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Yeah. I know you ment it.

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The title explains it all. And I can't think of any proper summary, I'm sorry.

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I don't know where this came from. I just wanted to make Frank sad AGAIN, I think.
Title belongs to The Used.
Like I said, it explains everything.

Oh, and one more thing. Jamia and Frank not having a good relationship certainly wasn't my idea. We all know whose fault it is...

'Hey frank. How was.. Honey, what's wrong?' Jamia asked worried when she saw Frank's tear stained face.
'Nothing..really, nothing.' Frank said. 'I just..need to calm down, okay?' He said. Jamia nodded and watched Frank stumble to the bedroom. She wondered what was going on this time.
Frank had always needed distance. Jamia felt like there was a part of Frankie that was hidden from her. She thought that that part had to do with his love for music and especially his band, butshe could never really figure it out. But he'd never...cried before. He would usually mutter something about band problems and stay grumpy all day. But crying?

That night when she crawled into bed, Frank was pretending he slept. Jamia knew he wasn't sleeping. But, after an hour of pretending she was too, she could hear him cry softly.

Frank was grumpy the next day. Very. Jamia didn't say anything about it. She prefered to stay alive.
When Frank muttered something about a walk in the park, Jamia knew what to do. She picked up the phone.
'Hey Jamia. What's up?'
'What happened with Frankie?'
'Uh..nothing...What's wrong?'
'He came home upset last night. I thought there might be band problems again.'
'Band problems?'
'Yeah. That's what he tells me normally. He didn't this time, though. Are you sure nothing happened? Or...was Bert there too? You know he hates him.'
''ll ask Bert if he..did anything..but I gotta go, now, bye.'
Gerard nearly slammed the phone down and he banged his head against the table. 'Fuck!' He screamed, convinced Frank had seen everything. He needed alcohol. And sigarettes...they were here somewhere...or maybe not. He sighed. There was one person who did have what he needed though...
'Hello?' The voice on the other line said.
'Hey Bert. It's Gerard. Do you have time?'
'I've always got time for you, sweetie! Want me to come over?'
'Yeah..that'd be cool. Thanks Bert. I love you.'
'I love you too.'
Gerard let himself fall on his bed. This was what he needed. Stupid Jamia... if she wouldn't have been there Frank wouldn't be crying in the first place...Then they'd be together.

Frank was walking down the street. He looked at his watch. He should go home, or Jamia'd get worried.
He looked around. Oh. He'd walked to Gee's appartment. He smiled at his own actions. But then he froze. Gee and Bert walked out of the building. They both were completely wasted. They kissed eachother. They KISSED. They were probably saying goodbye, Frank thought. Yes, Bert left.
Gerard was leaning against a wall. Frank could see him slowly slide down...drunken idiot.
He sighed and walked towards him.
'Gee..Gerard?' Frank asked. Gerard looked at him. 'Muh?' He asked.
'Oh great. Fucking Bert..' Frank said annoyed, while grabbing Gerard and dragging him back into his appartment. He lay him down on the bed, because he had passed out. Frank looked in the fridge for ice and then called Jamia, saying be at Gerard's tonight. Jamia sounded relieved, she was glad the 'band problems' were solved. She had no idea. The problems had just begun. Or rather, one problem in particular. A problem called Bert McCracken.

'Ooh..' Frank heared. 'Finally!' He said. 'I thought you'd never wake up again!' He knew he was talking way too loud. 'Frankie? My head hurts.' Gee said. 'Yeah, what'd you expect?' Frank said, again way too loud. Gerard gripped his head. Frank gave him some ice. 'Thanks..' He said laying down again. Frankie watched Gerard. Red eyes, pale, greasy hair. Gerard looked like a wreck. 'What are you doing here anyway?' Gerard asked after a while.
'You talk too much. I just walked passed your house when I saw you passed out by the huge impact your boyfriend left.' He said trying to keep the bitterness out of his voice. 'My boyfriend? I don't have..' He started.
'Oh please Gerard! I heard you two! You fucking TOLD him you love him!' Frank started to get angry. 'Frankie please..' Gerard said...probably because Frank made his headache even worse. Not to mention the heartache he thought he'd drunk away. He was silent for a moment but then he found the perfect comeback. 'You tell Jamia you love her too.' He said.
'And I do. If I didn't fucking love her I wouldn't live with her! But not like you love him! I've seen you two. Do you know how much it hurts?' Frank yelled. Gerard covered his ears. Frank realized he'd gone too far. But he just couldn't help it. Last night his whole world had collapsed. He had always hated Bert. It wasn't like Bert had helped them. Sure, the other guys were great, but Bert's affect on Gee was bad. He couldn't play shows anymore without drinking. Or worse...
Above that, it was clear Bert's plan was to make Gee a bit more than his drinking buddy. Frank hadn't been drunk enough during the truth or dare games that they'd played. When he had first read Prison's lyrics, Frank had thought it was inspired him. But when Gee asked Bert to do back-up...
From then on it had been clear something was going on between the two. But last night he found out it was more then something. '' I love you too, Sugar..''
Sugar? Jesus fucking christ! Gerard fucking Way had called fucking Bert SUGAR! While it was HIS fucking nickname! At first, it had upset Frank a lot. But then he'd started to realize he was losing Gerard.
Yes, I am losing Gerard, he thought as he looked at the man lying in the bed. This wasn't the Gerard he loved.
And that thought made him decide something.
'I'm sorry Gerard. I shouldn't have yelled. It's your life. You're with Bert now. I should just accept it and let it go. Goodbye.' He said and kissed Gerard's lips one last time. Then he walked away. I need Jamia, he thought.
And the first thing I'm gonna do when I get home, is hug her. And kiss her. The love of my life is gone. it's over. Maybe, I will fall in love with her again. And everything will be like in highschool. We'll be happy again.
Because from this moment on, Frank Iero isn't in love with Gerard Way anymore, he thought.
And Gerard? The only thing you'll get, is this curse on your lips. I hope they taste of me, forever, forever.


A/N: Well, what can I say about the ending? We all know what happened. Gerard tried to dump Bert so Bert made a scene, Gerard finally went back to Frank and they lived happily ever after and Frank never cared about Jamia again. That was my disclaimer for the reallness of this story.
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