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Dante stared down at her with eyes so wide they seemed like big pools of water. She smiled at him, bringing her hand up to his cheek. He looked so exquisite before her, so charming and so…like Dante. He smiled back at her and was about to speak when….
SLAP! She could feel the burning sensation on her own hand as it came in contact with his face. Dante held his cheek and frowned at her.
‘Come on I didn’t deserve that!’ He groaned, taking his hand away from his face exposing the red mark she had left.
‘Maybe next time you should think twice before groping me!’ She snapped her eyes wild with rage and anger. She began to walk back into the office when he grabbed her hand. She stopped and looked back at him. He looked unhappy which didn’t suit Dante she had come to realise.
‘I really am sorry Bal, I don’t know what I was thinking.’ He seemed genuinely sorry, his eyes like a puppy’s. Bal just sighed and turned to face him. She was standing directly in front of him. She smiled weakly at him as he released her hand from his.
‘I guess that vodka could have had something to do with it.’
Dante smiled back at her, his eyes became their usual menacing selves again. She walked back into the office to see Trish sitting in Dante’s chair behind the desk. She had a newspaper and appeared to be reading but Bal guessed she was listening the whole time.
‘You two finished then?’ She asked, her eyes remaining on the pages.
‘Yes, I think I’ll head up and have a shower.’ Bal sighed. She looked at the demon in front of her, the one who resembled Dante’s mother. Who would have know that she could act just like a human. Going out on girlie shopping dates with Bal, chatting men up at the bars and even be a wild partier. Bal surely didn’t believe Dante at first when he told her but the more she got to know Trish the more she found out.
‘I wont keep you waiting then. Anyway, we had a rather interesting caller while you two where busy bickering.’ She replied her eyes glancing up from behind her shades.
‘Really? Who?’ She asked as Dante walked into the room, his face its natural pale colour again.
‘You wouldn’t know him but Dante should be pleased.’ She looked at Dante who was grinning like a child on Christmas. Bal shook her head and walked up the stairs to the clean bathroom that herself and Trish both used.
‘Who was it? Sara? Or Christina? Or maybe it was Lindsey…or it could have been-’ Bal heard Dante’s sentence trail off as she closed the bathroom door. She started to take off her clothes piece by piece. She turned the shower on as she thought about who it could be. Lady or Lucia? She had only ever heard of them. Jeez Dante really does get around, she thought as the water poured out onto her body. The more she thought of it the more annoyed she got. Who could it be?


Bal was just after finishing drying off the last bit of her hair when she heard them come back. She could hear they talking in low voices. Dante and Trish she knew but the other she couldn’t make out. It was masculine definitely but who it was she was yet to find out. She ran the brush through her hair once more before getting up and going down to greet them.
‘You’ll love it I swear, the babes are all easy and the drink here in town is great. Cheap too.’ she heard Dante saying from the office. She rolled her eyes thinking ‘typical Dante’.
‘You know I don’t drink much and I rather I didn’t know if these ‘babes’ are easy.’ The man said coldly. His voice sent a shiver down Bal’s spine. He sounded so cold compared to Dante’s happy, warm voice.
‘Lighten up. You know the way Dante goes on, all the girls aren’t easy and besides you never know, you could meet a nice, young gal here.’ Trish cooed.
Bal was approaching the staircase when Dante yelled out to her.
‘Bal! Come down here, there’s someone I want you to meet!’
‘Jeez, I’m not deaf Dante!’ She replied in a more gentler yell. She was walking down the stairs now. Her long golden curls bouncing around her shoulders as she walked down. She looked up to see a man exactly like Dante standing near the entrance to Devil Never Cry. He wore a long blue coat and instead of leaving his hair down like Dante he had it slicked back out of his face. She was stuck for words as she stared at him. He stared coldly back at her, making her nearly miss the last step. She sort of stumbled but managed to stay standing. She glanced at Dante who had resumed his place in his chair.
‘Bal, this is my twin bro Vergil.’
Bal didn’t know what to say. She knew that Dante had a twin but she heard that he had died years ago. She didn’t want to bring it up because she knew talking about it hurt Dante so she never asked questions. Noting the silence of the room Bal turned to Vergil.
‘Please to meet you Vergil, I‘m Bal, one of Dante‘s friend and I work with him and Trish.’ Bal said in her soft English accent. Vergil let out a soft sigh. Bal didn’t know why but she was only trying to be polite.
‘So your name is Bal?’ He asked looking at her with a half smile.
‘Well its short for Balaia.’ She frowned and stood back closer to Dante, suddenly afraid of Vergil.
‘Ah so you have a pet name for her…so sweet. How long before you get rid of this pest then? You never did stick to one girl Dante.’ He said sarcastically, turning to look at Dante’s collection of skulls on the wall. Bal was gob smacked, she looked at Dante who was just as shocked as she was. He looked at her and smiled trying to make her feel better.
‘Pest?’ Bal said anger building up inside her.
‘Yes pest.’ Vergil stared at her again, his eyes cutting in to her own.
‘What makes you think you have the right to march in here and throw names at me?’ She snapped.
‘Oh god.’ Dante muttered before hiding his face behind one of his hands. Trish was sitting on the sofa watching the commotion.
‘Are you going to stop me?’ Vergil sneered stepping closer to her, ready to fight.
‘Yes.’ She throw a shadow orb at him, a creation which she could build just like Trish could do with electricity. He dodged it easily before drawing his sword. He advanced at her with great speed and was about to attempt to hit her when Dante stepped. His Rebellion preventing Vergil’s Yamoto from touching Bal.
‘Bro seriously, Bal isn’t what she appears to be. She’s unbelievable strong.’ Dante said staring into his brothers eyes, hoping to stop him.
Vergil drew back his sword, putting it back in its scabbard and closed his eyes before turning around and marching back out the door.
‘I’ll go talk to him.’ Trish mumbled before running out after him. Bal sighed as Dante stepped in front of her to get a better look out the door as it swung open.
‘Not very socialable is he?’ Bal said turning to look at the files scattered on the table. Dante began to stutter but Bal ignored his childishness and made herself look busy, fumbling through the pages absentmindedly. ‘I mean I didn’t even say anything to him! The nerve of him to just… insult me!’ She continued shaking her hands furiously, clenching her fists madly.
‘Well he is a very insulting person but when he comes back, a word of advise, don’t say anything to him.’ Dante replied sitting down in his favourite chair behind his desk. He searched frantically through the files until he found the one he wanted. ‘Here it is!’ He said delighted with himself for finding it. He handed it to Bal and she opened it. She flicked through the pages just scanning through it when Trish and Vergil returned.
‘We’re back.’ Trish said as they walked through the doors. Bal kept her eyes on the file and continued reading the report. Trish sat down on the sofa, folding her legs elegantly and flicking her long blond hair back. She’s gorgeous and I bet Vergil fancies her, Bal thought before returning to the page and finishing what she was reading. A word stuck in her head as she read on. The more she read the more confused she became. ‘Dante, this is about Grangemount, my old school What’s this got to do with demons?’ She asked with a puzzled face.
‘Apparently demons were found nearby and the think the schools connected.’ He answered.
‘You went to Grangemount? Then that makes you a-’ Vergil started but Bal interrupted. ‘A Witch? Yes. I belong to the Grabeel Clan. One of the most powerful clan in this part of the world.’
‘So were are your warts?’ Trish joked, smiling at Bal innocently. Bal laughed sarcastically back. ‘The image you hold of witches is greatly exaggerated. We just as normal looking as any human.’
‘I’ve heard of Grangemount before. When Mundus had me under his control he spoke of it. Saying they could be a threat to his rebellion.’ Vergil said looking up at Bal, ‘Is it true that they teach the dark arts?’ Bal froze were she was. The Dark Arts, she thought as it repeated in her head. She thought of it and it made a cold sweat run all over her. ’Bal?’ Dante asked, putting his hand on her shoulder. She was awakened from her daze and she looked up at Dante. He smiled weakly at her before she looked back at Vergil. ’Yes…they do.’ She muttered and looked at the floor. She was surprised he didn’t ask anything more about it, he remained quiet where he stood.
‘I think I’ll head up to bed now. Good night.’ Bal murmured before heading up the stairs. There was a chorus of goodnights as she made her way up and headed into her room. She closed the door before burst into tears. The memories of the training and learning of the Dark Arts had scarred her for life. What had happened…. Her friends….


‘So what do you think of Mr. Hemlock then Balaia?’ Sera asked as the walked through the corridors just after finishing their class of the Dark Arts. He was their newest teacher in the school. He’d only been teaching about three year in Grangemount and this was their first year having him.
‘I think he’s a great teacher. Knows what he’s talking about and understandable.’ She replied, making her way down the stairs onto the ground floor of the Building.
‘No, I meant do you think he’s hot?’ Balaia thought about what Sear was saying. Do I have a crush on Mr. Hemlock? The taught made her blush with embarrassment.
‘No! I can’t believe you asked me that! ‘ Balaia shrieked. There was no attraction. She didn’t fancy him and probably never will.
‘I think his hot! Drop dead gorgeous!’ Sera chirped happily, doing a little skip as the entered the lunch hall.
‘You think Doran Sibson is hot and we all know he isn’t.’ Balaia sighed, sitting down by their other friends who had been in Potions and the study of mixtures.
‘He so is!’ She argued, slamming her books down on the table and grabbing an apple out of the fruit bowl that was left in the middle of every table.
‘Yeah, sure he is.’ She replied sarcastically…..

Balaia woke with a shock. The dream felt so real. Like she was back in Grangemount with her friends doing normal things. Well, normal in a witches sense. Before all the danger and drama came.
Its started that day. When Sera asked Balaia that question. The question that sealed her the faith. ‘’What do you think of Mr. Hemlock?’ ‘Do you think he’s hot?’ Little did they know that Balaia would be he’s most successful student with meant expectations for her. And when the Principal suggested private lessons so Balaia could advance quicker than the others and in turn, Sera became jealous of Balaia’s alone time with him. She confronted Balaia and she told her there was nothing going on between them but she wouldn’t listen. Sera left Grangemount because she couldn’t accept Balaia’s answer.
As the years past and Balaia neared her final few months, feelings did developed between herself and Mr. Hemlock. It’s the classic tale of student and teacher but they waited until she finished school before they started a relationship.
As their time together past they thought that life couldn’t get any better . Now Balaia was also a Dark Arts Teacher at Grangemount, the youngest in over seven decades but everything changed with the encounter of one particular student. A freshman called Reese. To cut the story short, he was Sera’s son and he told her about Balaia’s relationship with Mr. Hemlock and she flipped. Turns out in her new school she had learnt all she could about the Dark Arts and vowed revenge on Balaia.
She killed Mr. Hemlock and anyone who got in her way. Students and other teachers. But when it came to just the two of them it was Balaia who was left standing. With Sera dead, you’d think she could live a normal life. But its hard when everything you’ve worked for is taking away from you sp quickly.
‘Damn Vergil for bringing up my past!’ Balaia muttered in a low tone as she got out of bed. She looked at the digital clock on the locker. 5.56am. May as well get up, she thought as she threw on a nightgown. Dante being as lazy as he was wouldn’t be up until after 11 o’clock, Trish was usually a little earlier than him. So she quietly made her way out of her room, tiptoeing down the hallway careful not to walk anyone. The carpet was soft beneath her feet, it almost feet like wool to her. She found herself turning around to look out the large window behind her. The sky was already starting to brighten up, making her feel more comfortable in the darkness of the shop. She preferred it when the early morning rays poured into the building as she sat at the desk re-reading reports which Dante left on the desk on her sleepless nights.
After one more glance out the window she turned only to nearly walk into Vergil. She gasped softly hoping it wasn’t to loud to wake Trish because she had found out months before that Trish was a light sleeper. On nights were Balaia woke up screaming she would look to find Trish sitting patiently on the end of her bed, ready to comfort her and chase her nightmares away.
She looked up at Vergil who had thrown his arms around her to stop her from knocking him down. She c couldn’t help but noticed how close they were. She was pressed gently against him and she could feel his bulky body overpowering her petite frame.
‘Sorry. I didn’t see you.’ She muttered and looked to the floor. She hoped he wouldn’t say anything insulting to set her off because she didn’t want to walk the others so early.
‘Well you should look where you’re going.’ He sighed coldly while rolling his eyes. Oh like you’ve never made a mistake, she thought as she looked up at him. She noticed how his eyes were more piercing than Dante’s and Vergil was more pale.
‘Well I didn’t expect anyone to be up at this time.’ She replied sarcastically. After she said it she regretted it. It was early and she was cranky. She was pushing his button now.
‘You should expect he unexpected.’ She snapped in a low tone and pushed her aside and went down the hall into his room, the guest room. She stood there for a few moments, thinking about what she should have said. Something alone the lines of ‘I know, it was complete my fault. It wont happen again.’ just to keep him off her back. He hated her enough as it was.
She turned and began to walk down the stairs trying to shake the thought of it away. Why should I be sucking up to him? He’s just an arrogant, stuck up prick with no feelings for anyone else. While deep in thought she nearly lost her balance again but caught hold of the railing. As she held onto the cold, steel banister she thought about how Vergil held her and realized suddenly that he was holding onto her for a long time, almost too long for someone who hated your guts. Maybe he didn’t completely hate her….


Balaia sipped another bit of her green tea and relaxed as the warm liquid flowed down her throat. She felt better now with the tea in her, almost refreshed. She had the mug up to her lips, deep in thought when Vergil came out of nowhere. Again. She jumped and split some green tea onto her lap. She felt the ht tea burning into her. She placed her hand over it and used hr magic to cool and dry herself.
‘Jesus do you have do that?’ She asked as she wiped the spot where she split it again out of habit.
‘Do what?’ He asked coolly as he reached into one of the cupboards, looking for something.
‘Appear all of a sudden. You kind of have a habit of doing it.’ She replied, watching him scrambling through the containers of food and cans.
‘I never really noticed. Ah! Where does he keep he’s coffee?’ He snapped, scrambling more furiously. Balaia got up and went to the cupboard nest to the one he was looking in. She took out the jar of coffee and handed to him. ‘You really have a short temper don’t you?’
He took it from her, opened it and put a scoop of it in a cup. ‘No, I just like things to be left in the usual places.’
‘So you’re saying that every house you go into you expect to find the coffee in the cupboard nearest to the door?’ She asked and took another sip from her green tea.
‘And aren’t you such a little smartass?’ Balaia smiled at him innocently then looked back down at the table. It was strange having company this early in the morning. It was almost pleasant having someone to talk to, even if it was Vergil.
‘hat are you doing up so early anyway?’ He asked as he sat down opposite her. She let her eyes travel up to his. He really does have the most piercing blue eyes I have ever seen, she thought as she looked into the eyes like glaciers.
‘I couldn’t sleep. I’m usually up at this time every day anyway. And what about you? What’s got you up so early?’ He lend back in his seat as he sipped his coffee. He looked handsome just sitting there. His hair neatly flicked slicked back, clothes neat. Not like Dante and his lazy approach to life. Balaia shock the thoughts away. Did I just think he was handsome? She thoughts hocked at herself for thinking such thoughts.
‘I get up at about 5 o’clock to train everyday.’ He said staring into her Hazel eyes.
‘What? And why do you train so early?’ She was shocked hearing how early he got up to train, no wonder he had such a great body, he keep himself in shape by training. Wait! Did I just say he had a great body? What’s wrong with me? She thought to herself and with all this confusion didn’t hear what Vergil had said.
‘I’m sorry what?’ She hoped to God she didn’t piss him off.
‘I said that I like to keep my training up and I always want to be on top of my game. You never know what kind of enemy I could be up against.’
‘Oh that’s a good way to look at it.’ She replied and placed her empty mug on the table.
‘You don’t approve? Well let me ask you, would you prefer to spend extra hours on pointless sleep or use those hours to improve on you’re fighting skills?’
‘I know what you mean but you’re ho-’She saw Vergil raise an eyebrow. Oh My God, you nearly said it, think about what you’re going to say next, she thought, ‘you’re not exactly wasting hours sleeping. Everyone needs a certain amount of sleep, depending who the person is.’ Phew! She thought knowing she didn’t say anything that hinted she like him.
I don’t! She argued with herself.
‘As much as I’d love to sit and debate this, I have to leave. I told Dante I’d run an errand for him.’ He stood up, placed his mug in the sink with the other dirty dishes and cups. He grabbed his Yamoto which he had left just by the door of the kitchen.
‘See you soon then.’ Bal said to be polite.
‘Goodbye Balaia.’ He replied softly.

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