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Miss. Lani Contreras!

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Harry finds out that he is not alone in the battle. There is another survivor. Another with the scar and with the same story as him. BUT...she doens't even knows she's a witch!

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For me, being a Mexican girl, well, let’s say, it’s a lil difficult to live with British people…a little. I mean, I know how to speak English but, I come from the other side of the world! Literally

I don’t know how I ended up living with a family of 6 red-haired, and there were 3 more!, and with a, obviously, home held guy with black hair and green eyes. If you are a wizard, you might hear of him. Harry Potter? The boy who lived? The chosen one? Anything?. And if you are a muggle -that how they call people with 0 magic around here- like I was, well he is just another person in the bunch.

I said I WAS because I had no idea that there was a wizardry world on this planet! Neither that I belong to it since I was born! But that’s not the shocking thing. Oh no. You see, Harry and I are pretty connected and alike if we are talking about physics. We both have “the scar”. Yep. The scar that made him famous and the scar I tough I had because of a freaking glass thrown by mi sis to me when I was like 4! Well, there’s a whole better story!

For some stupid reason, my parents didn’t mind to comment all of this to me. I’m not saying that this is a topic to say in dinners but, hey!, Have a little time to sit with me and tell me! Don’t you think!?...well, whatever, the damage is done.

I’m Lani Contreras, I’m 15 years old, and I just found out I’m a witch!


ok so, this is for starters! just to give you an idea....besides from the above text, this is a story about love to, painfull love between the two major characters...there maybe be smut scenes but most of them are cute scenes okiii...?

so, hope you like and chapters will be chapters

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