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Away from home

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Wu was conquered, and the sons of officers were drawn into Wei service. What will happen when Gan Dao discovers his origins?

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A/N: Dao is a Chinese sword, and I couldn't think of another name. am I right? I don't want to misinterpret.

Chapter one: a stir at chen Cang


Wu, a shining star of civilization, was thought to be unconquerable. The ruler, Sun Quan, was fair, the officers were valiant and honorable, and the civilians could not imagine living in another land. Though all things must come to an end, Wu's was one for the books.

After the death of Sun Quan, his heir succeeded to the throne, and turned the whole thing around. He was cruel, and revolts often occured, throwing the once tranquil land into chaos. The generals were no longer absolutely sure of their loyalty to this tyrant, and refused to serve him. And of course, word had reached Wei, who took haste to conquer the tiger of China. There was little resistance, except for the generals who knew and hated Wei. After months of a losing battle, Wei had succeeded. They gave the generals an ultimatum; give their children's alleigence to Wei, or have their children hanged in front of them. Even the mighty Gan Ning, a fierce warrior, was forced to give in. His Wife, Sun Shang Xiang, soon commited suicide by drowning herself in a river, with the absence of their only son, Gan Dao. At age 8, he was taken from his father to He Fei, along with the other Wu children, to train as warriors. Dao's only possesion was his father's sword.

And thus a new age began.....

Dao awoke to a ferocious rumble. He jumped from his cot and grabbed his sword, Sea Master, and ran to the castle wall. It was Shu, and an army of seige machines, and not to mention soldiers. Dao darted to the camp, and alerted his masters. His comrade, Lu Fang, joined him.

"It's Shu, isn't it!? He yelled.

"Yeah! They are coming fast! Get ready, find the rest of the guys!"

Lu Fang ran towards the camp, and Dao to the wall. He drew his sword, and gave a war cry. He felt an arrow whiz past his hair, which flipped out the side, and was medium long. It tended to impair his vision in certain circumstances, but he kept forgetting to do anything about it. Not that it mattered now.

Soon enough, ladders were mounting on the wall, and Dao had nothing to do but shove them off.

"Dao! Follow me!" Cried Taishi Yan. Dao reluctantly pulled away and followed his friend. They were running to a path that lead down the mountain of which the castle dwelled.

"What's the idea?!" Dao yelled, runnig after Yan.

"We were ordered to go down here and engage the invaders! Lu Fang and Ling Gan are there already!

The two ran down another 40 feet down the incline, and saw the others. They silently signaled for them to charge. Dao gripped his sword and ran, meeting the enemy, slashing a man's chest.

Gan's nunchaku smashed a man's face, while Yan's rod broke another's neck. Fang was jumping around, wildly slashing and stabbing. Dao quickly spun and slashed, gracefully navigating the battlefield.

None of the men posed a threat, even the captains. Within minutes, the four alone had cleared an entire sector. The enemy had retreated, sure to return.

"That was pointless! They just turned around, those cowards!" Yan yelled.

"Whatever. At least it's over." Fang said, tired.

'C'mon. Let's head back." Dao said, leading them to the fort.

They were welcomed by a joyous Sima Yi, who was smirking for some odd reason.

"Excellent job, men! You will all be rewarded for you prowess!" he said. "Follow me to the war room." He said, his tone changing. The four followed, exchanging glances.

The room was circular. It was quite large, and had various maps hanging from the wooden walls. All of which had pins stuck in them, and strings connecting them. Dao spotted a plastic fleet just off the coast. They looked very detailed, an exact scale model.

" I called you four here, not only because you are my most skilled men, but because you are to play part in a major war. The men's expressions grew concerned. A war?

"Shu has been getting restless, no doubt that Liu Chan is trying to show off. But Zhuge Liang seems to be on his last leg, and is trying to go out with a bang. He has already led small skirmishes like the one just an hour ago all over our borders. We have recieved word that he is planning do actually attack, and Chen Cang is his first target." he said solemnly.

"Sir, does this mean our leave is canceled?" Yan asked. Gan elbowed him in the ribs.

"I'm afraid so. You will have to hwlp fortify our positions, and train soldiers. This our only weak point, and if we transfer soldiers from other outposts, Liang will just attack there."

The men groaned.

Sima Yi instructed them exactly how to hold up, and prepared them for battle. It was not their first battle, but their first war. They were significantly different, considering the length, mentality, etc. Dao, Yan, Fang, and Gan sparred for hours to pass the time. They also trained soldiers, and ran drills. The Shu would be upon them by morning.

Dao had awoken early, as had his friends. They exited the tents and discovered a hazy, foggy morning. They all gathered their armour. Dao's was just shoulder pads and knee guards, while Taishi Yan wore an entire suit. Dao grabbed his sword, and a mighty wind blew. His hair danced in the wind, and for a minute, the haze cleared. He saw men. Shu!

"They are upon us!" he bellowed, raising the alarm. Instantly soldiers jumped from their tents, already preapared. Dao and the group charged, head on into the blind. The fog was only looming over their fort, and they instantly saw a small army. Dao charged head on, doing his usual opening slash, foolowed by his comrrades' cover attacks. Dao slashed, stabbed and parried without relent.

He was disturbed by the cry of a man.

"Who dares to face Guan Ping!? Come and face me!" he gloated.

Dao followed the voice. He was hardly a man. He was Dao's age, about 18.

"Let's not overestimate your abilities." said Ping slyly.

"Let's not overestimate your lifespan." Dao retorted.

Suddenly Ping gave a mighty swing of a huge sword, and Dao barely dodged it. He slashed at Ping's neck, but was blocked. They threw into a deadly circle of slashes and intracate manuevers, using up quite a bit of space. Dao was gauging his strengths, and realized he had an opening. Ping has slashed downward, and Dao flipped over him, and slashed his back, sending Ping to the ground. He was just about to finish him, when Ping kicked him in the chest.

"Retreat!" Ping called, limping away.

"We'll finish this later."

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