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Frank killed Sensie!!

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Its late, I'm tired, and thus I wrote a completely stupid story about samurai warriors and...grasshoppers?

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Frank came flying into the silent temple, his lungs felt like they were on fire from running so far and his sash wasnt properly tied yet, he just managed to finish the knot as he came skidding to a halt in the main room. Inside was Ray, Mikey, Bob, Gerard and of course...Sensie. Frank smile sheepishly at them as they looked at him. Sensie had an annoyed expression on his face, the others were looking like they were un-sure wether to be angry or amused. "Err...sorry I'm late Sensie...I woke late." Said Frank walking over to where they were all sitting and sitting next to Gerard, crossing his legs and resting his hands in his lap. "A good warrior is never late Frank. If you are late again then you will have to give up your dream of becoming a succesful Warrior." Said Sensie, he didnt raise his voice but anger was clear beneath the calm tones.
"Err...sorry wont happen again" Frank promised.
"Make sure it does not." Said Sensie, then he walked round to the front of the guys who were sat in a line. He sat down on a red cushion and closed his eyes. After 10 minutes of silence he opened his eyes and looked at the guys. "Now then grasshoppers -" He began before Frank cut him off.
"Can I be cricket?" He asked. Sensie raised an eyebrow and the others all leaned forward and looked round at Frank who looked at them back. "What!? I want to be a cricket." He said. Sensie could not hide his confusion.
"A cricket?...err..No! Your are a grasshopper" He snapped.
"Aaaaw man! Let me be a cricket!" Begged Frank.
"No, you are grasshopper"
"GRASSHOPPER!" Yelled Sensie.
"Okay, I'm a grasshopper!" Gulped Frank. Sensie sighed and rubbed his forehead.
"Now, as I was saying...Young Grasshoppers, today you must learn how to over come the hurdles you shall face in time to come. Such like the grasshopper must learn to jump from the grass -" Sensie raised his right hand. "- To the leaf" He raised his left hand so it was higher than the right. "To learn this you m-"
"I dont get it" Interupted Frank. Sensie looked at him.
"What do you mean 'you dont get it?'" He asked. Frank shrugged.
"I mean I dont understand. Why do we have to jump from the grass to the leaf? Are you gonna teach us how to do that cool thing where you jump really high and can like...jump from the ground into a tree and stuff?" He asked. Sensie looked at Frank as if he was mad.
"Foolish grasshopper. I meant you must overcome problems, such like the grasshopper must overcome his problem of getting from the grass to the leaf. He must learn to jump. You grasshoppers must learn how to overcome your enemies in battle, to figure out strategies." Said Sensie.
"Ooooh, why didnt you say that!?" Said Frank making Sensie scowl.
"As I was saying." He said through gritted teeth. "Today you must learn how to overcome your enemies -"
"I dont have any enemies." Frank once again interupted. Sensie looked ready to scream as he glared at Frank.
"So when you are helping fight with Japan, the other army is not your enemy?" He asked. Frank looked thoughtful.
"Erm...cant there be no war? Why cant we all just get along?" He asked. Sensie rolled his eyes.
"I do not challenge the governers wish for war, I just train the soldiers. Now, as I was saying -"
"So...the only reason we're learning all this cool stuff is just because we have to fight in the war?" Asked Frank. Sensie slapped his forehead.
"Why else would you be learning it?" He asked.
"To become a warrior." Said Frank. The others joined Sensie in rolling their eyes.
"What do warriors do Frank?" Asked Sensie, struggling to remain calm. Frank thought for a minute.
"Erm...fight?" He asked. Sensie sighed.
"Correct. What do you do in a war Frank?" He asked.
"Err....fight!" Frank cried, pleased to have found the answer. "Oh...thats why your teaching us..." Frank mumbled as he realised what Sensie had been trying to explain.
"Thats right Frank. Now may I continue without being interupted?" Sensie asked.
"I promise not to interupt." Frank said brightly.
"Good. Now then grasshoppers...if the enemy general has plans to attack your army 3 hours before sunrise as they sleep, what do you do?" Asked Sensie.
"How would you know the enemies plans?" Asked Frank.
"You have spies." Snapped Sensie.
"I thought it was dishonourable to have a spy." Said Frank. Sensie clenched his fists.
" dont have a spy." He snarled.
"Then how do we know about the other army's plan?" Asked Frank.
"This is just hypothetically speaking!" Cried Sensie angrily. Frank crossed his arms.
"Well whats the good in learning stuff that we wont need because it would be dishonourable?" He asked.
"Obediantly? What am I? A dog?...I thought I was meant to be a grasshopper. And who came up with grasshopper anyway? We dont look anything like grasshoppers! And why couldnt I be a cricket? I want to be a cricket! And why cant we learn to the do the jump into the tree thingy? Thats cool. Learning how to plan against your enemies plans which your not going to know anyway is stupid and boring! I want to do something cool! Teach us something cool sensie! I want to learn cool stuff! And why are you looking at me like that? Just cos your older than me and probably over a thousand years old doesnt mean you can treat me so meanly! I respect you as my elder but you should show me some respect too instead of insulting me by calling me a grasshopper! Are you listening to me!? Sensie? Sensie!? SENSIE!!!" Gerard placed a hand on Franks shoulder. "Errr....Frank..." He mumbled. Mikey picked up Sensies old walking stick that was leant against the wall and poked Sensie who was lying on the floor.
"I think he's dead..." Said Mikey when Sensie made no movement. "Frank killed him from being so annoying." He said. Frank tilted his head.
"I was being annoying?" He asked. Everyone nodded.
"Yeah. And now you've killed Sensie. Who's gonna teach us how to fight in the war now?" Asked Bob. Franks jaw dropped.
"Theres a WAR!??"

A/N: This is what you get when I stay up waaaay too late!! Not my best, I know, but I'm going to stick this on here anyway. Oh, and this was a one shot.
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