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Some Good Advice

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Billie Joe gives Gerard some advice that leads to The Black Parade. Based on something I read in an article in Blender.

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Don't own, don't know, never happened.
In the Blender article that this is based on there's this one paragraph and it talks about how Billie Joe helped Gerard by giving him advice one night while they were fucking around with a couple toy lightsabers in the parking lot. It's the December 2006 issue with MCR on the cover.

I laughed as Billie Joe smacked me on the back with his toy lightsaber. "Ow that hurt."

"This is a damn lightsaber fight. If you're going to complain about getting smacked you shouldn't play." He grinned widely as he touched the red plastic to my neck and drew it across my adams apple. "It's over...You're dead...You're headless."

I laughed again and sat on the ground beside the MCR tour bus with a cigarette. Billie Joe bummed one and coughed a little with the first couple of puffs. "That was fun," I said after sending a short trail of smoke rings away on the breeze. Billie Joe nodded before executing a perfect french inhale. I watched in amazement as the thin white cloud of smoke snaked out of his nose and into his mouth. No matter how many times I've tried I've never been able to pull that one off.

"So what was the conversation before the epic battle broke out?"

I stared across the empty parking lot for a moment before answering. "Something about anger and success."

"Oh yeah, I've said this many times and I'll say it again. The worst thing you can do at this point is be angry about your success. Embrace it, use it to spread your message and tell the stories in your songs. Give your fans hope and something decent to listen to. Say fuck you to all the people who've ever said that you were a loser and will never make it, cause guess what, you've made it." Billie Joe looked at me with a sparkle in his eyes and smiled. "Most of all love yourself, your band, your songs, and your dedicated fans." He flicked his cigarette but away and I sucked the last couple drags out of mine.

"Thanks for the advice."

"You're welcome Gerard, I'm always glad to share my wisdom with a good band and a good friend."

Billie Joe got up and made his way to the Green Day tour bus. I stayed and watched him walk away and thought about what he had said.
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