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Chapter 29 - What Happened?

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It's short I know but read!!!

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*A/N: Sorry it took so long but I had school shit to deal with this week and Friday was my birthday and I was with my friends for half the weekend celebrating and I couldn’t find the time to get on here but here I am finally!!! I had this typed up since Tuesday and was etching to get on here =P Well enjoy!

Gerard’s P.O.V:

I awoke to someone calling my name.

“ Psst… Gerard? Are you okay man?” Frank asked. I squinted from the blinding light and the pain I felt on the back of my head. Then I remembered why.

“ Frank, where the hell are we?” I asked feeling the back of my neck.

“ Shhh keep your voice down,” he whispered loudly kneeling next to me, inspecting my neck. “ Yeah the back of my head hurts too. Something hit us and knocked us out cold then brought us here I guess.” I looked around us and found that we were in a dark moonlit cell.

“ Where’s Natalie?” I asked. Frank shook his head and stood up.

“ I don’t fuckin know but I hope she’s alright. And if she isn’t…” He replied forming a tightly clenched fist until it started to shake and bleed from the pressure.

“ Don’t worry Frank, we’ll find her and when we do we’ll get our asses out of here.” I told him standing up and putting a comforting hand on his shoulder. “ Don’t waste your time getting frustrated and angry though and let’s see what‘s holding us in this shithole.” We walked over and looked at the double iron padded lock on the other side of the metal bars. We looked it over before we heard a faint voice.

“ What was that?” I whispered to Frank. We looked across the hall to another locked cell.

“ Hello?” Someone asked. I squinted my eyes to try and get a glimpse of the figure in the moonlight.

“ Natalie? Shit are you okay? Are you hurt?” Frank said worryingly to her.

“ Yes I am okay. My neck is in a tremendous amount of pain and i'm bruised up a bit but I’m alright.”

“ We’re not chained so why the hell are you?” Frank asked.

“ Earlier I woke up and kind of gave them a peace of my mind and told some guards off before using some magic to slap upside their faces heheheh,” Natalie replied.

“ I would never have thought that you of all people would do something like that,” Frank told her.

“ Yes I should have never done that either but they said some things and after that I could not control my temper.”

“What did they say to you?” I asked calmly. There was a long silence before she replied in a low tone.

“ My family was killed by the Lady’s guards over 70 years ago. My father was also a guardian and he accidentally killed one of her men whilst they were trying to attack one of our groups so late one night some of her guards came to our village and… tortured then slayed all my relatives. I escaped from their grasp and fled after witnessing my loved ones get slaughtered before my sight. Some of the guards who were here when you were both still unconscious were some of the guards who were there that night. They spat foul words at me and I couldn’t hold back some of the frustration. If I let all my frustration go then… I don’t know what would have happened. The last time that happened…” she said lowering her voice and stopping mid sentence.

“What happened?” Frank asked quietly to her. In that moment I realized he really did care for her.

“ If you really must know,” she said quietly, sighing before continuing on, “ I killed my boyfriend...”

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