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Hot Dreams

by demonascreamin 1 review

Drabble really. Joe has dream he wishes was his reality.

Category: Aerosmith - Rating: PG-13 - Genres: Angst,Drama,Romance - Published: 2007-09-12 - Updated: 2007-09-13 - 301 words - Complete

those brown eyes shine as they stare up at me. begging me to lose control. can't hold out any longer. our lips meet, at first like a flutter of butterflies, then more forcefully. my hand races the length of his thigh. our lips part gasping for air. i quickly go for his shirt as he unbuttons mine. his lips stray to my neck. 'oh Steven what are you doing to me?' I wonder as I move my hands to his chest. my back arches and then I'm thrown over. looking up I grab him down on top of me. our legs intertwine, our mouths wander. we slowly drift south. everything is going great, just like I could ever dream, but before Steven can continue he looks at me. temptation so near, almost overwhelming. "Joe-Joe, we can't continue this."
"it's not real, it's just a dream"
"what do you mean, of course it is. I love you" but he slowly fades. "Steven!"
"Joe wake up!"
an arm shakes me up. I look up into her eyes. the one who can see the lies. I quickly look away, ashamed the one I'd been dreaming of wasn't her. my wife. "what's a matter Joe? you were tossing and turning, you scared me."
still looking away I whisper, "nothing, it was just a dream."
"don't lie, something happened you were mumbling. I could have sworn you said Steven?"
no running now, can't turn away.
"nothing happened! I'm just tired, that's all. we had a rough day at the studio, just go to bed." I growl turning over away from her. pulling the sheets up I smile, for now my secret's safe. while it my dream may never come true, I'll still have my self created memories. the one fantasy i can grant myself.
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