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Oh My God...

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B gets a surprise..

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We managed to get into a hotel room and we booked two rooms, I had a plan and needed to talk to the rest of the guys, so B was in a room on her own.
“So when are we going to tell B”?
“Were not she is going to find out on her own”
“It’s B, it will be like 5 years before she figures something out”
Just then my mobile rang,
“Hi Mini right”?
”Okay so we talked to the guys and they think it will be cool to have another band on tour with us”
“Oh my…this rules so much thank you guys”
“No problem but we would also like to invite you backstage at tomorrow nights show”
“Sure that will be great”
“Okay well we will have worm at the door, so go there before the show, will 6.30pm be okay”?
“Yep that is no problem see you then”
“Yeah bye”
I hung up,
We were jumping around and screaming when there was a knock on the door,
“Hello” I saw B stood there in her pyjamas,
“WOULD YOU GUYS SHUT THE FUCK UP” That was when an elderly couple walked past us and looked at B funny,
“B calm down”
“No I won’t calm down, I am trying to get to sleep when you assholes are having a gang bang”
“Sorry we will keep it down from now on”
She turned around and went into the room opposite us, I shut the door,
“Grumpy B”?
“Hell yeah she is pissed, you know what she’s like with no sleep”
“What is she gona be like on tour I mean, if they come to our bus in the morning”
“My chemical romance”
“Oh right carry on”
“Yeah if they are making noise and stuff she will full on shout at them”
“That would actually be quite funny”
“It would be embarrassing”
”She best not moan otherwise a control is flying her way”
“I still think you were being mean when you did that”
“Yes but she was doing our head in”
“True, true”
“Anyway I am going to sleep because we are going to meet My Chemical Romance tomorrow”
That night we did manage to get some sleep even though we were excited about seeing the guys from My Chemical Romance.


We talked to the guys about it and I was so happy when they agreed, I get to meet her tomorrow,
“Gerard…Gerard” Two fingers snapped in front of my face,
“Huh, what”?
“You okay”?
“Yea fine why”?
“You zoned out for a second”
“I did”?
“Sorry man, just a bit tired you know”
“Yeah, you excited bout tomorrow”?
“Of course”
”Okay well get some sleep dude”
“Yeah night”


I woke up and looked at the time, 10.30am whoa I slept in good today, I got up and walked over the hallway to where the guys were staying and knocked on the door,
“COME ON YOU LAZY BUMS GET YOUR ASSES UP NOW”! I started banging on the door of their room,
“COME ON GET UP” That was when the door opened,
“FINALLY, Where is your brother and the Dans”?
Ben pointed in the room, that was when I noticed the smell of beer,
“Crying out loud how much did you guys drink last night” That was when I heard one of them groan,
“FUCKS SAKE” I moved over to the curtains and opened them
“C’MON SLEEPING BEAUTYS GET UP” Jack rolled over next to my feet and so I kicked his back,
“What the fuck”?
“Well go out on your own”
“B stop moaning”
“But I am hungry”
“If you don’t shut up I will get a control”
“Grrr, assholes” I walked out the room and slammed the door shut, I walked back into my room took a shower and got changed, I put on some denim jeans and a white tank top with black skulls on, then put a black jacket on top then put on my black converse, I saw a piece of paper so wrote a note and on my way out slid it underneath the guys door, I needed food.


I heard a ringing then someone say,
“Will somebody please answer that” I looked up and reached for the phone,
“Hi, it’s Gerard again, me and the guys were just wondering if you wanted to come down to starbucks in five minutes to discuss everything”
“Sure, no problem, five minutes yeah”?
“Yep, do you know which one we are on about”?
“Okay it’s by a virgin megastores”
“I am sure we can find it so see you in a minute”
“Okay bye”
I hung up and got the guys up, when we were about to leave Jack noticed something,
“It says, hey lazy bums gone to get breakfast, not sure where but going to starbucks after, later dudes B little kiss big kiss little kiss”
“Were screwed”
“Well let’s go then”


We entered the starbucks, dressed in our black clothes with our hoods up and glasses on, we ordered our coffees and sat in a secluded corner away from people who might know us. The waitress brought over our coffees and we sat there talking, a couple of minutes later that was when I noticed a girl walk in, she was wearing a normal pair of jeans and a white shirt on, I recognised her from last night, it’s that B girl, should I talk to her…Why not I mean I might as well introduce myself now,
“Excuse me guys there is someone I need to talk to”
“Okay” I got up and started to make my way over to her and was just about to tap her on the shoulder when…
“Gerard hi, nice to see you again” I turned around to see Mini,
“Are you guys sat over here”?
“Yeah but I was jus…”
“Well you got to introduce us to the rest of the guys right”
“Sure, but what about…”
“Come on I’ll get these guys to get the drinks” He basically pulled me back to our table and I looked back to see the other three talking to the girl.


I felt the presence of someone behind me but I just figured it was a customer, then I heard some talking behind me but I really could not be bothered to listen just then someone scared me to death,
“Hey B”
“Crying out loud Jack, I thought you were asleep”?
“Can’t sleep all day”
“Uh huh, so what do you want”?
“Can I not get a cup of coffee”?
“Sure whatever” I got my coffee then waited for him,
“Want to go shopping”?
“Are you feeling okay”?
“Fine why”?
“Since when did you like shopping”?
“Okay so I don’t but I just guessed you would like to go shopping”
“Fine lets go shopping”

6 pm

So we were on our way back from shopping, did I mention all of the guys took me its quite worrying, I think they still may be a little bit drunk,
“Fuck I have lost my phone”
“What, when”?
“I don’t know, wait I haven’t had it since last night I must have lost it in the locker room”
“Hehe you sound so American when you say that”
”Shut up B, this is a serious matter”
“Were going to have to go back”
“Fine but its like half an hour away from where we are”
“Oh well”

London Barefly

We got to the backstage door, when I noticed a familiar face,
“Don’t I know you from somewhere”?
“Sorry never seen you sweetheart”
“I swear I have seen you but I just can’t figure out…”
“C’mon B we gotta…”
“Sorry guys can’t let you in without…”
”Worm it’s okay were Not Quite Angels”
“Oh right sorry go on in”
”Thanks dude”
“Worm isn’t that…”
“C’mon B” I was being dragged inside the building,
“Would you be quiet”?
“No you hurt my arm”
“Good now shush”
“Meanie” I poked my tongue out at Jack,
“Lets just get this phone” Mini walked into the locker room and everyone else followed, so I thought why not.
When I walked in I saw the guys stood in front of me talking to some people, they were too tall for me to see who it was so I got up on tip toes,
“Oh my god” That was when I felt my knees buckle and I hit something hard.


I heard a woman’s voice then I saw a woman on the floor, It was her,
“And that is B”
I knelt down next to her,
“Oh my god is she okay”?
“Yeah but I think she’s a bit star struck”
“What do you mean”? I looked up at her friends,
“She loves you”
“Literally, but don’t worry she isn’t a crazy bitch or anything”
“What that is a lie, remember when teenagers came on the TV the other week, and she started jumping all over the place, and practically hugged the TV when she saw Gerard” I saw one of the guys hit his arm,
“Shut up Jack”
“What its true”
“So, you don’t go telling him that kind of stuff”
“Its no problem really but can we move her to the couch”
“Watch it she’s a fat bitch” I stared at this guy,
“Whatever” I scooped her up and put her on the couch,
“Ouch she cut her head open”
“Let me get the first aid kit out of my bag”
“Thanks Ray, can we get some water to”?
“Yeah I’ll get some now” Bob walked out of the room,
“We are so sorry about this guys”
“No problem I just hope she is okay” That was when she started stirring and she blinked her eyes open,
“In My Chemical Romance’s dressing room” She put her hands to her mouth,
“Oh my god, your Gerard Way”
“Sure am, you must be B right”?
“How did you…”?
“We saw you last night and plus ive talked to these guys” I pointed at her band members,
“Hey Angel how you feeling”? She looked over at Mini,
“Embarrassed as hell but a little sick as well”
“Don’t be embarrassed honestly its fine”
“Somehow that is easier for you to say” She smiled,
“Do you want to sit up”?
“Yeah” I helped her sit up when Bob walked back into the room,
“Hey she’s awake, here is some water, Bob by the way”
”Yeah I know, huge fan” She took a drink from the water and looked around,
“Hi Frank, Ray and Matt is it”?
“Hey honey”
“Yep sure is and hi” Ray walked over to the couch and sat by her,
“You cut your head open, let me clean it up for you”
“Thanks, sorry”
“Nothing to be sorry for sugar”
“But there is I bet you think I am a right freak for passing out in front of you guys, I mean you are just normal people”
“Shush it’s okay honestly”
“This might hurt a bit” Ray put a rag onto her head to wipe away some blood and to clean the cut and she hissed,
“Sorry” I held her hand and you could tell she easily relaxed, Ray put the plaster on,
“There you go”
“Thank you, Ray Ray”
“Ray Ray”?
“Finally she isn’t calling me Ray Ray”
“Okay explain cause I am confused”
“Oh sorry, its just that Dan kind of has Ray hair so I call him Ray Ray but you are actually Ray…Oh my god I just called Ray Toro Ray Ray”
“Don’t worry about it, it can be your lil nickname for me”
“Yeah didn’t the guys tell you”?
“Tell me what”?
“Yeah I hope you don’t pass out on our asses every time one of us walks into a room”
“Oh you haven’t told her”?
“Told me what”?
“That you are coming on tour with us”
”Surprise” Her band mates said,
“What, we, with you, oh my god”
“Yeah we leave not this Wednesday but next Wednesday”
”I have to pack, I have to ask my mum, oh my god she wont let me go”
“What why”?
“Cause, you see for my sixteenth birthday I wanted to go to Download festival but my mum wouldn’t let me cause she was all, ‘No your too young and need an adult’ she might say that this time”
”But your mum likes my chemical romance”
“Oh I know, it’s just…”
“How bout you take us to go meet her”?
“I could arrange that”
“Wait your mum likes us”?
“Oh god don’t get me started, she turned into a my chem fan after listening to welcome to the black parade, you guys turned her gothic”
“Your mum sounds cool”
“Never, never say that again”
“Guys, time for the show” A stage hand came in and told us,
“Okay, we will see you guys later and sugar rest, we will go out to dinner after the show”
“That will be cool”
“Good luck guys” I hear B say as we walked out of the door towards the stage…
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