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Happy Halloween

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Benji decides to try a costume he's never tried before.

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"Oh dude!" Benji exclaimed as Billy and his girlfriend of a couple of months, Linzi, walked in the door, dressed as Jack and Sally from Nightmare Before Christmas. He shut the door behind them and they did a turn for him so he could see their costumes. "Dude, the costumes kick major ass!" He said, grinning from ear to ear at the costumes Billy and Linzi had made together.

"Benjiman!" Robin warned from the kitchen as she walked into the small living room. "Watch your language young man." She turned her attention to Linzi and Billy, smiling fondly at the two. "You both look so adorable," she said as she lightly patted Billy's shoulder. "Be safe at your Halloween party."

"Thanks you Mama Madden," Linzi and Bill said, giggling to themselves that they had done what the twins normally do. "I'll be sure to keep Billy in line," Linzi said, sending a playful smile to Billy, who returned as his hand snuck down behind her, out of everyone's view, and he gave her butt a small squeeze.

When the twins' mom retreated back to the kitchen, Billy laughed as Linzi slapped his arm, trying to glare at him but the small, quivering smile on her lips betrayed her and soon she was giggling. Benji watched the display and shook his head. "You two are weird," he said as Joel came out of the bathroom, done up as a vampire, complete with fake fangs and a cape. "No, I take that back, he's weird."

Joel grabbed the nearest pen and chucked it at Benji, who dodged it, laughing. "Like your costume is any better!" He said with a laugh.

"Hey!" Benji exclaimed. "My costume is priceless!"

"You could say that again," Paul, who had been let in by Billy, said, earning a death glare from Benji.

"There is a method to my madness dammit," Benji said, then yelped when his mom came around the corner and slapped the back of his head. "Come on!" He exclaimed, rubbing the wounded spot. "Mama come on.."

"Put on a coat young man, you're going to catch a cold in that costume of yours," she said with a loving tone and kissed the top of his head before going back to the kitchen.

Benji grumbled as he pulled on a hoodie. "Bye mom, we're headed to Aaron's now!" He shouted as him and the others headed out the door. When they got to Billy's car, Linzi sat up front with her boyfriend and Joel sat in back with Benji, who quickly removed the hoodie his mom had watched him put on from the kitchen. "Come on Billy, put the pedal to the medal!"

Billy chuckled as Joel rolled his eyes. "It's not like the party is going to end before we get there," Billy said as he started driving to their drummer's house. "Besides, I'm sure people will enjoy your costume though I don't get the point of it."

"You'll get the point when we get there," Benji said with a wide grin. As the ride went on, Benji could barely sit still, imagining the different reactions from the people that were going to be there. The idea behind his costume was great, but the costume itself was retarded with how the weather had been. It was even scheduled to snow that night if it did get as cold as the Weather Channel had said. When the car turned onto Aaron's street Benji started to bounce slightly in his seat, making Joel roll his eyes at him once again.

"Benji, sit still you nut bar," Joel said as the car parked in the familiar driveway.

Everyone got out of the car and Benji stood behind everyone as they went up to the door. He wanted to be last inside for a good reason. Once the door opened, he caught a glimpse of the large audience he would have once inside and it made his blood pump, the excitement coursing through his veins making him anxious to get inside.

"Hey guys, Happy Halloween!" Aaron exclaimed over the loud music as he looked at everyone. Billy and Linzi's Jack and Sally costumes got quite a few comments as they walked in and were greeted by others. Joel got a few chuckles from his costume, which he joined in on, since it was a funny idea. Paul, in his twinkie costume, made a few people laugh, a few chuckle, and people who didn't know the inside joke tilt their heads, slightly confused. They laughed when it was explained to them.

"Happy Halloween Aaron," Benji said as he walked in, Aaron shutting the door behind him.

"Dude...?" Aaron said, his tone questioning as he looked at his fellow bandmate. "Why are you only in your Dickies?"

Benji cracked a grin as he looked at his drummer. "What? I came in my pants."
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