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Oh how wrong we were to think, that immortality meant never dying

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A/N: I'm not sure if I like this. sigh
Thanks Jess, MCR_Dynamite, for giving my the advise to write a one shot. :)

say goodbye
to the vows you take
to your high grades -.- I should be asleep/studying for my Geography test..sigh

Frank Iero had always loved fire. The way the flames kept dancing. The warmth that slowly crept over you when you were near it, warming every inch of your skin. How it crept through your vains. How sometimes, when you were cold, it seemed like it was teasing you by not warming you. How your fingers seemed to push away the heat, and even though the fire could easily win, it'd let your fingers stay cold.
Yes, Frank Iero had always been obsessed with fire.
That was why Frank was sitting at the fireside once again. Like every night he felt lonely. Like every night. To sit there and watch the flames dance was al that he needed. Until his mind started drifting off. Until he started thinking about the past. That nights he would sit infront of a different fire place, and on a dark soft carpet. Black curtains that weren't letting in the last bit of sunlight. Surrounded by the most beautiful drawings, in dark wooden lists. A strange mixtures of scents around him. The dark wood everywhere, the paper, the black smelled almost antique.
When he would think back of that, he would sigh, close his eyes and try to imagine he was there again. But he couldn't. He tried so hard to remember how good the cold, pale fingers ghosting over his skin felt. But he couldn't. The only thing he would feel was the place on his neck where they would always stop. He'd touch the place with his own fingers and sigh when he felt the warmth. Eventually, a tear would slide across his face. And another tear would too, beacause there wasn't a stoneclod hand to wipe it away. He would sit there, whisper 'I miss you'. Then he'd go to bed, not being able to sleep. The next morning he would wake up, tired, and go to work, predending he was all right. The most cliché thing was he was working at starbucks. Of all jobs you can get, why for fuck's sake starbucks? He would think every morning. He would smile at the two emo boys who were there every morning. He loved them. They knew what had happened. Or at least, they knew as much as all the fans knew. Sometimes he would think back to the day they walked in.


The shop was quiet. There were only two buiseness women chatting on their cell phones and an older man peacefully sipping his coffee. This was how he liked it. Nobody here knew him, they didn't ask him anything. They were friendly and they didn't care about starbucks' newest employee. Then the door opened and two boys walked in. They were about seventeen. One had pitch black hair, model 'gun shot wound'. The other one had shoulder length purple hair. One wore baggy chained jeans, the other tight black ones. frank smiled at how it still fitted. He looked at the two together. Definetly a couple. 'Hi Frank.' One said to him. 'How do you..' He began. 'Hi. What can I get you?'
' Did you really never hear anything again?' The boy asked. Frank was shocked. He came all the way to this crappy little town that was not anywhere near new Jersey where not a single person with any kind of idea about what MCR ment, just to avoid any kind of question about the man that broke his heart and then THIS? If there was one thing he didn't want to hear it was...'Jesus Christ, M, do you reall think he wants that kind of questions?'The guy with the purple hair asked. 'No. Nobody ever spotted Gerard alive again.' He said, and he hadn't lied. 'I'm sorry. I really am. It must have destroyed you.' The boy said and Frank looked up at him. These boys understood. They had never forgotten about MCR, even though it was two years ago. They knew something was wrong with Frank and they knew it was very hard. Yeah. They understood.

End flashback

Frank sat infront of the fire again. Watching the flames. He loved the colors. Sometimes, it looked like orange but it was red, and blue and...It was fun to try naming the colors while you knew you couldn't, Frank thought. Suddenly, something changed. The fire wasn't warming him anymore. Something very cold was making a difference in the room temparature. Someone...
Frank felt two icy fingers touching his cheeck and slowly following his jawline. His breathing stopped. This couldn't be...
'Two years Frankie.' The most beautiful, angel-like voice Frank had ever heard told him. Oh, he'd almost forgotten how he sounded. 'Why are you holding your breath?' The voice asked wondering. 'Gerard..' Frank said letting his breath escape and he turned around, to be met by a pair of sparkling eyes that were constantly changing color. They're like little flames, Frank thought, but different. The sight of Gerard's perfect face made him wanna cry. Well, actually, it made him cry. A tear rolled ut of the corner of his eye. It was catched by Gerard's icy finger. 'Have you got any idea how much I missed that?' Frank whispered. 'Maybe.' Gerard answered. 'I'm sorry, Frank. But you know I can't help it.' Gerard apologized with such an ammount of sorrow and regret in his voice it could easily have turned his worst (human) enemies to feel sorry for him.
'But why can't you just take me with you? I can't live without you, Gerard. I'm dying!' frank said. Gerard looked down, like he was struggling with something.
'When I was a kid I was obsessed with vampires. I wanted to be one. Now, I finally am one, and I know now that it's not about sucking blood and being a creature of the night. It's not anywhere near never dying. I have enemies Frank. A lot of enemies. I was turned by an enemy because he knew it would be excactly the right way to make me suffer. I can't come anywhere near you or the guys or anyone because they will be killed. I've spent these past two years running Fank. I've finally lost them. Sadly, it will be a matter of days before they find me again. If that happens, then you're dying. And please, Frank, when I said I'd never leave you, I ment it.' Frank was speechless. It was true, he knew it. But when Gerard had first appeared to him after he went missing, Frank had gotten hope. He hadn't lost Gerard. But, after a month Gerard left. Even though he'd promised he'd come back, Frank gave up after a year. He started to deny and tried to forget what happened. That Gerard was ever there. That he was ever there infront of Gee's fireplace. That MCR was ever there. He moved out of New Jersey so he wouldn't have to face any trace of his past. He never spoke to his bandmates again. Never touched a guitar again. And he gave up hope.
'Frank?' Gerard asked. Frank snapped out of his thoughts. He suddenly noticed the tear in the corner of Gerard's eye. 'Gerard..are you crying?' He asked and wondered if vampires actually could. 'You can't hurt me Frank. But it's the only human instinct that's left.' He said. 'What?'
'Look at your hands. it looks they haven't touched anything but coffee cups in the past year.' He said. 'I want to be with you, but I can't. I do my best to protect you but I can't. Not from myself. It's supposed to hurt.' He said and the tear rolled down his face, and somehow it burned a hole in the carpet...vampires.
'Gerard. You're the only thing that makes me happy. Please stay. I don't care what happens. Please?' Frank pleaded even though he knew Gerard would never ever agree.
'Then turn me.'
'No. wouldn't be able to enjoy anything.' He said.
'So? I don't do that now to.' He protested.
Then, Gerard gripped Frankie's face, placing a sweet kiss on his lips. Frank could feel his heart stop. His lips felt like they were being frozen and burned at the same time. He felt dizzy, sick and weak, like his knees weren't able to hold him anymore. It was the best feeling he'd ever had. Then, his knees did gave up. Gerard catched him, breaking their kiss and made Frank sit. He sat down behind him and they started watching the fire. After a while Gerard brought his lips to Frank ear and whispered: 'I couldn't feel a thing Frank.'
He moved his head lower, letting his mouth stop at Frank's neck. He let his teeth, that had grown to full-length now, touch the skin and slide them across it, making a scratch but not cutting it open just yet. Then he placed a soft kiss on the skin.

The next morning, Gerard was gone.
There was a note left on the table.

I will never leave you
I promise


Their was a round burn mark on it. Wind blew in Frank's face. When he looked up, he saw a smashed window. Stained blood on the sides, curtains that were ripped apart.
Outside, there were two pairs of footprints. Blood drops had fallen on the ground.
And Frank knew they would never have enough time again.
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