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Harry Potter, as we know him, died in bed but he was not the real Harry Potter, he was only a double, who was magically created from the lost brother of Daphne Greengrass. And now the real Harry Po...

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Revenge – Chapter 01

A/N: Editor for this chapter is Dave

“Mr. James, it is very difficult to open an account with us,” said the bank manager in an even voice. “Not many people have an account, only those who can afford the costs and have certain … let’s say wealth. Are you such person, Mr. James?”

The bank manager looked briefly at the boy’s state of clothing, then to his unkempt and out of control hair, back to his face and waited expectantly. Than bank manager knew already what the next question would be, and he knew that the boy could not afford the costs and did not have the money.

He remembered many years ago when he was a boy like the one in front of him. The bank manager at that time, Mr. Goldweyer did not remove him from the premises, neither was unfriendly to him. It was a moment which was extremely important for him; because the second time they had met was that he had finished his studies and was hired on the spot. Mr. Goldweyer did recognize him immediately, and he had hired him as a bank clerk.

Now that Mr. Goldweyer died because of cancer many years ago, he was the one who took over his job and became the twenty third manager of the General Malcolm Bank at 322 Wilhelm Avenue Little Whining since his founding. And suddenly he saw himself talking to a young boy, not older then fifteen, maybe sixteen, with the same expression on his face as he had so many years ago, wearing rags of clothing … like he himself had worn; and he could not help to feel pleased.

Hopefully this boy would study hard at school and would come back to try to get a job at his bank when his school was finished. If that would be the case, he would hire the boy immediately, and god knows, maybe this was the next bank manager sitting in front of him.

“Well, Mr. …” started the boy.

“Barsbellow,” answered the bank manager. “Mr. Barsbellow.”

“I have something to tell you, Mr. Barsbellow,” said the boy respectfully

His green vibrant eyes were stark contrasts of his state of being … cloths were like rags, his hair was wild and scruffy and messy, his spectacles were bound together with tape … obviously they saw a better time … once and the face of the boy looked dirty and he smelled … not fresh. Some hesitation crept out of the depth of his mind … maybe the boy is only a tramp, not a boy from an abusive and poor family with drunken parents and many brothers and sisters.

“Yes?” asked Mr. Barsbellow.

The boy seemed to hesitate.

“Please, make it short, Mr. James,” said Mr. Barsbellow. “I don’t have much time.”

The boy nodded his head.

“Well, Mr. Barsbellow, I regret to inform you that I am going to rob your bank,” said the boy in an even voice.

Mr. Barsbellow did a double take. For sure he did not hear the boy correctly.

“Excuse me?” he stammered confused. “I did not …”

“This is a bank robbery,” grinned the boy.

“Is this a joke?” yelled Mr. Barsbellow, loosing his patience and stood up from his chair. He was totally wrong, this was a bloody young tramp who was trying to make …

“No, this is not a joke,” said the boy in an icy voice, and looked him straight into the eyes.

Mr. Barsbellow paused his ranting for a second and looked unbelievingly at the boy. He took a deep breath to calm him down and to yell one more time at the boy before he would remove him from his office.

“Imperio,” the boy said in a firm voice. He did not move, his hands were still in his lap, he sat a little slumped in his chair, but his eyes were aware … of things.

Mr. Barsbellow froze in his tracks for a moment. He felt … thrilled … no … jubilant to do what ever this friendly young man was going to ask. Of course he would help him with everything this fine young gentleman was requesting for him, and he was not for nothing the bank manager, the twenty third bank manager to be exact of this fine financial banking establishment … the only and best in the neighborhood. It was a very long time ago that he felt so grateful, so satisfied, so content, and he had the feeling that he would feel much better when he would do what this fine young man in front of him would require.

It would be the best thing in his life to do what he would say … no … demand. He was more then the VIP, more then his best customer of the bank, he was higher situated then a board member, he was even higher situated in the hierarchy of positions, this golden boy stood above the word of god, his everything.

“Who is your wealthiest customer, Mr. Barsbellow?” asked the young man.

“Mrs. Smith,” replied Mr. Barsbellow immediately. She was indeed the wealthiest customer the bank has. Her wealth was about fifty million pounds in cash and a six hundred million pounds worth of investments and a hundred twenty million pounds of properties. All of those were being managed by the bank. Mr. Barsbellow looked proudly at this golden boy and waited for the next request of this amazing person. He felt so happy.

“How much money can you take out of that account in cash without raising suspicions?” asked Mr. James.

“Hundred thousand pounds immediately and two million pounds after two working days,” answered Mr. Barsbellow.

“I want to have two million pounds now,” said Mr. James pleasantly.

“Of course, Mr. James,” said Mr. Barsbellow. “I will order the money immediately. Do you want to have the money in a bank cheque, money transfer ….


“Cash,” said Mr. Barsbellow thoughtfully for a moment. “All-right … cash,” he murmured. “It takes some organizing, but I think that we can arrange the cash of … two million pounds?”

“Yes, Mr. Barsbellow, two million pounds in cash,” said Mr. James satisfied and he leaned back into his chair.

“Do you like some tea, Mr. James,” asked Mr. Barsbellow, still thinking how he would handle the administration of supplying the friendly Mr. James with the cash.

“No, thank you,” said Mr. James. “I’ll just wait for the cash.”

Mr. Barsbellow nodded, stood up from his chair and made a bow. “If you would be so friendly to wait for some moments, I will place the order myself to collect the money. We will supply you a special briefcase, where the money will be stored in.”

“Thank you, Mr. Barsbellow. And please, use only used notes; I don’t want to have new notes with traceable serial numbers, if you understand what I mean,” said Mr. James with a smile.

“Of course, Mr. James,” said Mr. Barsbellow and hastened out of his office.

Mr. James, the boy of fifteen years old, sitting in the office of the bank manager, was contemplating his next steps. This was the last transaction he was making, because tomorrow it was his sixteenth birthday, and it was time for the checkmate.

He smirked wickedly. The reaction of all those idiots will be something extra ordinary. It was a project, which he had started when he was eight years of age. He discovered at the Dursleys that he was able to do magic. He did not know that it was magic, but he was known that it was something special … unique and very powerful … and nobody could do it. That went alright for many years, until he met his first wizard and witch when he was ten years old, and he discovered that there was a whole new world out there hidden in plain daylight for everyone to see and he smirked again.

He remembered his first thing he could do as a wizard was pushing bodies away from him with great power. Dudley and his gang were hitting him, and he was able with a burst of magical energy to push the boys away. Well, it was … eh … it’s a kind of understatement … all the boys ended up in the hospital with multiple fractions; broken legs, arms and ribs, and Dudley ended up with a displaced hip as well. But one good thing came out of it, they never attacked Harry again from that moment.

A month later he discovered that he could apparate, and that was really cool. Where ever he went to, he could come back. He could apparate from one place to another, as long as he knew the place where he wanted to go and then everything went alright. In that time he did not call it apparating, but flashing, because of the lack of a better word. When he flashed, and he kept his eyes open after a while when flashing, the first thing he noticed when he arrived at his destination was a flash. From that moment he called his new gift flashing.

When he met his first wizard and witch, it was a lucky accident, because it changed his world and put everything he knew and had experienced upside down. He apparated to the park near the Dursley’s home, and the first thing he saw a couple kissing on the bench … or rather what he called his personal bench, because he always sat on that bench and none of the children in the park dared to take his bench. He remembered that he first looked carefully at the kissing couple, and he noticed that they were dressed very weird … like they came out of a play from Shakespeare and forgot to change their clothing and were still wearing their costumes. He decided not to say anything and waited until the loony couple would finish what ever they were doing. He was waiting patiently until they would go away.

They did after ten minutes, but the couple did not go away in a normal way, but they disappeared … just like he could do; they could flash!

From that moment he decided to wait for them … maybe they would come back! And they did. After a week the couple appeared near the bench in the park and started to kiss each other again, and this time Harry was prepared. He ogled the couple for a moment, and then looked at their bags. He stole both their bags and quickly he walked away. After ten minutes of fast walking, he flashed into a small alley in London and investigated the bags and he was amazed that he found books. That was the beginning of his discovery of the magical world in Britain. Those two were students at a place called Hogwarts and they were in their seventh year!

The fact that the magical world existed; and that it existed all around them, and that nobody knew about it, was the biggest joke ever. Well, not a real joke, because the reality of the magical world was being pushed straight into his throat, but that was another story.

With the help of some of the books, he could make steps to investigate the world, which was being called the Magical World, and investigate he did! Many months later he went to visit the place called Diagon Alley, and he discovered many things, and the bookstore was the most interesting place to be discovered. With his then limited funds, he was not able to buy much, but some of them he could, and he learned more. He discovered that Dragons did exist and they could fly! He also discovered that Giants did exist and many mystical animals did in fact exist. Not that he saw some, but he discovered the books, which contained pictures, which moved!

In the school vacation when he was nine years old, he discovered that his parents were magical people, just like him of course, and that he was famous, because he killed a dark wizard when he was one year old. But, before he killed that dark wizard, that bastard had killed his parents! Then he discovered much more, he discovered the Goblins and that he had a lot of money, more money he could dream of and he also discovered that he was not able to access one penny of it.

That time he found out something very disturbing. He had two guardians. For the none-magical world, the Dursleys were his legal guardians and for the magical world a man with the name Dumbledore was his guardian. None of his guardians seem to have any care for him. The Dursleys hated him, and did everything to hurt him, and the other guardian seemed to ignore his fate and do everything to keep him away of everything which was his.

At that time, he decided that stealth was his best option and he needed a plan. He needed to keep himself out of the grips of the guardians. First, he needed to take care that the Dursleys would never discover that he was rich, and secondly he needed to take care that the Dumbledore figure never figure out that he had discovered the magical world, otherwise the man would interfere directly with his life, and he was afraid that the man would send him back to the Dursleys without his discovered magic. He found out that Dumbledore was the headmaster of the school Hogwarts, and that all magical children would be sent to that school when they were eleven years old. He assumed that he would be sent to that school as well when he would be eleven years old. He felt that would be a very bad thing for him, but why, he did not know exactly.

He managed to steal thousand pounds from a stranger in London. He saw the wallet laying on a bench, and the stranger was opening his bag to search for something. Before the stranger could act, Harry took the wallet and disappeared. That happened so fast, that even Harry was surprised of his own actions. When he later looked into the wallet, he discovered the thousand pounds in notes, and credit cards and much more, like the photos of children and a young woman. He assumed that was his family, so he took out the money and dropped the wallet in front of a police station and started to plan what to do with the money.

He went to Gringotts and changed the money into Galleons. He got two hundred Galleons for it, and he bought his first books of spells. He was also aware that he had no wand, but he was able to do magic without it. That was something very strange, because he read in the books that every wizard and witch was using a wand, because without it, it was impossible to do any magic. That was really wrong, because he did all the magic without the wand!

Anyhow, he was practicing spells, without wand, and that did worked well, until he was reading about the section of the unforgivable curses. He tried to understand why they were called unforgivables, but he did not understand it very well … he still did not understand it why they were called like that. He could use vanishing spells, his Accio charm, he could erect shields, he could fire stunners, he could open any lock with the Alohomora spell, Concealment charms, Confundus charms, he could conjure anything he could think off and he knew a lot of curses, which did very bad things to anyone who was hit with it. And all of that without wand. He discovered that almost any wizard and witch needed to use a wand to perform any magic, except him. He also discovered that when you buy a wand, that the wand will be registered at the magical authorities, together with your personal magical signature, and that was something he was not allowed to do.

He discovered the use of the Imperius Curse, and that was something very useful, and it gave him the power over the muggles. The muggles was the term that the magical people used to name the none-magical people. And Harry could use that curse very well, to control the people around him, but as young as he was, he was aware that the Imperius Curse was illegal, thanks to the books, and that he needed to be very careful to use this curse, otherwise the magical world would find out that he was magical and that he broke the law by using this curse.

At his tenth birthday, he started to make a plan. He needed to have a lot of money, and with the money he could live good and healthy. The food at the Dursleys was terrible, because he never got enough of it, and after several Imperius Curses it improved a lot, but his fear to be discovered using this curse became a problem, so he decided to eat somewhere else. He used the Imperius Curse to get money from people, and later companies and banks from all over the country, and that was really cool.

He normally went to the general manager, and ordered him with the Imperius Curse to give him money, and then he ordered him to create a paper trail which pointed to an existing person in the company. So when somebody would find out that money had disappeared, they would blame someone else and the crime would never point to him.

Very careful, he collected a lot of money, and he brought the money to the Goblins and placed it in a vault. The Goblins did not know where the money came from, and they were also not interested. They saw a lot of money arriving and they earned a good commission out of it, and they never said a word about it. He was a good customer of theirs, because he was the one who only brought money; the Goblins earned fortunes thanks to him. Later he brought diamonds and gold, jewellery and other valuable things like jade and platinum, and they were very happy to exchange it for holy Galleons.

But, good customers or not, he was never sure that the Goblins would be able to sell him out, so he took care that a big part of his wealth was stored somewhere else. He would not be gambling everything he had!

Even with the increase of his wealth, he had a serious problem that time. He was at that time very sure that the magical authorities would send him to the magical school Hogwarts when he would be eleven years old, and then his game would be over. What could he do?

In one of the magical books he had was a ritual described, which would change a magical person into someone else and with this knowledge he requested a talk with the Goblins, the only form of authority he could trust, because he had a lot of Galleons. And that talk proved to be useful, because they told him for one million Galleons they could change a magical person into a Harry Potter with false memories with looks and all. He took care to get five million pounds, which he stole from the Bank of America and a magical person, who he had kidnapped near Diagon Alley. He did not care for the person, because he would be playing Harry Potter and had no notion that he was somebody else, and he also did not care about the money, but he cared that he could live on his own without being controlled by one of his guardians.

His double was being born, the boy-who-lived, Harry James Potter. The only ones who knew the truth were two Goblins; Master Hiphook and his son Bersak. The boy he had kidnapped to play his role was a boy with the name Patrick Greengrass, he had blond hair and was not tall; he was skinny and pale. At that time Harry did not care and he was already very happy that the boy could replace him at the Dursleys. One day before his eleventh birthday, Patrick Greengrass aka Harry James Potter was permanently positioned at Privet Drive.

Over all the years, everything went alright … perfect even, except that Patrick Greengrass, the boy-who-lived or Harry Potter became weaker and weaker. And success, Harry learned, only lasted a certain time, and then ‘bad luck’ would pop its ugly head up and troubles would arrive. And exactly that happened. He was contacted by Master Hiphook, and the news he gave was disastrous.

The ritual to change Patrick Greengrass into Harry Potter must be renewed every year, and the last implementation of the ritual went totally wrong; the boy died. According Master Hiphook the boy died because he was sick; something what the muggles called cancer, and it was not possible to cure it, neither the muggles of the magical world could cure that, and how older the person is to apply the changeling ritual, how stronger the person must be. And one thing could be said about Patrick Greengrass, he was not strong.

Thank Merlin the Goblins could save the memories of Patrick Greengrass before he died, and he was busy studying those memories before he came to the General Malcolm Bank. His blood was boiling of anger about the impotency of wizards and witches and the manipulations of the wizards like Dumbledore, Snape, and the biggest arseholes of them all was the werewolf Lupin, the last surviving friend of his parents.

His Godfather was escaped from jail many years ago, but he died during a fight at the Ministry, because Patrick Greengrass turned out to be quite a hero. Harry never met the Sirius Black himself, so the dead of his Godfather did not do anything to him; emotional speaking, but it influenced the werewolf strongly. His double’s friends, Hermione Granger and Ron Weasley, were two persons Harry did not like at all. The irritating know-it-all Hermione Granger was exactly that … a bloody know-it-all, and his ‘best mate’ was a stupid git with too much temperament. The only good thing about those two were that the Granger girl had an amazing arse, and the Weasley git had a very interesting sister with amazing tits, nice looking arse and a nice set of legs.

And then there were the sisters of Patrick Greengrass, Daphne, Esther, Petunia and Adore Greengrass, all girls with an amazing beauty. He knew that the Greengrass had trouble coping with the loss of the disappearance of their brother, but over the years everything seemed to be fine with the sisters, and he could not wait to play with the sisters when he would meet them in person. And he would meet them, because he was forced to visit Hogwarts now this year and to finish his education, otherwise Dumbledore and the magical Authorities would start digging and might find out what he had done. And he had done a lot of bad things over all the years he was living incognito, and he grinned. But, before he could do that, he was going to pay the arseholes of the Order of Phoenix a very expensive lesson and his ‘friends’ as well.

In order to take out Hermione Granger and Ron Weasley, he would do something very creative, and having fun doing it as well. When he was ready for them, they would not like the results and they would be out of his field of observation for ever, while coping with their own stupidity. The Greengrass sisters would be his to play with, and then there were other interesting girls at Hogwarts, where he would like to play with as well. And then there was the great Dumbledore figure himself, and he would take care that the old man would sing several tones lower. And then he had his most favorite teacher Snape, who would pay for his insolence over all the years and he would meet the real son of his enemy James Potter, and pay dearly for that. Harry smirked, after he would receive the two million pounds, he was ready and the show could begin tomorrow morning.

A/N: Editor for this chapter is Dave
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