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Natural Way

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Gerard decides it's best if he brings his therapist on the tour.

Category: My Chemical Romance - Rating: PG-13 - Genres: Humor,Parody,Romance - Characters: Bob Bryar,Frank Iero,Gerard Way,Mikey Way,Ray Toro - Published: 2007-09-16 - Updated: 2007-09-19 - 948 words

/Well, well, well...look who's back in the ff world. I never thought I'd see you here..../
That's right...ZippersOverYou has returned from the stint after 'Cobwebs' ended. Here's my newest story 'Psyched'.
I particularly like this chapter as I particularly like My Chemical Romance.
Hope this is half as good as 'Cobwebs' and less depressing.
Onto the Show!

A voice barely below the pitch of a dolphin's squeal interrupted my own and I turned around to meet a pair of twins, eye-level breasts that is. They weren't bad breasts, a little too perky to be natural but, hell, who's counting? Certainly not me. I considered answering them instead of whatever face happened to be above them but figured that might be a tad rude. I looked above the twins to see a freckled redhead grinning with a huge, toothy smile down at me. I gave her a slight nod just to acknowledge her minimum wage existence before directing my attention to the water I sipped so gracefully.

Unlike my tongue, my eyes slid over the young blonde sitting across the table. She shook her head at me and addressed the redhead. "Yes, I'd like a spinach omlette and a hot chocolate, please."

I lay the glass on the table, "hot chocolate? It's eighty five degrees out here."

"I suppose you're right, Gerard. Could I get that with ice, please?"

The redhead waitress loudly exploded with hushed giggles. I leaned against the back of the chair with one arm resting on the table and raised my eyebrows to Jess, giggles eminating. Perky's face was as red as a fire extinguisher I should've used to shut her up, but, instead, I just watched Jess remove her thin glasses and clean the lenses briefly, obviously amused very little. Smirking, I drilled my fingers against the table as a sort of 'hint' that any moment there could've been was now over.

She had turned away from us, still shaking with laughter that annoyed me to no end but faced us once again. And it wouldn't have completed the prejudice in my mind if she hadn't managed to drop her name tag while making a simple 180 degree turn.

Following my gut reaction, I beat her to the punch. The tablecloth draped over my neck and tickled my back as I picked up the nametag seconds before she did. I lowered my eyelids halfway and grinned at her with a cheshire grin under the privacy of the table. "I believe...this is yours, Mable." The red returned to her white cheeks and she stared at the ground nervously. A strange pride filled me watching this girl smile and giggle because I handed her a nametag in an untraditional way.

I removed myself from my place under the table and handed Mable her pin. She stood and sniffled a few times, refusing to make eye contact with me.

"Alright, I would like some...let's see...I'll actually have a Canadian bacon omlette and a cappuchino."

Mable bit her bottom lip, "would you like some whipped cream on that...sir?"

Feeling bored, now, with the waitress I directed my attention elsewhere, "yes, I suppose I would."

She walked away and looked back at me once or twice in the process, yet I was looking at Jess and sipping the water. From behind her glasses I could just tell she was scrutinizing me. "What?"

"Was that really neccesary?"

"Was what neccesary?"

"This is what I'm talking about, Gerard. You just like women because women like you. You wouldn't be able to stand a relationship with a woman--"

"Ssh! Will you please quiet down. This is not something I'd like to be reading about paraphrased in USA Today tomorrow morning."

"Well, you wouldn't be able to stand a relationship with a woman because you'd get bored much too easily. There's nothing risque or edgy about dating a woman and that bores you."

"And that's why you think I've been having these...dreams?"

"Of course not. I just find your sexuality interesting."

I glared at her mischievious smile for a second before putting on my half-lidded smirk and taking her hand in mine. "Not all women bore me. Just the uninteresting ones. You interest me...Jess."

Her face softened, "really, Gerard? Do you mean that? I've been wanting to tell you how I felt for so long now. What do you say we go steady, Gee?"


"Oh my god. You just did it, again! That was beautiful. I was proclaiming my love for you, Gerard, and you were undressing a waitress with your eyes." She laughed heartily at having proven me wrong just as Mariah or Michelle brought over the food and drinks.

"You know, I'm not paying you to criticize my lifestyle. I just want to know what these damn dreams are about."

Her stout face became serious as she nudged the dirty blondes from her eyes. "Look, how you live and how you think are essentially the biggest parts of your dreams. If I can isolate what part of your lifestyle is causing these terrors, I can help you. But you came to me 'cause you didn't want a therapist who would just throw perscription drugs at you. If that's what you want, tell me now. I'll just fill some papers out for you to get some Prozac and be done with you, Gerard. But if you want actual help, you gotta let me do this."

I poked at my omlette, now having no will to eat it but feeling hungry nonetheless. "Sorry, Jess. I really do want your help."

"Alright then, now a serious question."

"What's that?"

"Have you ever slept with a man?"

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