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chapter one

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I cant think of a title yet because I make this stuff up as I go along - basically so far, Ritsuka turns to Soubi when he's upset, and Kio is disgusted by it all! (Please read!Its my first loveless...

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Soubi was engrossed in his painting, his eyes following the movement of the paintbrush, lines of deep red flowing down the canvas. What was he painting? Not even Soubi knew, he was just making it up as he went along. Not knowing what he was painting, but knowing if he was getting it right, or if that one line was too long, or that line needed to curve more. It was like deep inside he knew what he was painting, he just didnt realise it yet.
He was so engrossed, he didnt notice Kio walk angrily into the room and sit grumpily on the bed. Arms folded across his chest, scowl on his face. Kio gave a small cough, Soubi didnt hear. Kio coughed again, Soubi didnt hear again.
"SOUBI!" Shouted Kio losing his temper, Soubi stopped what he was doing and looked over at Kio.
"When did you get there?" He asked, raising an eyebrow. This seemed to anger Kio even more.
"Nice to know I'm noticed" He said sarcastically.
"I'm sorry, I was painting" Said Soubi, though he didnt sound sorry. He sounded annoyed at being interupted.
"That little kid you perve on is here" Said Kio, Soubi remained calm and simply tilted his head to one side.
"I dont perve on anyone" He said simply.
"Alright, the kid with black tend to look like your stalking him..." Kio moved his hands around, trying to draw Ritsuka in the air. Soubi smiled, un - able to hide his amusement.
"I'll just go to the door shall I?" He asked. Kio pouted angrily.
"What do I look like, your master?" He asked - obviously un - aware that Soubi had a master.
"No. My master isn't blonde, or wears glasses. And he still has ears" Said Soubi before leaving the room, Kio looked confused.
"Wah...?" He mumbled.

"Ritsuka. What are you doing here?" Asked Soubi, Ritsuka had never come round Soubi's place before, let alone un - invited. "Is there something wrong?" He asked. Ritsuka shook his head though he looked upset. Soubi had known Ritsuka long enough to tell when he was lying, after all, Ritsuka was 16 now and Soubi had known him since he was still in school.
"I just...wanted to see you" Ritsuka muttered. Soubi stepped forward and placed a hand on Ritsukas cheek.
"Whats the matter?" He asked, not bothering to be all mysteriouse and distant like he usually was, he was too worried right now - as Ritsuka had just burst into tears.
" mum...she...she hit me me..." Ritsukas body shook from his sobs and Soubi felt a tug on his heart.
"Dont cry" He said, slowly stroking Ritsukas cheek.
"I...I cant help it" Cried Ritsuka. Soubi pulled Ritsuka into a hug and held him tight.
"Its ok...Your with me now. Your mother wont hurt you here" He said kindly. Ritsuka nodded weakly.
"C...can I stay here tonight...?" He asked, his sobs getting smaller. Soubi nodded.
"Of course."

"I still dont see why he has to stay here. All you've said is that he's got problems at home, cant he just lock himself in his room like a normal teenager and be done with it?" Asked Kio.
"Your being rude to our guest Kio" Said Soubi calmy. Ritsuka didnt like Kio, he WAS being rude, and was asking too many questions, Ritsuka didnt want him to know about his mother.
"I just dont see why he has to stay here" Kio stamped his foot like a moody toddler.
"And I dont see why your acting so childish" Said Soubi. Kio looked shocked and angry.
"I'm going for a walk!" He announced, before storming out of the room. Ritsuka looked back at Soubi who was reading. Soubi marked his page and looked up at Ritsuka.
"Are you ok?" He asked. Ritsuka felt a sudden urge to be close to Soubi, something he had felt before - but not so strongly. Barely aware of what he was doing he got up and sat on Soubis lap.
"I am now" He whispered sleepily, snuggling his head into Soubi's neck. Soubi didnt seem shocked, he still had the same calmness about him as he always did. He began to stroke Ritsukas ears, scratching them softly and cherishing the feel of soft fur against his fingertips. Ritsuka pressed his head into the touch, he liked it. Soubi continued stroking his ears, before Ritsuka pulled away.
"Soubi, do you love me?" He asked.
"Yes. I love you, Ritsuka" Said Soubi, in the same way he always said it. Ritsuka sighed.
"Why? Because someone told you to?" He asked sadly. Soubi placed a finger under Ritsukas chin and titled his head up so there eyes were level.
"No. Because I love you, just a natural feeling you cant be forced to feel" He said, Ritsuka realised that Soubi was being honest. For once he had said something without being forced to, or asked to, or having some sort of mystery behind it. Without thinking Ritsuka leaned forward and placed his lips on Soubi's, pushing them down, Soubi seemed shocked at first but then took control - which was Ritsuka was thankful for. Soubi ran the point of his tongue over Ritsukas bottom lip, causing Ritsuka to part his lips and allowing Soubi access to his mouth. Soubi's tongue ran over Ritsukas, and they began exploring eachothers mouths. They had kissed before, but not like this. Soubi bit down lightly on Ritsukas bottom lip and pulled it gently, earning a soft moan, which shocked Ritsuka the most - he hadnt meant to moan. Soubi smiled at Ritsukas shocked expression.
"Dont worry Ritsuka, thats normal." He said before kissing him again. Ritsuka flung his arms round Soubi's neck, deepening the kiss. He pressed his body against Soubi's, closing the already small gap between them. Soubi placed his hands under Ritsuka's shirt and ran them up his back, and Ritsuka ran his hands through Soubi's hair. They didnt notice Kio walk back into the room.
"Y'know what? I'm willing to - OH MY GOD WHAT ARE YOU DOING!?" Kio noticed what Soubi and Ritsuka were up to and dropped the glass of water he had been carrying. Soubi and Ritsuka pulled apart and looked at Kio, Ritsuka pulled his hands away from Soubi and blushed, but Soubi didn't take his hands off Ritsukas back and looked as calm as ever.
"Hello Kio" He said flatly.
"I KNEW YOU WERE A PERV!" Cried Kio. Soubi smiled.
"I am not a pervert Kio. Ritsuka is 16 now, and is capable of saying no" He said. Kio gave a sarcastic laugh.
"He's still young, I bet you came onto him. This is sick! He has to leave now, I dont want you molestering him!" He said forcefully. Ritsuka knew he had to say something.
"Actually, I came onto Soubi. Its my fault, not his" He said, Soubi smiled at Ritsuka and Kio looked shocked.
"But...a kid your age should be going out with girls, not kissing grown men!" He cried. Ritsuka moved off Soubi's lap.
"I...I can kiss Soubi if I want to..." He said, looking nervously at the floor. Soubi reached out and touched Ritsukas hand.
"I will do whatever Ritsuka wants" He said - something he said a lot, but not in this kind of situation.
"EUUUUGH! THATS IT! THE KID SLEEPS ON THE SOFA, AND SOUBI, YOUR GONNA BE LOCKED IN YOUR ROOM TONIGHT!" Kio stamped his foot for added affect, then left the room, then he came back in.
"And I'm only going to get something to clean the water up with - SO NO FUNNY BUSINESS!"

A/N: Yeah...this is the first Loveless fic I've done so, please review and tell me if you like it and what I need to improve on...and whether I should add to this or not. THANKYOU!
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