have held him under the cruciatus that one time during his first reign. Voldemort's thoughts began to spiral downward, it appeared he would never have a decent Christmas unless he went out and planned it for himself. Voldemort brought his fist down upon the arm of his throne, a twisted grin spreading across his face. That was it! He would throw himself his own Christmas party and get himself a gift, and he knew just what the perfect gift would be. Now he just needed to invite some party guests.

"Wormtail!" Voldemort screamed for the little rat he knew was sulking around somewhere close by; Wormtail always stayed far enough away to be out of the way of his rage, but close enough at hand to hear when called.

"Ye-y-yes m-master," Voldemort loved to hear the quaking fear in the rat's voice.

"Summon the troops," he commanded, "we're going to have a Christmas party, and the first item of business is presents."

Voldemort's deep laughter echoed throughout the empty hall as Wormtail scurried off to do his bidding, and had anyone remained to listen they would have heard Voldemort humming a twisted version of a Christmas carol under his breath.

By the time the first of the Death Eaters began to arrive, Voldemort's little humming had turned into full-blow song:

Deck Hogwarts with splashes of green
Cru-uuu-uuu-ci-o, oh oh-ohhhh-ohhh
Avada Kedavra and watch them scream
Cru-uuu-uuu-ci-o, oh oh-ohhhh-ohhh
Don we now our Death Eater apparel
Cru-uuu-uuu-ci-o, oh oh-ohhhh-ohhh
Scaring children with our deadly carol
Cru-uuu-uuu-ci-o, oh oh-ohhhh-ohhh
Setting their homes blazing before us
Cru-uuu-uuu-ci-o, oh oh-ohhhh-ohhh
Their parents screaming the chorus
Cru-uuu-uuu-ci-o, oh oh-ohhhh-ohhh
Follow me now as I take my pleasure
Cru-uuu-uuu-ci-o, oh oh-ohhhh-ohhh
Blood and death is my treasure
Cru-uuu-uuu-ci-o, oh oh-ohhhh-ohhh
The scent of decay as life passes
Cru-uuu-uuu-ci-o, oh oh-ohhhh-ohhh
Enjoying the rape of lads and lasses
Cru-uuu-uuu-ci-o, oh oh-ohhhh-ohhh
So now gather we all together
Cru-uuu-uuu-ci-o, oh oh-ohhhh-ohhh
To claim Hogwarts as ours forever
Cru-uuu-uuu-ci-o, oh oh-ohhhh-ohhh...

Exchanging nervous looks, the Death Eaters clustered together in their ranks and awaited their orders. For some reason they knew this was going to be a Christmas they would never forget.

~~ ~~ ~*~

As usual for a Christmas morning, everyone was up well before their normal hour, loudly exclaiming over the presents they had at the foot of their bed. Joining in the joy that permeated the tower, Harry was glad that the grin across his face could be excused as Christmas cheer instead of the anticipation it really was. It was so hard to wait for everyone to finish opening their presents and to stash things up in their dorms so that they could head out to breakfast as one big, happy group. Hermione, being the most organized and practical, was the first one ready and out the portrait hole. It took her a moment to realize that she was stuck, but then her lungs started to work at top volume as she demanded that someone free her, citing all the while that it was mistreatment of a prefect and that she was going to report whoever was responsible. Carefully Harry slipped around Hermione until he stood in front of her, Ron at his side; thankfully the mistletoe could only ensnare one person at a time.

"I don't know what's holding you here," Harry stated innocently, waving his wand and performing a few detection spells for appearance.

"I do," Ron breathed dumbly, staring up, "that's mistletoe. You can't get free until someone kisses you."

"Then get me free already," Hermione demanded, Harry was sure she wasn't really thinking about what she was saying, "I have to report this. What are you waiting for?"

"Sorry Hermione," Harry said, "but you're too much like a sister for me to kiss. I'm sure Ron will do it though."

Ron turned tail and ran, leaving Hermione to start ranting again. Deciding that Ron had the right idea, Harry followed after the youngest Weasley male, calling back to Hermione that he would inform a teacher of her predicament and send Ron back to free her in a bit. It was probably a very good thing that Hermione couldn't move, or Harry would have been ducking curses as he left. Carefully the rest of Gryffindor tower followed Harry's lead, shying away from the incensed Hermione Granger and her screeching tones. Harry glanced back one last time before heading down to the floor below, only to gag at what he saw. Dennis Creevey was kissing Hermione. He could only hope they both got caught separately in one of the other mistletoe traps, he wasn't ready to face Hermione's ire until she cooled down a bit-not that get caught in another trap would help Hermione's temper any, but it would give him a bit of time to get away.

At this thought, Harry picked up the pace and turned a few rapid corners and headed down a few flights of stairs, always watching out for the mistletoe hotspots so that he didn't get caught-there were just too many rabid fan girls after him this season for his comfort and he wouldn't want to be touched by over half of them, let alone kissed. He also wanted to make sure he was free when Professor Snape finally got caught; there was no way the potions master would avoid the traps even if he had to enchant mistletoe to follow the acerbic man around. Another corner turned brought Harry into sight of the second runner up-Draco Malfoy. This was just too good to pass up.

"Looks like the Prince of Snakes has been caught," Harry mused, circling around the handsome blond, "if you want I bet I could find Pansy to come free you?"

Draco's eyes widened in horror, "no, not Pansy, anyone but her. Find Blaise or Theodore, I'd even take Crabbe or Goyle. Bloody hell, I'd rather kiss Dumbledore than Pansy, at least he's a he."

Harry smirked, catching sight of something over Draco's shoulder, "too late, here comes Pansy now."

"Noooo," the moan was low and heartfelt, and Harry felt he had verbally taunted Draco enough.

Pretending to sigh, Harry moved so that his lips just hovered over Draco's, "I can't be that cruel, a straight guy being kissed by Pansy would be bad enough, but it would be a death sentence for the likes of us."

Slowly Harry brought his right hand up to cup the back of Draco's head, clenching his hand in the long blond tresses, reveling in the catch in Draco's breath. Tauntingly Harry brought his lips to just brush against Draco's, but not enough to undo the curse.

"Please," Harry didn't think he had ever heard anyone whimper just like Draco did in that moment.

With a groan Harry committed himself to finishing the kiss, forcefully pressing his lips against Draco's parted ones. Quite enjoying himself, Harry nibbled on the Slytherin's lower lip before thrusting his tongue out to capture Draco's tongue. With a sparkling burst of fairy dust, the spell holding Draco in place shattered, but the blond didn't seem to realize as he groaned and poured just as much into the kiss as Harry was. Finally, a bit reluctantly, Harry pulled himself away from Draco's swollen lips; Draco had been a bonus, but he wasn't the prize.

"Thanks Malfoy," Harry let a seductive smile cross his lips, "that was nice, but now I think Pansy's waiting for you."

With a little wave, Harry continued on towards the Great Hall, leaving the two stunned Slytherins behind.

~~ ~~ ~*~

They approached the front doors of the Great Hall undetected and unmolested, the inhabitants of the castle having foolishly let their guard down for the day of merrymaking. Voldemort was in great spirits by now and began what would be his fifth or sixth time singing his twisted little version of Deck Hogwarts, when he threw open the doors to the school with a burst of power. Already he could hear the screams of the few students already making their way to the Great Hall for breakfast and it warmed his icy little heart. Triumphant, Voldemort mounted the steps to the school, prepared to walk straight in and claim the school and present to himself the greatest Christmas gift ever only to realize that he couldn't move. His song died in his throat, and though he couldn't see them, he could hear the sounds of his Death Eaters panicking behind him. He knew the exact moment that they fled and vowed that when he got free he would personally punish every single one of them. In a rage, Voldemort began to cast every spell he could think of to free himself only to find that none would work. Upon this realization he began to curse quite fluently and vulgarly, shocking and scaring the hell out of the few students still standing in the foyer, too stunned to move. It was the voice of one student that finally shut him up though.

"Well," Harry said, viewing the trapped Voldemort with amusement, "you certainly weren't who I expected to find there, though it looks like it was a good thing I did hang that piece of mistletoe where I did. So what brings you here Tom?"

"I'll kill you, you little son of a bitch," Voldemort screamed, "I swear I'll kill you, and then there will be no one to stand in my way."

Harry walked the last few steps it took to bring him near Voldemort, "such bold words for someone unable to move."

Voldemort's blue eyes, yes blue, flashed in anger as Harry walked around him, examining and looking every inch of him over. The boy was amused at his predicament, and while he cursed him for it, Voldemort couldn't really blame him. He would have found amusement in the situation if it had been anyone but himself caught in the trap.

"Oh you have changed," Harry was standing in front of him again, "blue eyes; a thick, dark head of hair; you're not skin and bones or quite so pasty anymore either. Looks like those rituals paid off after all. I can see the charismatic man that lured the Death Eaters to follow him in the first war."

Voldemort would have retorted, but Dumbledore decided to arrive at that moment and break up their tête-à-tête.

"Quick, Harry," Dumbledore ordered, "finish him off while you can."

Something flashed dark in Harry's green eyes, something only Voldemort could see before they went curiously blank. Voldemort felt Harry's wand run along his jaw.

"I could kill you," Harry confided so that all could hear, "but I won't, not while you're helpless like this. That is not the kind of person I am. When we meet, and we will meet again, it will be honorable and upon a field of battle. Then, if I must kill you, I will do so, but not like this."

The fire built back up in Harry's eyes as he rose up on his toes, hand sliding to the back of Voldemort's head as he pressed their lips together. The kiss was fury, passion, and magic. It was fierce, possessive, full of promise, and altogether too short. Breaking the kiss, Harry stepped back, looking like an elfin angel while fairy dust rained around him as he briefly raised two fingers to his lips.

"Merry Christmas, Tom Riddle," Harry said, a curious note in his voice, before the front doors of Hogwarts slammed shut and Voldemort found himself forcefully evicted from the grounds by an unseen power.

Left sitting on his ass somewhere deep in the Forbidden Forest, Tom brought his fingers up to touch his lips. Merry Christmas indeed.
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