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Chapter Seven.

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Lucky seven, right? Maybe not...

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Okay, well...B was chosen most. Come on guys, at least ONE has to die. Maybe. Hurt. Idk. hehehe, I'm just being my diabolical self. :P
I hope you enjoy this chapter, reviews are the only way to get this story to advance!! :]
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"Is it gone yet?", Frank's voice came out in a squeak after sitting there for five solid minutes. Mikey looked up, "Uh, yeah." He was confused. Frank looked up, even more confused, "Okay what's going on?!" Mikey offered him a blank look.

They both stood up, the eerie music had stopped and everything was back to normal. They looked around to find nothing. "Okay who's mean enough to play a trick like that?!", Frank asked angrily. Mikey shrugged.

Frank sighed and sat down. The eerie music started playing again. Mikey looked around, Frank took no notice.

Frank looked up as Mikey screamed, "What the hell?" The lion had Mikey pinned. "AGH! BAD LION!", Frank quickly got to his feet. "Dammit!! Get this thing off me!!", Mikey was scared. He was pinned, and couldn't move. The lion seemed as if it were smirking. "FRANK GET IT OFF!!!" Frank whimpered, he was behind both of them. "HELP ME!!" Frank was frozen. "DAMMIT! HELP ME NOW!! BEFORE THIS THING KILLS ME!!" Mikey was staring at the teeth of the lion. "JUST PRETEND I'M SOMEONE YOU CARE ABOUT!!" Frank cocked his head to the side, "But I do care about you." "THEN HELP ME DAMMIT!", Mikey was freaking.

Frank slowly made his way over to the lion. He pulled on the lion's tail, "HEY STUPID! BACK HERE!" The lion growled and focused his attention on Frank. Frank squeaked and ran off. The lion followed.

Mikey sat up, "Wait! You weren't supposed to make it kill you!" Mikey ran after them.

Frank was running down the spiral staircase. The lion was right behind him. Frank felt the woosh of the lion's paw and sped up with another squeak. "GO AWAY!!!" Frank ran as fast as he could. Mikey looked down the staircase, "Dammit." He started down the stairs. "RUN AWAY!!!!!!!!!!" Frank was trying his best to outrun the lion. The lion was easily catching up with him.

"Happy place, happy place, go to a happy place, where's a happy place!! HAPPY PLACE GO TO A HAPPY PLACE!!! THE LION'S NOT BEHIND YOU, THE LION'S NOT REAL!! THE LION IS DEAD!! THE LION IS....RUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

Frank cried out as he tripped and fell. He fell down the rest of the stairs, landing at the bottom. "Ow. That hurt." He saw no lion, he saw Mikey reach him about ten seconds later. "What the hell happened?" "I fell, I guess. I don't know where the lion went, can we leave, please?", Frank looked up at Mikey from his position on the floor. "But what about my brother and everyone else?" "They can be lion meat!! They'll run!", Frank was scared. "No, Frank we can't leave them." Frank whined. "Didn't we have this argument earlier?" Frank shrugged.

Then they heard the music start, and another scream. They both looked up the staircase.

Uh oh, not good. Will they end up food?? You get to choose!

A- Oh no! Help Ray, he screamed!
B- No! It was Bob!!
C- They seriously should find Gerard soon.
D- Let Mikey and Frank just leave! The others can die!
E- Does nobody care about the poodle?? I mean come on, he's just the most awesome poodle in the world.
F- Hey! What about poor Jimmy the goldfishy?! He's better!! :P

Yay! Be diabolical! Be mean! Be nice! Be evil! Be good! Be whatever you wanna be. :]
Dontcha just love choosing stories?? I think after this one's finished, I might make another. Anyone else want me to? :]
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