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Bill and Clarissa love the stables for many reasons. One shot.

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Clarissa had started it all in the stable. Grinning ear to ear, Bill would swear to it. On the other hand, Clarissa would blame their situation on Bill who would say the most adorably vexing things as if showing of for Thunder and Merrylegs. There was no denying the evidence, though, that, whoever first started, they had finished blissfully together.

Affectionate and gentle, Bill plucked a piece of straw from her sweetheart's tumbled auburn hair. "Scratchy stuff, this," she commented idly, hazel eyes still glowing brightly. "Your poor skin, Clar, darling. You'll be all marked now. I'm sorry about that. Didn't think." Nor did she sound particularly or sincerely sorry in the slightest.

The smaller girl laughed softly and Bill's smile widened. Pure music, she thought happily. She was pleased any time she could coax one of those precious chuckles from her Clarissa; it always felt as if she had run a mile afterwards, heart tight and breath stolen. To think she had hardly laughed at all when she first came to Malory Towers! Perhaps that was why it took so awfully long to notice her thoroughbred beauty. She was not sickly and weak and underfed as so many unkind tongues murmured when they thought Bill could not hear. No, her Clarissa was fine-boned and fairy-light and prettier than any princess. A sweet, gentle creature who only needed to lift those green eyes and smile that shy smile and Bill felt herself melt. She would do anything for her Clar. Suddenly, she blinked and sneezed.

Clarissa drew back the sprig of hay-flower and giggled. "Sweet donkey," she murmured. "You haven't heard a single word I said, have you?"

"Of course not." Bill's wide mouth settled in a grin and she pulled the brunette back into her arms, ducking her head to nuzzle at a soft, white neck. Inhaling, she could smell Clarissa and warm hay and musky horses; Clarissa smelled sweetest. Gently, she pressed a kiss to soft flesh. "Love me anyway?"

Sighing warmly, Clarissa tilted her head and closed her eyes. "That was just what I had been saying, Bill," she whispered. "Just that. I love you, Bill."

"I love you, too, my sweet girl. More than horses." Promptly shifting her mouth, Bill drowned Clarissa's answering laughter, sweet and uncomplicated, with a kiss, lips falling quickly into a familiar duel.

She always knew stables were the nicest places ever.
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