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When it all goes to Hell

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A relationship gone bad between Ava Wentz and Joe Trohman.

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“Dear Joe…” I said out loud as I started writing the letter. How was I even going to start to write this? Maybe Pete was right I’ve waited too long and writing a letter won’t change anything. He’s moved on and has forgotten all about his little Ava bug.

Maybe I should start from the beginning. Rewind to 2001 ten and a half years ago. I was fifteen, little Ava Wentz. Better known around town as Pete’s little sister. Yea you might have heard of him. He and his band had a good run around the world. But this story isn’t about him…for once. I was a sophomore at New Trier High School, and Joe was a senior. I met him in Art Class. We used to talk a lot in school and then we started hanging out outside of school. Let’s start from the day Pete and Joe first met.

November 2001.
“Thanks for walking me home.” I smiled to Joe. “It’s cool. It’s on the way to my house anyways.” He started walking away.
“Wait Joe.” I called him back. “Do you want to come in?” He nodded and we walked inside.
“Joe, this is my brother Peter.” Pete shook his hand and hopped over the dog gate into the living room. Joe and I followed and walked down the stairs to the basement to play pool. Joe looked around a bit.
“This is a cool hangout spot.” I laughed.
“whoa whose bass is that?” I walked over to the bass and picked it up
“Mine!” I laughed
“Are you serious? YOU play bass?” he sounded so surprised.
“No not really. It’s my brothers. And what’s that supposed to mean? A girl can’t play bass?” I joked.
“No, No I just never expected you would play.” He looked scared. I went over and hugged him and told him it was cool. Pete walked downstairs and joined us in our game of pool.
“Nice bass you got there. You any good?” Joe asked my older brother.
“You could say so. You ever heard of the band Arma Angelus?” Joe nodded.
“I’m the lead vocalist in Arma.” And this is where I lost track of the conversation they went on for hours talking about music and how they both wanted to start a pop-punk band and get out of the hardcore scene.
Joe started coming over almost everyday, him and Pete would jam for a bit then we’d all go down to borders and get coffee, and they’d talk about music for hours.

On one particular day, it was just me and Joe, Peter was at work. Joe was telling me about some band called Neurosis and I was zoning out pretending to listen. After awhile talking about the same thing everyday got pretty old.
“Anyways I was wondering if you wanted to go to their show with me this weekend.” I nodded and said “oh really, that’s cool.” Not really paying attention to what he was saying.
“Yea so do you wanna go?” he asked.
“Huh go where?” Joe laughed.
“You weren’t listening to anything I just said were you?” I shook my head. “You caught me” I put my hands up in the air surrendering.
“Okay well as I asked before do you wanna go to the Neurosis show with me this weekend?” I nodded “Yea sure, that sounds fun.” Joe smiled. His smile was the cutest.
“I couldn’t help but overhear that you like Neurosis, I’m going to their show this weekend as well.” Said an employee with Patrick on his nametag with thick rimmed glasses. After an hour of Joe and Patrick talking about a bunch of local bands, Joe and I finally left and went back to my house to meet up with Pete.
“Pete, I met this guy and he’s a drummer, you can meet him at the show this weekend, he’s interested in being part of our band.” Joe said to Pete when we got back to my house.
“Yea and they talked about every single hardcore band possible leaving poor me bored to death.” I fake whined.
“Aw I’m sorry little Ava bug.” Joe said in a baby voice wrapping his arms around me in a hug, my attraction for him building.

We met up with Patrick at the show the other night and the boys really hit it off. So today we were going to go to his house and he was going to audition I guess you would call it for being the drummer in the new pop-punk band.
“Do you think he’s any good?” I asked the boys leaning into the front of the car from the back seat.
“I hope so, what a bummer it would be if he was horrible cause he’s a cool dude.” Pete responded.
“What about a singer?” questioned Joe.
“We’ll find one… hopefully.” Pete replied keeping his eyes on the road.
When we finally arrived at Patrick’s house, we all jumped out of the car and walked up to the front door, Joe rang the doorbell and we waited patiently. A few minutes later Mrs. Stumph opened the door and invited us in telling us that Patrick was in the kitchen fixing his lunch. She directed us to the kitchen, as we made our way closer we heard the most beautiful voice singing show tunes. We all looked at each other thinking the same thing. We walked into the kitchen to find Patrick singing while making himself a sandwich. We all just stood there in aw. Patrick turned around and jumped startled to see us standing in his kitchen. “Oh my gosh, Patrick.” Was the only thing that came out of my mouth.
“They’re fun songs to sing.” He blushed.
“Not the songs. You have an amazing voice.”
“It’s final you’re the new lead singer for our band.” Pete applauded.
“What? No. I can’t. I thought I was going to drum. I can’t sing. I’m too shy to be the front man of this band.” He replied shaking his head.
“What do you mean? With a voice like that, how could we put you behind the kit when we all know you’re the best singer we’ll ever find.” Joe tried to convince him, after awhile he finally gave in.
Now all this un-named pop punk band needed was a drummer.
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