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House M.D./Doctor Who crossover. Very short. Cuddy meets the Tenth Doctor.

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Title: Intuition
Author: seldra
Fandoms: House M.D., Doctor Who
Characters: Tenth Doctor, Lisa Cuddy
Rating: G
Disclaimer: House M.D. is property of FOX and David Shore, while Doctor Who is owned by the BBC, and I, alas have nothing.
Notes: Very short, hypothetical, no spoilers.

Doctor Cuddy stepped inside the TARDIS. It looked deceptively like a small blue police box from the outside, but she had long since realized that looks could be deceiving. Especially so with John Smith.

After all, he looked like a relatively normal man, but he had just saved the hospital from what was threatening to become an outbreak of an epidemic the likes of which she’d never even heard of, a virus that had even Doctor House stumped. The fact that the seemingly innocuous John Smith could solve a diagnostic problem that had House stumped meant that there was definitely more to him than met the eye.

The TARDIS was much the same. There was an immediate sense of unreality. She stepped through the blue wooden doors and it seemed as though the entire universe was opening up. She stepped out of her office and into a place infinitely larger. Green lights flooded the centre console, where a large glass column rose and fell.

She stood there for a long moment, taking it all in, before turning back to Smith. He was leaning beside the door, grinning expectantly. “Well? Aren’t you going to say it?”

Cuddy raised one eyebrow deftly. “Your ego doesn’t need any more stroking, Smith.”

“You were expecting it,” he frowned. “Well, that’s not fair.”

She walked slowly around the octagonal console, allowing her fingers to trail over the alien metal. Alien… and he was right, she had been expecting something like this. After all, if it had been a normal blue box it wouldn’t have appeared out of thin air in her office, and if he were an ordinary man an alien virus would have wiped out half the population.

“So…” Smith said, rocking back a little on the balls of his feet.

God, the man was bouncy.

“Fancy coming with me, then? We can go anywhere in time and space. New worlds, new adventures, new life – ”

“I don’t think so,” she told him, unable to keep the lines of her mouth from twitching up into a smile. “I have a hospital to run – God only knows how those idiots would get by without me. House would get himself fired in five minutes.” Speaking of House – she remembered how annoyed he had been that someone else had solved the case. This made her smile a little wider.

“Well… we could make it a short trip, then,” Smith continued. “Nip off to Jupiter for brunch, be back before you know it. Actually, I could bring you back before you left, but that is a bit tricky, looping about in my own timeline and all – ”

Smiling slightly, Cuddy looked up from the console and shook her head. But when she met his eyes she was surprised to see the pain in them. It was old pain, and a certain stubbornness. Even if he wanted to, she sensed, he wouldn’t ask for her help. How that reminded her of someone else she knew.

“I’m sorry, Smith,” she repeated. As she reached the doorway though, she took one last look back at the alien machinery and hesitated. “They need me here, not gallivanting across the universe.”

It was only a split second, and then he beamed that smile at her again. A man without a care in the world. She wasn’t fooled for a minute.

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