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Sand and Blood

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The MuMmy and The MuMmy Returns are awesome movies. But have you ever wondered what the characters thought? Well, now you can find out, while following the plot of the real movie. This is my thi...

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The MuMmy: POV of
Richard 'Rick' O'Connell

Chapter 1-Sand and Blood

1923, Hamunaptra, Egypt. We had marched to get here day and night, through sand storms, and dunes, and waterless days in the desert. And what did we find? Nothing. Just sand, sand, and you guessed it, more sand.

We came here searching for treasure, we definitely didn't find any. Now we're being attacked, and we're hiding with our rifles behind a wall that doesn't even reach to my waist. Great. Just Great.

Now they're charging, their horses' are thundering towards us, wonderful. Oh and look, now my garrison leader just dropped his sword and ran off. Lucky him, he's the only one with a horse out of all of us. We're obviously outnumbered. He might have actually been the smart one.

"You just got promoted." Says Beni beside me. Yeah Beni, I hadn't noticed. Me, being the highest rank now, has to command all of these men, great.

"Prenez vos positions!" I yell. Being in the French Foreign Legion, you gotta know some French. I bring my rifle up and aim it.

"Steady!" Their closer, but I'm not telling anyone to fire, yet. "You're with on this one, right?" I ask Beni, not even looking at him.

"Oh. Your strength gives me strength." Sure it does Beni, sure it does.

"Steady!" I doubt anyone can hear me now. They're really close. Here goes Beni. He's turning around. Now he's throwing his rifle down.

"Wait! Wait for me!" He's shouting after our long-gone commander.

"Steady!" At least some of the other Legionnaires have a backbone. There now. I take my last aim.

"Fire!" I pull the trigger and can hear shots ring out all over. The front line of horses fall and I hear yelling, and horses whinnying, and screams of pain. We continue to fire rapidly at the attackers.

Now the adrenaline kicks in. I take aim and fire, knocking an enemy off his horse's back. I reload. There, another one. He's aiming right at me! I fire. Oh, now he's dead.

Now they're starting to fire! Damn bastards! Other Legionnaires are falling all around me and on the wall behind us. They're coming down the hill to the right of me, and they're pushing us back.

I've got an ammo cartridge in my mouth and I'm firing and reloading like mad, while backing up, and everything's a blur. The first of the horses jump over the walls, slashing at the men with swords.

Oh, now a guy's coming right at me, doing that weird ulating thing. I fire, and he falls.

Ah, shit. A guy comes up right beside me and I knock his from his horse with the butt of my rifle. Now he's coming after me on foot, and I don't have time to reload. I hit him in the head, hard.

I drop my rifle and pull out two pistols from my belt and fire like crazy. Out of ammo, but there's more where that came from. I drop those pistols and pull out two more, and the crazy firing begins again.

Damn! Now I'm running from them. I jump over some stone and lo' and behold, I see Beni.

"Run, Beni! Run!" I yell as I run towards him. There's a stone building with a big heavy stone door, someplace to hide before we all die!
"Get inside! Get inside!" I run towards him. That damn weasel is closing the door!
"Hey! Don't you close that door! Don't you close that door!" And he's smiling. Bastard. Just when I reach the door, he closes it and I run into, full tilt. Ouch.

Now there are bullets being fired above my head. I start to be chased by some riders and they're right behind me! I hurdle over a big stone slab. The drop was a little worse then I guessed.

I try to grab my pistol, and nearly get my hand shot off. Not worth it. I turn and run, and sand flies everywhere. I turn the corner and quickly see more riders, now I'm trapped.

Nearly got my head shot off again. Luckily theses guys don't have the best aim. I keep running and they're right behind me.

I'm now cornered at a big stone statue of something, and I have no way out. I turn and all six of them take aim with they're rifles.

O.k. Rick, now's the end of your travels. I close my eyes and wait for the pain. It seems like there is years of silence, then I hear horses and men screaming. Then I heard falling and what sounds like them running.

When the hoof beats begin to fade, I open my eyes. They're gone. What in god just happened? All I see is settling dust from where my captors once were.
Voices. I now hear voices. I turn and the voices get louder. I look at the statue. All I see is a guy with a dog's head. Whoa. Now I hear shrieking. What the hell? The sand flies up at me.

"Ah!" I scamper around as the sand continues to spring up at me. Eventually I roll away and start to run. I hear a deep roaring. There was a face in the sand! This place is evil!

I continue to run towards the front wall. I'm the only one left.

Then I hear a horse whinny, but it's really faint. I turn around and there are about ten horses up on a hill looking at me. It must be a mirage; I've been in the sun too long.

I stagger out of that god forsaking city and into the desert. I don't know whether I'll live or die, but I will go as far as possible.

I try and pull my legs. One in front of the other, Rick, and you'll make it there.

Where 'there' was, I wasn't quite sure. I have no idea how long I've been in this desert, or how longer I will last. It's gotten dark and then light again so many times, plus, I think I passed out once, or twice.

I'm dehydrated and tired. But not helpless. No, Rick O'Connell is never helpless. Even my ego is big when I'm half dead.

I can't feel my legs, or my arms, or anything for that matter. Somehow, I'll drag myself on, and out of this desert. The sun is beating down on my head.

I wipe my brow with my sandy sleeve. When I get to 'there' I'll go straight to the bar, and have a drink. No two drinks. Maybe four. At least the thought of this is keeping me going.
Actually, drinking anything sounds real good right about now.

As I come to the top of a sand dune, I shield my eyes. In the distance, the far distance, I see something. Walls. I stagger forward, and hope that this is not another mirage, because if it is, I'm most likely dead.

By the time the walls are clear in view, it's dark again. I would cheer, 'cept I'm too tired to.

If that was a mirage, I might have just fell down and died. Nope. I eye the walls. What city is it? What ever it is, I don't care.

I hope they have a bar.
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