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Hanagata likes coffee at Fujima's.

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Hanagata likes his coffee black and bitter, Fujima knows that, which is why he is in the kitchen making him a cup while Hanagata takes a shower. It's raining, pouring actually, and Hanagata, for some reason, instead of taking the bus, makes the long walk from the train station to Fujima's house. When Hanagata arrives, he is soaked, his hair sticking to his forehead, flat and dripping water. Fujima tries to not notice how Hanagata's thin shirt is now translucent and is pressing against Hanagata's chest like a harem veil, obscuring where he wants to see the most, but showing him glimpses.

Fujima is, all of a sudden, inexplicably jealous of the people that Hanagata must have passed on the street to get to his flat.

Hanagata likes to drink his coffee slowly, sipping the strong brew. Fujima likes watching Hanagata drink coffee, seeing Hanagata's lips touch the cup. He thinks he can feel the heat of the coffee on his own lips when Hanagata blows on the coffee. Fujima imagines the coffee in his mouth and slowly going down his throat.

Fujima tries to not choke on his own coffee.

Hanagata's hand is large and warm on his shoulder. Fujima nods at Hangata's silent question.

"How's the coffee?"

"It's all right."

Then Fujima is feeling Hanagata's lips on his and is that Hanagata's tongue?

Hanagata doesn't like coffee. He prefers tea or juice, if he has a choice. Unfortunately, Fujima only has coffee in his cupboard. Hanagata doesn't mind that.
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