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Meeting for the Last Time

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After the long touring, Gerard finally sits down and meets up with Matt after all these years.

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Note: This fic was written by MJLS, and beta-read by Jinxeh just like always.


Gerard Way sat in the small coffee shop, sipping his third cup of coffee and gazing boredly out the long front window, quietly watching the outside world. The band was on a break; a break that was needed, as Gerard had already admitted to himself that he was worn out from it all. The band hadn't stopped touring since they started nearly six years beforehand, and so they deserved this. A part of him missed the touring, and he was, admittedly, a little lost without the constant hustle and bustle that came with it...the thrill of the crowds, the rush of being onstage...but another, larger part of him was glad to have some time away from it, as well.

He sighed a little and turned away from the window, glancing down at the dark liquid of the coffee inside his cup. He was supposed to be meeting Matt here, but Gerard had to be honest with himself, he enjoyed this quiet time alone. Just sitting there, drinking coffee with nothing to worry was peaceful, though almost eerily so.

The door of the coffee shop opened and a man with long brown hair and a rather scruffy beard entered the small shop. Gerard watched him order his coffee and while he waited for it, the two made eye contact. The man smiled crookedly, and took his coffee before walking over to Gerard’s table.

"Long time no see huh?" Matt asked, though he hesitated, merely glancing at the seat in front of Gerard. Gerard shrugged, gesturing with his free hand for him to sit down, which he did.

"I've been busy," said Gerard simply, sipping from his coffee as he looked at Matt. “We all have.”

He hadn't changed much since last time he saw him, but Gerard, on the other hand, had changed quite a lot. He cut his hair, dyed it half brown, half-red, then white, only to go back to black and let it stay that way. By the time the band got back to New Jersey (or Chicago, in Bob’s case) it had grown longer and shaggier, close to what it had been like when the second album came out, only not so long.

Matt, though...he looked virtually the same. It was almost painful, to see him sitting there like only succeeded in bringing back all of the memories; the good times...and the bad times. He remembered that this man had been part of the reason My Chemical Romance had even come to exist, he remembered the help he had been in creating the first songs, the ‘attic recordings’, everything. Of course, he also remembered the animosity that had eventually grown between Matt and the rest of the band...the fights they’d had, and eventually the band’s decision to make him leave.

All of this considered, Gerard had been surprised that Matt wanted to come meet with him in the first place. He thought that the former drummer would say no, when taking into account all of the hostility that existed between them when Matt left the band. Truthfully, Gerard wasn’t even sure why he had called Matt in the first place, had just seemed right, like it was finally time to sit down and talk with him, as they never really got that chance before. Matt’s departure had been hasty, and there had been more yelling than there had been talking, after all.

"You haven't changed a bit, Gerard." Matt commented, looking the lead singer up and down the best he could, when considering the table that was between them. Gerard raised an eyebrow at his former drummer.

"Nah, I changed too much. You on the other hand..." Gerard grew silent, looking down to his cup. Matt chuckled a little and shook his head.

“So, who did you find to replace me after I left?” Matt asked, curiosity taking over his senses as he looked at Gerard. At this, Gerard gave a start, tearing his eyes away from his coffee cup and looking at Matt in shock. Matt smiled slightly, shrugging. “After I left, I kind of avoided any news about you guys...which was difficult, since you guys were all over, on the Internet, the newspapers...everyone around here was so proud of you, you were in the papers all the time. I just...avoided it the best I could.”

“Oh...” said Gerard, clearly uncomfortable. “Er... Bob Bryar. Remember him?”

“Wasn't he one of the sound guys or something?” said Matt, now frowning a little.

“Yeah, for The Used. He had a really good, well-paying job, too. Guess we screwed up his career,” Gerard chuckled.

“Poor guy.” Matt smirked. Gerard allowed himself a grin, finally allowing himself to ease into the fact that he was here, talking to Matt. He’d been so afraid that it would be like the last time they saw each other, that they’d eventually grow angry, and start shouting...but no, this wasn’t so bad. It was just like old times, minus the fact that Gerard was sober.

“How are you really Gerard?” Matt asked suddenly. Gerard looked up and frowned a little.

“After Bob joined the band, I turned sober...and clean...been both now for three years. Broke up with my girlfriend—you remember her—got engaged, blew it off, did a lot of stupid things on stage and now I'm finally back home. In short...I feel fucking awesome.”

The two boys turned silent for a while and Gerard turned his eyes back to the outside world, which was only shielded from him by a thin piece of glass.

“How are you doing lately?” Gerard suddenly asked, breaking the pregnant silence between the two former band members.

“Great, now. Started off crappy, though. Was a mechanic for while, but I started up a fully functional recording studio back here in Jersey,” said Matt, unable to help his grin; he was obviously very proud of this accomplishment. “So I've been busy with that for the past couple of years, though it was only officially established last year. Trying to find some good talent, you know. The usual stuff.” Matt shrugged. Gerard raised both of his eyebrows in surprise and nodded. He knew that Matt had always wanted to do something like this when he was still in the band.

“Good for you.” Gerard smiled; his eyes twinkled as he saw another person enter the coffee shop from the corner of his eyes. He didn't really care. Leaning backwards, Gerard sighed happy and took another sip of his coffee.

“My, aren't you happy lately,” Matt stated, looking at Gerard with a raised eyebrow.

“Can't I be?” Gerard's smile grew wider as Matt watched him curiously.

Matt wondered what was going on in Gerard’s mind at the moment, since he suddenly started to laugh softly. He saw Gerard look down for a moment, shaking his head before they recontacted with their eyes. He looked closer at the black-haired man, noticing he didn't really change as much as me might have thought he did.

“You really didn't change Gerard. The only thing different about you is that you're actually smiling a lot more,” Matt commented, sipping from his own coffee as Gerard stopped laughing and looked at him like he had just dropped back on the earth after so many years.

“I changed so much in the past few years. Especially my hair,” Gerard joked a little, smirking and blowing some of his long black hair out of his eyes. Matt frowned at his former band member and wondered what exactly he was talking about. To him, his hair was still the same as before. Gerard saw his look and bursted out in laughs again.

“Dude, wouldn’t know it, since you’ve been avoiding news and everything, but man...I cut my hair, dyed it half brown, red,dyed it back to black, then white, then back to black and then finally I decided to let it grow again.” Gerard explained, counting on his fingers to see if he hadn't forgotten anything. “I even cut it all off, once. The white part was for the new album...” He quickly added, seeing Matt's unbelievable face when he heard the white part.

“The, uh...Black Parade one?” Matt asked slowly. Even avoiding news like that, it was impossible at least not to know the name of the new album, though he’d never sat down and listened to any of the songs. He just told himself that that part of his life was over—it was too painful to see the band go on with its career, knowing he wasn’t a part of it anymore.

“Yeah. Concept album, about a cancer patient. We went all over the world with the album. We even had a concert in the Wembly Stadium.”

Matt looked at Gerard, clearly impressed, not really knowing if it was all true but then again, why would Gerard lie to him? Watching his friend (friend...that was an odd word to associate with Gerard once again) he realized all that Gerard was doing was smiling and sip his coffe while he looked outside. Matt couldn't help but smile. Now knowing that they had just toured all around the world, he knew it had to be a good feeling for Gerard, to be finally back home.

“So, how come we never caught up earlier?” Matt suddenly asked. Gerard looked away from the bypassing people and turned his attention back to the guy in front of him. Gerard shrugged slightly.

“We've been on tour for the past years...came back, immediately went in post-production and then immediately chose to go back on tour once the album was finished. So we didn't really come home in all those years.” Gerard explained. “Plus, you know...we didn’t exactly part on the best terms, I wasn’t even sure you’d want to see any of us again. The rest of the guys are doing great, by the way. Mikey’s married, Frank’s engaged, Ray’s still with Christa, Bob’s got his girlfriend...we’re all doing good.” He smiled.

“Oh yeah? What about you?” asked Matt. Gerard grinned at him, and tried to shrug, as though it hardly mattered, but Matt wasn’t fooled. If Gerard had someone in his life, Matt knew, he was as pleased as could be about it; he looked near to bursting with happiness and excitement.

“Yeah, I’ve got someone. Damn/, do I have someone...she’s amazing, man. And you should /see the moves she can do on stage, when she’s playing that guitar...”

Matt nodded in understanding, and took another sip of his coffee. Placing the empty cup back on the table, he smiled at Gerard who raised an eyebrow at him and suddenly jumped up a little. Matt frowned and sighed as Gerard realized it was the vibrating of his cellphone that had scared him.

“/Some things never change../.” Matt shook his head, watching Gerard read the small text message before he quickly send something back.

“Sorry about that,” Gerard said quickly, pocketing it again.

“Good to know your habit of jumping up when your phone vibrates is still there.” Matt smirked.

Gerard made a small 'o' with his mouth and then chuckled as he nodded and leaned back, closing his eyes for a moment. Matt watched his friend relax in the silence of the small coffee shop, and couldn't help but smile. Gerard seemed at peace now, so happy...and his happiness this time wasn’t just the usual dopey happiness that occured whenever he’d been drinking too much.

The lead singer jumped up again after a few moments of silence between them. Silence they both appreciated. Gerard rolled his eyes and looked, obviously a little annoyed, at Matt before he grabbed his cellphone and looked at the message. Sighing, Gerard shook his head and pocketed it again before he drank the last bits of his coffee and looked at Matt as he stood up.

“I gotta go. Frank saying something about the label or something like that...I can never really understand what's he's trying to say, even if he writes it down...” Gerard explained. Matt nodded and smiled a little, standing up to face Gerard better.

“Dude, I completely understand. I mean, from what I've got from this conversation, you're in a world famous rock band now,” he said, grinning. “Take care alright? We'll catch up again when you're back,” Matt winked and gave Gerard a quick hug.

“Yeah, take care.” Gerard nodded as he watched Matt leave the coffee shop, waving one last time without actually looking at him. Gerard shook his head, realizing his friend hadn't changed much in the past years. Grabbing his coat, Gerard placed his usual sunglasses on his nose and walked out of the coffee shop, breathing in the fresh air of New Jersey.

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