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The New Girl

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Frankie Farro would do ANYTHING for love. So the faithful night she's turned into a Dandie, she will stop at nothing to get her old boyfriend back. But of course, being in her situation. shit forms.

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I stood there in only my night dress.
Waiting to taste something for the first time. Smelled sweet, looked sweet.
Why was I waiting.
His body, shirtless in his flannel blue pants, walked around my shaking body.
"Are you sure your ready for this?" He asked me.
"Yes." I quickly replied.
He pushed me towards the bed and forced me to sit down. He climbed behind me. Placing his hands on my shoulders and rested his chin on them too.
"Personally, I think we should wait a while."
I turned my head, covering half my face in his long chestnut hair.
"I don't want to wait."
He turned it back and pressed his lips to my neck.
I breathed as my heart skipped a beat.
"This wont hurt a bit." He mumbled.
"What are you doing?" I asked
"Shh..." I felt something sharp cut into my vain, felt like a knife. I gasped and he covered my mouth. "Shh, everything's gonna be fine." He slid me back onto my bed, letting my head hit the pillow while his hand remained. "Calm down, sweetie." My eyes struggled to keep open. The pain was unbearable. I glanced at my pillow becoming drenched with blood. My eyesight was going black.
This wasn't good.
Before it was all gone...
I heard a lullaby.
It was him.
It was his fault.
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