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The Night the Lights went Out....

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A Harry Potter fic set in the future 100 years later. Its base on a song by Reba McEntire "the Night the Lights went Out in Georgia". Main characters: Ginny, Percy, Penelope Clearwater and Harry Po...

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The Night the Lights went Out...


Summary: A Harry Potter fic set in the future 100 years later. Its base on a song by Reba McEntire "the Night the Lights went Out in Georgia". Main characters: Ginny, Percy, Penelope Clearwater and Harry Potter.

Author's Note: the words with // are song lyrics. The rest is the story.


Ginny Weasley, youngest daughter of Arther Weasley, sighed as a young reporter, Tim Ceevery, from the Daily Prophet sat across from her. They sat from one another drinking tea, or in Ginny's case, staring at the now cold cup of tea in her hands. Today it has been 100 years since her brother's execution. She is the last living sibling of the seven children from her parents, Molly and Arther Weasley. Everyone else is now dead, it is time to the wizarding world know the truth.

There was pregnant silence.

/He was on his way home from candletop/
/Been two weeks gone and he thought hed stop/
/At webs and have him a drink for he went home to her.../

"My Editor said you have more facts of the old Weasley Murder Case." Ceevery said, hoping to break the still silence.

Ginny suddenly stood up and approached the window. Ceevery followed her. "Sit down, young man." Ginny told him not looking at him.. Ceevery sat down, sating a muggle device on the table, leaning forward, his right hand in a quill as the other a long piece of parchment ready to write down every word Ginny was say.

/Andy wo-lo said hello/
/He said hi whats a doing/
/Wo said sit down I got some bad news thats gonna hurt.../

Ginny walked to the bookshelf across the room. She picked up an old picture aldume, filled with black and white pictures of her family and friends. There was many newspaper clippings of her brother's arrest and his execution. She down next to Ceevery, opening pages of her brother Percy, showing him the smiling lovely boy Percy once was. "This is my Percy." she said in a dreamy voice.

Ceevery looked at the picture. He had seen this picture before. "That's you brother, Percy." he said. Ginny nodded. She turned a page. "Who's that?" Ceevery asked pointing a young woman that was in Percy's arms. He had never seen her before.

Ginny smiled sadly at the picture. There was Percy holding Penelope and sitting next to them was her and Harry, her ex-soon-to-be husband, smiling and waving at the moving wizard picture. "A terrible woman. I told Percy she was no good." she turned a page. "But he wouldn't listen."

/Said Im your best friend and you know thats right/
/But your young bride aint home tonight/
/Since you been gone shes been seeing that amos boy seth./

"I had no idea that my-- my finance was messing with her." Ginny said. Ceevery's eyes widen.

/He got mad and he saw red/
/Andy said boy dont you lose your head/
/Cause to tell you the truth Ive been with her myself./
/Thats the night the lights went out in georgia/
/Thats the night that they hung an innocent man/
/Dont trust your soul to no back woods southern lawyer/
/Cause the judge in the towns got bloodstains on his hand./

"So he killed them both out of jealously?" Ceevery asked. He had heard this part of the story many times before.

"That is what he wants you all to believe." Ginny said. Ceevery stared that the old woman. "Today, 100 years ago is the day they killed an innocent man."

"An innocent man?" Ceevery asked. Ginny nodded, telling him her story. The real story of what happened.

/Andy got scared and left the bar/
/Walking on home cause he didnt live far you see/
/Andy didnt have many friends and he just lost him one/
/Brother thought his wife must've left town/
/So he went home and finally found the only thing/
/Daddy had left him and that was a gun/
/He went off to andys house/
/Slipping through the back woods quiet as a mouse/
/Came upon some tracks too small for andy to make/
/He looked through the screen at the back porch door/
/He saw andy lying on the floor/
/In a puddle of blood and he started to shake./

/The georgia patrol was making their rounds/
/So he fired a shot just to flag em down/
/And a big bellied sheriff grabbed his gun and said/
/Whyd you do it?/

"You see those footprints were mine... I killed Penelope and Harry Potter, not my brother... Penelope did not leave town. I destroyed her body."

Ceevery's eyes widen, as chill went down his back. "But he had the wand in his hands, that had the killing curse cast from it. And he was covered in their blood."

"That wand that Aururs found him carrying wasn't his. It is mine. I left my wand in the room after I killed them."

/The judge said guilty in a make believe trial/
/Slapped the sherrif on the back with a smile and said/
/Suppers waiting at home and I got to get to it./

"Let me see if I get this straight: you brother pleated guilty to protect you?"


"And the Judge didn't want to hear the truth, because of his involvement of your brother's wife?!"

"Yes. He had it all wrap up in a neat little package. Besides. There is no one left to tell the truth exempt for me... Who's going to believe a little sister as a killer?"

/They hung my brother before I could say/
/The tracks he saw while on his way/
/To andys house and back that night were mine/
/And his cheatin wife had never left town/
/And thats one body thatll be found/
/You see little sister dont miss when she aims her gun.../



100 years earlier.

"Percy Weasley, you are hereby guilty of the murder of Harry Potter..."

Percy Weasley, was kneeling on the ground, his hands bond. A large wooded log was in front of him, covered in blood. The executioner, holding his long sharp axe, was standing beside him waiting. "Do you have any last words?"

In the corner of his eyes he saw his family, his mother crying over his father's shoulders. Ginny Weasley, his youngest sister, crying, calling his name. Her screams was unheard.

Taking a deep breath, and a firm voice, drowning his fear. "No." he said. Someone shoved his upper body down the log. He shouldn't move: someone had cursed him not to move.

The Judge waved his hand. The axe went up and then... Percy's head flopped down on the other side of the log. Ginny Weasley rushed to the lifeless body of his brother.

Percy, son of Author Weasley, age 24, had died.

His last thoughts echoed in the still cold night at London. 'For you Ginny...'

(End of One-Shot)

Words: 1,222

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Author's Notes: I will make another one-shot of the SAME plot in the Avatar: the Last Air Bender. Main characters: Zuko, Azula, Katara, and Aang.

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