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Monday Morning

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Getting over a lost loved one is never an easy thing for anyone to do...

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What do you do when your best friend goes away?
Somebody takes their life away
Don't wanna wake up...
Monday morning
And how are you supposed to deal with everything you've gotta do
When you can barely believe it's true?
Don't wanna wake up...
Monday morning

Benji slowly rolled out of his bed & touched his feet to the cold wood floor & sat there, looking at a picture on his dresser or him & his friends, the guys that made up the rest of the high school band, Good Charlotte. Benji's brother Joel, who was acting as lead vocals, Billy, who was quit his original band to play guitar for Good Charlotte, Paul, who was playing Bass, & Aaron, who played the drums.

The picture had been taken just last week after they got the news that they had a gig, in two days, at a local club that had an "Open Mic Night." Benji & Joel's mother had taken the picture when they came to her with the great news.

Benji looked at Billy's area of the picture & he found tears welling up in his eyes as he remembered four nights ago when they played the gig. It was well known that Billy & Benji were bisexual & had a relationship on the side of everything, & that night, after the gig, when Good Charlotte were putting their equipment back into Billy's car, the entire group was jumped by jocks from the twins' school.

Paul, Aaron, & Joel, the only straight ones had been beaten up for hanging around the male lovers & being so close to them. It was because of Paul & Joel, who managed to get away & call for help that the jocks left. Unfortunately they didn't leave until they had done half of what they had come to do. Benji & Billy had been put in the hospital that night, but only one of the lovers survived the night & was released two nights later.

I don't think that I can go to school today
Without you
Without you (x5)
Without you Monday morning

Benji had gotten dressed, with the help of his brother & mother, since his left wrist had been broken, which meant no guitar for a while, & as he was heading out the door, Joel grabbed his back pack from him. Benji looked at his older brother, who was holding both his bag & his own bag, smiling at him as much of a smile as he could muster up.

Benji looked up at the dark, gray sky & felt his heart clench as he thought about how much Billy loved this kind of weather. When it got like this & the guys were at school, Billy would skip classes just to lie down on the football field & get poured on by the clouds. One time Benji joined him & that was the time they shared their first kiss, the kiss that defined them as a couple.

He stopped at the end of the driveway & looked at his feet before he closed his eyes & sighed heavily before he looked at Joel, who now looked at his brother with heavy concern.

"Benji, are you coming?" Joel asked.

Benji looked up at the sky & felt more tears welling up in his eyes, as Billy's smiling face appeared in his mind from the time that Billy was excited that the weatherman had said there would be a flooding rain one day.

"I don't think I can Joel," Benji whimpered.

Missing you is something that I never thought I'd have to do
You were always there I was there for you too
Don't wanna wake up...
Monday morning

That day Benji did end up going to school & he had everyone whispering about him when he wasn't looking at them, but he didn't care, because he had nothing to hide anymore... Word had already spread about what had happened & some people even came up to him, who normally made fun of him, & gave him sincere condolences.

Although he made it halfway through the day, he barely felt the need to go to lunch, so without realizing what he was doing, he had made his way to the football field & was standing there as rain poured down on him. He realized where he was when thunder rolled in his ears & he looked up from the ground for the first time. He was standing in the middle of the field, right where he & Billy had taken to laying during storms, as long as they weren't life threatening.

His chest ached badly as he fell to his knees & began crying as memories flooded back to him, making his heart hurt so badly that he thought it would shrivel up in his chest & he would die. He wouldn't mind dying right about now, as long as he got to be with his Little Billy again.

And of all the evil souls that do survive
How could this world take such a beautiful life?
Don't wanna wake up Monday morning

After lunch, when the bell had warned him to get to class, Benji rose to his feet & walked to the building where his classes were & walked in. He ignored the stares from the students, who were looking at his matted down hair & soaked & muddy bondage pants, & soaked t-shirt. Although the part of him that would deck anyone who looked at him normally wanted to come out & kill everyone in class, the other part of him, the part that was dying without Billy Martin by his side overcame the homicidal feeling & he sat down at his seat with a squish that made students laugh.

The teacher, one of the only ones nice to Benji silenced the laughter with a glare that replaced their smiles with shocked expressions. Benji was thankful for her care, but at that moment, all he could do was stare at the seat where Billy once sat. Although they never shared this class, he had walked by the window once on his way to the office & saw his lover sitting there, so into a drawing that Benji smiled to himself as he left the window.

Benji heard snickering & he slowly turned his head, a stoic expression on his face, as he looked at one of the jocks that had attacked him & his friends, the one that had sent Billy to his deathbed by stabbing him in the abdomen with a six-inch switchblade. The jock turned & looked at Benji, who felt the anger welling up inside of him.

Joel, who felt a sudden anger building up inside of him, turned & looked at his brother, who looked past him, glaring at the jock, his body visibly shaking. Joel looked at Edward Jones & rose to his feet, walking to the desk of Mrs. Harding & leaned over, whispering some words to her. Benji looked at his teacher as she rose to her feet & walked to her office & shut the door, picking up the phone that connected classrooms & offices.

Benji & Joel made eye contact & Joel gave his brother a slightly victorious smile. 'Wait & see,' Joel mouthed to his brother.

I don't think that I can go to school today
Without you
Without you (x5)
Without you Monday morning

When Benji walked in the front door of his home, he set his backpack down & made his way up the stairs to the upstairs bathroom, where he stripped from his clothing, letting it all fall to the floor in a messy heap. He smiled as he got in the shower & turned on the hot water, while thoughts about what happened that day came back to him.

Near the end of the class, the Dean of the school, along with several officers came in & escorted Edward, & one of the other jocks that jumped Good Charlotte, out of the room. He heard when he was leaving school that day that the other jocks were rounded up & taken to the police station.

Something's coming' over me
I'll never be the same
And now that the same world that brought you here
Just come & take you away
And if there is a way that you can hear me when I pray
When I wake up...
Monday morning

When will I see you again?

Benji looked down at the still fresh grave of his friend & lover, Billy, as tears fell from his eyes. He felt his heart growing hard in his chest as he looked up at the sky, mentally cursing out the God that had created & destroyed Billy, hating everything he ever heard about this cruel being. He got on one knee & placed on the grave a black rose that he had bought before coming to the graveyard. He knew that Billy had loved black roses & all he wanted was to try & make Billy happy even if he wasn't there to smile & let Benji know how happy a black rose would make him.

Benji rose to his feet & moved closer to the headstone & placed his hand on it, saying a silent pray to Billy. "Please Billy," he whispered, "Help me see what I should do... Do I kill myself & get it over with sooner so I can be with you again, or do I keep on going? I know I can't love again after having you; you were everything I ever needed or wanted in life & now you're gone. What have I got? I know I can't go ahead with Good Charlotte, because no one can play guitar like you do baby... Please, help me see what to do... And Billy, sweety, let me know if you're happy wherever you are..."

I don't think that I can go to school today
Without you
Without you (x5)
Without you Monday morning

Without you (x3)
Without you (x2)
Without you Monday morning

Without you (until songs fades)

[Author's Note: I wrote that sometime in either 2002 or 2003, when I was dating this guy... Nothing happened to him, that's just the way I can remember when I wrote it... He was an ass and had me depressed when I found this song and decided someone had to die, but why me? I don't hate Billy, but I had to kill off someone sweet and innocent since that's what I was at the time. Also, the song I used is Monday Morning by Prozzak.]
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