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Chapter 2

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The army of the White Tree marches foward toward the destoryed own. Legolas finally meats the mysterious white rider.

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Chapter 2
Legolas stared on. Could that have been the rider he'd seen? He listened to the scout leader's words.
"She shot one of the wargs square in the skull and yelled at them. She somehow managed to get them after her and she yelled for us to flee."
"What happened to her?" Aragorn spoke quietly.
"She turned her horse, and by the time I turned my head three wargs lay dead and the rest were chasing her." The leader then began a detailed description of the quickly growing army that the orcs had created. They were using the destroyed town as a base.
"Thank you." The scouting party bowed and led their horses to the stables for rest. Legolas walked up to Aragorn who scratched his chin in thought.
"Aragorn." Legolas calmly said.
"I think I know who the rider was, or at least where she has been" Legolas then told Aragorn and Gimli of the white rider he had seen.
"So you think this was the same rider." Gimli stated.
"I believe so."
"We'll have to figure this out." Aragorn was not talking just of the rider, but of the army that may prove to be a threat.

A week had passed and it was decided that the men of Minas Tirith would ride out and met the army before they amassed. Men were gathered and within the next day, the army was off to the north to meet the growing threat. Lord Faramir was left in charge of the city, for Aragorn rode with the army at the head. Legolas, with Gimli on the back of his horse, and Aragorn's generals rode behind him. The army marched towards the town at a fast pace, they would be there in less then three days. They marched during the day and rested when the sun was down. Patrols constantly left and arrived, bringing news of the land and of the growing army waiting for them. On the third and final day, after the army had set up camp, Legolas decided to ride ahead so he could check and see how far away they truly were. Gimli had stayed behind. As Legolas cantered up to the top of the hill, smoke rose from the destroyed town. It was a large town, newly built, with a large wooden and rock wall surrounding it. He watched the smoke rise for a moment, than began to survey the land. It was mostly destroyed fields and there was a mountain to the right and a forest to the left. He was about to look away from the forest when birds flew from the nearby trees, chirping loudly. He could hear yelps and a horse squeal then angry shouts that sounded like orcs.

A white blur suddenly burst from the trees and seemed to fly across the plains. It was the white rider! Legolas looked on then nudged his horse forward at a gallop. He knew that not far behind her, were warg riders. As this thought passed through his mind, several wargs with their gruesome riders burst from the trees, they crudely crafted swords raised, shouting angry words toward the rider. Legolas saw the rider turn in the saddle, bow raised, and her hood fell off her head and loose brown hair fell down to her shoulders. She loosed the arrow and it flew, hitting the warg closest to her square in the skull. The warg fell, rolled, its rider was crushed under its weight, than the warg lay still. The rider notched another arrow. Legolas wanted to do the same, but he was just out of range, and the wargs were closing in on her. She loosed another arrow and another warg fell; only five remained. With practiced precision, she slung her bow over her shoulder and pulled and elven-blade from its sheath on a strap around the back of her shoulder. Legolas was just in range now and he pulled his bow forward and notched an arrow. He released it swiftly and it came down on a warg, which fell to the ground. The wargs were nearing horse and rider, her horse was tiring and the wargs would soon be on her. Legolas released another arrow as he neared and then slung his bow over his shoulder and pulled out his dual elvish blades. The arrow then found its target. The remaining three wargs were less then four strides from the rider and were growling hungrily. Legolas was closing in, but he knew he wouldn't get there before the wargs, but he pushed Arod on.

The wargs surrounded the rider and her horse reared, kicking one of the orcs in the head. The body fell limp from the warg's back. Legolas got to the fight as the elven rider fell to the ground. The riderless warg pounced at her, and she barely escaped. She brought her sword up into the warg's head, killing it instantly. She moved out of the way as the warg fell into a heap. Her horse reared at one of the wargs, kicking it's hooves out. It then bucked out kicking the warg behind it. The warg fell, its rider barley escaping the falling body. The final warg turned towards the she-elf, who was busy with the now dismounted orc. It began to pounce when Arod slammed into the warg knocking it off balance. Legolas removed the mounted orc's head. Then brought his sword into the warg's skull. The she-elf finished off the orc then remembered the warg that was supposed to be behind her. She turned and nearly bumped into Arod's shoulder. She looked up to see Legolas staring down at her. He dismounted.
"Are you alright?" He asked in Elvish.
The she-elf remembered she wasn't breathing and exhaled. "Thanks to you I am." They both sheathed their swords.
"I am Legolas Greenleaf of Mirkwood." Legolas bowed "What is your name?"
"My name is Akila Lúinwë." She bowed back. "I thank you for what you have just done Legolas, you saved my life." Her horse nudged her in the back.
"You are a good fighter and bowmen, Akila." As he spoke he studied her features. She looked elvin, but not elvin; she did not have blond hair as many elves do, but reddish- brown, hair; it was obvious she was a hardy fighter, and good rider, from what he had seen. She wore an elven cloak over elven armour much like his. She was beautiful. She could see him studying her and spoke.
"I can see you wonder why I look this way." She paused "I am a half-elf." Legolas looked up.
"I'm sorry."
"Don't be." There was an awkward silence between them. Akila broke it.
"You are from the army of the White-Tree marching towards that town, are you not?" She said, gesturing towards the ruin that once was a town.
"Yes." Legolas remembered something. "Were you the one who saved the patrol of Minas Tirith in the plains?"
"I saved what was left of it." Her tone was low, as if she was ashamed that she didn't save all of them.
"I believe Aragorn would like to meet you."
"Aragorn, son of Arathorn, the king of men?"
"Yes, he'll want to thank you." Akila smiled and the two mounted their horses.
"Lead the way." She said as the two cantered toward the army.
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