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Stupid stuff that happened to me

by Tian87 3 reviews

This really happened, but all names are changed. i am the idiot that get constantly pushed off poles! dont take this the wrong way!! we don't goof off all the time. we practice really hard and do ...

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I frog Hopped up onto the pole and sat looking at the band.
"how screwed up is that that we won when konstat county thought that they would bet us? they had worked really hard." I turned. Amber was gone.I felt hands push into my back before i fell to the ground.I hopped up. Amber was standing there laughing at me.
"you idiot!"
she sat still laughing hard.
"it's not funny!"
"YES-IT-IS" she said between gasps.
"hey guys! lets play leap frog!"
I ran to the end of the row of poles and hopped over the first. we did that to all of the poles until the other band began to look at us weird.
I was sitting on a pole agian but i had my plume.
"Hey!guys you want to see something stupid?"
"sure why not?"
I stuck the plume into my hair and did the little egyptian dance. we laughed really hard agian. once agian amber pushed me off. my plume also dissapeared. to this day my plume still has not been found.
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